Dan, thank you for your service. You are quite amazing. Good luck with everything you do.

I'm glad it may be amicable, but for the first time feel serious concern for the future. I think everyone will agree that we'd love to hear some open communication and get to know the current development team better.

Wow. Will someone be replacing Dan?

Should be a Social Media person! It is always a sad day when a key person leaves an organisation such as this. Thank you Dan for what you have created here. I hope that this will be just a 'till then' rather than a 'goodbye'!

I get your point @ebryans - not knowing the INC structure but having worked 20 years in marketing and comms I think there needs to be someone in the area of CMO who takes care of communications internally and externally - think @ned as CEO can cover Financial / Investor and Sales Topics very well but needs to have someone steering comms. This is an issue all tech startups have in the beginning - and in social media in particular the paying sites, it was an issue at tsu, 3tags, the 8app etc.

Steem has a lot great tech guys, dev - tons of crypto experts, marvellous content creators (writers and artists) but moving forward we need well thought and focused marketing (incl. better comms) - my 2 cents. @hilarski would be my choice for CMO

Dan was the CTO so it would have to be someone with similar qualifications. I doubt there is a "social media" person who can fit the bill and has the same knowledge of the technology.

I'm pretty sure Dan will be working on something that will indirectly benefit Steem anyway.
Thank you Dan, wish you all the best
Stick to your vision

Dan is irreplacable, someone might fill his role but thats as good as we will get

Everyone is replaceable is what I learned in business throughout the last 20 years

3 months later, I found this post, and looking at the registration numbers, I'd say the grass root ground troops are finally arriving! I'm one of them, and I will evangilize this platform, currency and eco-system until either it or I die. I've waited my entire 30+ years in tech for this to arrive. Thank goodness, it's finally here. Sorry to realize @dan is moving on. I once left a CTO position on a product I helped architect too, and well, it's never easy to kiss your baby goodbye, but sometimes the call of the wild overcomes you. Or maybe you just had differences that led to it feeling less fun and more like being a tethered to that organization. Who knows. Good luck to @dan, I think he left prematurely, but none of my business. As for those of us who remain and who are yet to come? Full Steem Ahead!

Thanks for your moving tribute to @dantheman @sircork! Steem on my good friend :)

I hope that the updates be good. Thank you to all the developers to improve

Ned, will you join the voice channel on Discord? A few of the community members would like to hear from you.

And now, after 3 months of his departure, the future of Steemit is still green :-)

Behind you all the way @ned, reach out if you need help with reorganizing graphene devs

r u toast? still alive....LOL

Hope @ned looks your way Nikolai, he could use someone of your caliber to right this steemship and keep the crew focused.

I can't help but feel incredibly disappointed about this and a little betrayed.

You get to hold the bag with the rest of us while whale power down begins. I mean look, at least the power down can happen faster due to the new code changes.

Yes it is always us smaller fish that lose out. Live and learn I suppose and this will be a valuable lesson. I will stick around even if nobody else does.

I'll be here with you. To quote the man I admire most in this world (my husband ;) "If just one person posts and one other comments, steemit is still alive". And from some of the posts I've read today, I think it's safe to say there will be many more than two of us.

You and me both...

Somebody put out this fire!

The timing could not be worse. This is a critical time for Steem and I'm not convinced Steem can survive without Dan Larimer. Now what happens Ned?

May love and light walk with you all the days if your life @dan.

Thank you both for giving me chance at something greater.

I am here 'til the hubs rub because I believe in this world you helped create.

Its just me a little fish in a bountiful sea.

Of course dan had to retire. Just following the bitcoin playbook. Didn't yall read the roadmap. BTC INVENTED this type of controversy. Blockchain is a WORLD OF CONTROVERSY. Now you will have no one to blame but yourself. Dan retiring is a feature, not a bug.

YES, Tone Vays was 100% sure Dan would quit, and he did

Steemit needs Dan Larimer to survive. Dan Larimer had the credibility and develop skill to bring Steem to where it is. Dan Larimer had the vision and when you lose your visionary you lose it all. What happened to Apple when it lost Steve Jobs or Microsoft when it lost Bill Gates?

When Apple lost Steve Jobs the first time it was a disaster but this was only one of many bad decisions by management. However, since Jobs died Apple has been as successful as ever if arguably less innovative. Microsoft is still very successful though arguably not as dominant but I think that would have happened with or without Gates. Point being, companies rarely die based on one person and if it the type of company that is dependent on one person it probably isn't one you want to invest time and money in anyway.

Comparing apple to a company with a bus factor of 3 ... isn't helping much.

Given that you have been quite consistent on defending life, liberty, and property, I'm guessing you are not going to stop blockchain development? Or at least I hope so because you are truly one of the best blockchain designers out there.

You have no idea how glad I am to see this :D
I'll give my best to support you like I did in the last 3+ years!

@xeroc how many times did Dan took time to talk with you in 3 years ? i'm curious..

i've been involved in Steem everyday for almost a year, i havent talked to him once
..cant think about other old BTS guys like you

@dan is a good tech guy and great philosofer for sure but he does not believe in communication, and talking to other ppl (taking inputs, debating etc.), i'm quite surprised that after everything he made for Steem and all the attacks, he's just leaving us like that.

btw Leaving Steemit Inc is not stopping you from any further development on Steem (blockchain/ecosystem)

In the years, I have learned to give Dan the freedom he needs to build his blockchains. Of course, I would wish he took a more communicative approach but I don't blame him for being heads down on the technology.

Dan doesnt reply often but he does reply when needed

I guess that he's dedicating himself fully to his priority. He has achieved a lot. Words fly away but code remain.

I totally didn't expect Dan's resignation but I'm sure he's doing it because he thinks its the best decision for everyone.

As you said @ekitcho Dan's resignation doesn't stop him from further developing Steem nor did he said he would and even if he said he would I doubt he'd do it. There must be such a thing as ghost coding.

See you around @dan!

His deleted post mentioned that he won't write code that isn't MIT or BSD license ever again, so I doubt he will work on Steem unless the license is changed.

I don't blame @dan for sticking to his principles. And I don't think his leaving is a nail in the coffin for Steem either. Bitshares has its fair share of development now... long after @dan stopped contributing. Sad to see this end so abruptly.

You are the Best of the Best @dan and I respect your decision. You brough to all of us great opporunities and we can dream. Bitshares is building and more start-up are coming onboard. We are having a stress test today and the result will be amaze to show the Blockchain industry what Bitshares can do. Steem is out there and people are building on top. As of today, Graphene is the best blockchain tool box out there. Bitshares and Steem community acknowledge it and that's why other will continue the mission. No body is perfect and I wish you the best in your next venture. The mission is ON and we will continue as we did with Bitshares. We have a strong community here (Bitshares, Steem, Golos, PeerPlays) and a having a strong community is a valuable asset.

Knock it out of the park, @dan.

sure. like this one :D


Just let me know when you need help with a new project! I'll be there!

Hey Dan, sorry to hear your Steem(it) journey has ended. Looking forward to hearing more news of your next endeavor.

PS. Does that mean you won't be coming to Steemfest II?

No word so far but he said he missed the 1st one and he will come to the 2nd one. I guess that is off the table :)

@abit how is this a positive thing? @dan good luck in your future brother. Thank you for the opportunity here. I am not sure what is wrong but I hope everything works out on your end as well.

@dan will continue to do what he does best, without the public scrutiny of steemit, this is good for the steem blockchain. It's positive

Alright @craig-grant. Thank you for your insight brother.

You can't spin this as positive for Steemit. Maybe positive for blockchain as an industry but not for Steemit.

Im thinking I was right about steem being some sort of jewish conspiracy and dan wasnt down with it

I hope that was a very bad joke.

You have to admit steem in its current state is fairly federal bank esque at the moment considering the devs have almost all the steem and rewards for the time being

Nazi bullshit isn't welcome on steemit. We have a tolerant community here.

To everyone else: this is what the flag button is for.

stop taking things literally

You are a visionary and have amazing talent. Thanks for all you have done. We will miss you and wish you the best.

You don't need to part of Steemit, Inc. to vote and post on Steem/it. I hope this remains your platform of choice to voice your opinion.

Thanks for all your hard work and all the best for your future endeavours. I hope you'll continue contributing to Steem outside of Steemit, Inc.

I will refrain from posting so that Ned can lead. My every action is controversial.

I meant posts about cryptocurrency, blockchain tech, economics, politics, etc - the kind of posts you wrote from the @dantheman account. I found your posts about the technology behind blockchain particularly informative, and I'm sure many others did as well.

Nothing to do with Steem, of course, I understand your choice there. All the best, again!

You wouldn't believe how often I post something I think is ok only to be told it reflects poorly on steem.

@dan we would not even be here without you, your voice carry enormous weight and now you know how it feels like to be God, dealing with free-willed people who do not see you as an equal to them but instead an authority.

I have because of your skills and the tech you have built become a Dan Larimer fan, and I wish you the best. I wish you all the best and nothing but the best!

Nothing you post reflects poorly on steem, well maybe a quick resignation does, but nobody wants to see you go anywhere man, even those who fight with you now and then and criticize everything you do/say. Steemit is not the same without Dantheman, I feel like cracking a bottle of JOHNNIE WALKER black label open right now and offer you a double on the rocks, that will cool things down a bit.

Keep walking.. ive cracked one open lol

That is a bloody shame .. you were the only one saying 'anything', and it was all VERY interesting!

But controversial is a good thing, the whole point of a platform like this one is its diversity, not for it to become some kind of borg. A place where everyone agrees on everything...that's like the premise of a dystopian nightmare scenario. Without questioning and debating, how does something evolve?

Edit: You will be missed.


Yea, can't really do your job if your actions are rejected and considered controversial all the time.

I personally don't have much trust if you're not involved.

It is necessary for companies to manage communication. Ned is doing his best and it is something I asked him to do.

@dan I understand. I just wish we could of at least tried more of your ideas. Your ideas is what led to Steemit, so thank you for that.

you could always make a new account and not tell anybody lol

Fuck that. Your thoughts have always been valuable and important. I think you may have more confidence and trust your own judgement. I never noticed any of the sorts.

That was my thought when I've posted the second part of this scene for another comment:

You cannot express yourself freely when you are important and responsible for a group. Not writing freely on a blockchain is...

Well, you can, but it can frequently be problematic.

Just sayin :/.

Yeah, I speak my mind, as well. :/

Can't all be perfect.

Yes, I know.
I've written that I would kill the curation rewards. Now bots stopped voting on my posts. However, I won't change my mind because of that. Never will.

I cannot remember a single post that I've read from @dan where he wasn't attacked because 'he is a boss at Steemit, he shouldn't do this or that'. It doesn't seem to be fun. I see why he won't post under the known names (if I were he, I would post under an alt account to have fun on what I've built).

Oh, that wasn't what changed my mind.

It took lots of things to change my mind about steemit-- not about Dan. Somehow he doesn't strike me as a guy who's bullshitting. And when you're not-bullshitting, phew!

It gets real tiring.

@abit (nesting limit)

He will with stop posting.

I think he doesn't want to be a target for every fail that happens in an organization he isn't working for, plus blamed by the organization to speak against their decisions.

By the way, I know what you are talking about. You have paid your price to show minnows what they always crying about ('everything is shit because the whale votes'), just to be the enemy and hear more cries, loose witness positions, etc. I've seen your comments here and there about many topics, and always wondered how well you handle conflicts. Cold blood is a very good skill, you have a fixed position on my witness list, and I care who gets my vote despite my tiny influence.

People's reactions are not about numbers, laws, logic, etc. Humans are fucked up algorithms, couldn't be fixed. I don't think @dan will ever used to it. IMO, that's (a part of) why he doesn't communicate much.
Also, he is an idealist, he chases his dreams (I respect him for that), and I think he sees that this platform was a step for that, it cannot fixed by him to be the goal anymore. It doesn't matter he will know the solution or not, he doesn't have enough power to get through it. (politics)

Same for the US president. He 'should' get over it.

Lol...truth distilled. Bottle that up. :D

Controversy is a good thing, it stimulates growth @dan.

Tell that Steemit, inc. and the investors, lol.
BTW, I like controversy, debate and anything that has a passion in it, but it's just little ol' me.

It sounds like Investors take all the fun out of growing a company. I'm just a content creator, very insignificant in my creating, but without people like me the investors and Steemit inc would be nothing, nada, zilch...

I agree with you 100%, but I have to take that into account I was never a big investor, nor a company shareholder to think otherwise. Maybe I never will, I don't like 'playing the adult'. It beat the fun out of humans.

Thank you so much for being such a pivotal part of the Steemit journey. It is with great sadness that I bid you farewell and wish you all the best for your future endeavours, which I am sure are waiting for your talents to make some impact.

Although it is sad to see you leave what has now become a home for me, I believe that people such as yourself constantly strive to make disruptive changes in the pursuit of a better society and for that I will always be grateful for your contribution to humanity.

I will no doubt be following you as you embark on your new journey and I do hope that on whatever level, we will be able to cross paths once again.

It has been an honour to have interacted with you, even if it's just a little reply or a vote, I hold these chance interactions very dearly. Most of all, it's been a pleasure to read and hear your vision of a better free market society which I can only assume is the driving force for your choice to pursue this great cause elsewhere.

Dan, I believe in you and your decision.

Good luck !


All the best to you too @dan. Much thanks for the great piece of tech and I hope to see more of your works and writings around the crypto-space, including Steem.

Edit: As much as I it's very likely that this wouldn't be your last appearance on the platform, where would be best to keep up to date with your next next works @dan? The bytemaster blog seems to have been inactive for quite some time.

I still believe here is the best time for him to communicate with us. Just don't try to control or fix us :)

@dan i think you should still post and vote - especially that you quit Steemit INC. Now you are just an user like rest of us but with big stake. Until you make other project/coin and even after - still Steem is a great platform to share news/posts.

Wonders never cease. Oh the places you'll go! Dan, I can't wait to see what's next for you... It's going to be epic, no doubt.

People of Steemit, take a look how the captain is leaving. Wishing you all the best, nothing more. The project is still in beta and not even officially launched and he's done with it. No explanation, nothing. No wonder Steemit is doing so bad.

Did the same thing happen with Bitshares? Will the same thing happen with next project from Dan? Grand vision, big promises and quick exit after the money is pocketed. Dan, I'm sure you could do better.

I wish you all the best, Dan.

Ned's the captain. I'm the engineer. I build ships for others to sail. Steemits future depends on web development more than anything else and that is not my skill.

Thank you dan for all you did. From my perspective you did a great job in creating the steem blockchain. All the best to you.

So, my question is, what are some of the other ships you are working on so we can get on board too?! ;)

I agree, would be great to see a two-fold web dev hire @sneak

That's a great analogy. I hope you enjoy your next construction project.

Bitshares is blossoming nicely.

After 2 years of trading at the very bottom it's finally rising few cents? Compare the price action to other alts. Though I'd buy some bitshares now, who knows, maybe it could really blossom.

The price isn't perfectly correlated with the growth.


I'm quite disappointed. I thought things would be different here and this was a long term endeavor. I believed in Dan's world domination dream. Now... I feel like a sucker. Without Dan working on the code... bummer. I'm just going to go to bed. This makes me so sad.

You and I both. Steem is dominated by politics beyond my ability to control or fix. The code is in good hands, the team is more than capable of implementing any thing the community desires. lets hope the community choses wisely.

I don't think you need to control or fix anything. It's human nature. What we're playing is social media, the place where people interact with each other. Not like any other cryptocurrencies where people interact with machines or code only. You have the best technical skills, if you don't like to play with people, just let them play by themselves, by ignoring them you can do much better.

Thank you for replying. I'm still hurt. I wrote out my thoughts here.

This, for me, was so much bigger than politics and petty arguments. It was about a platform which actually had the potential to provide freedom from government. Without your vision and philosophy fighting for that, I doubt very much it will happen here.

I'm truly sorry you couldn't stay in the fight. I need to go to bed before I say too much I'll regret.

For what it's worth, thank you Dan. You gave me so much hope while it lasted.

You know you have many options... don't you?
I for one am happy for you to get out of the DayJob
and join the Open Source Movement! Pay should not be a problem.
I appreciate the work you've done. Thank you.

Now everyone is concerned with the future of the platform, which is something everyone here is used to live with.
But I want to say special thanks to you, man. No matter what would happen, You are great!

I think we already seen how the community(concentrated power) chooses...

Assuming all individuals can communicate and have incentive to live in the truth then truth will prevail. If there is incentive to believe a lie, then the lie will prevail. This applies even on an individual basis. @dan [1]

I'm very grateful for what you brought in my life and I feel like this is only the beginning. Thank you!

I feel lucky that I have gone to bed earlier.
IMHO it's better if dan can code. But it's not too bad if he won't.

But why?

I think dan will no longer be able to see this, but lots of articles out there on why. Hinting on management disagreement...

He still have a huge power steem. Why he s not helping comunity

For personal reasons, he isn't engaged in steemit anymore, as far as my understanding is. You may want to check some articles about it :)

Can you link me a good one? Thanks.

Ooh you'll have fun with google. I just typed 'Dan leaving steemit' when I first came across an article mentioning it, wasn't around at the time yet. You'll get TONS of recommended reads! Choose one that takes your fancy.
Here is one for a starter:

Hey @dan - thanks for giving us this amazing platform. It will be interesting to see where the community takes it from here.

Stop telling him what to do with his steem power

Stop telling him what he can say from his own account.

Imagine it with 216 nesting limit

Don't tell people what to do!.. danm.....i did it again...why is communicating so dang hard! Damn you STEEM!

That is free market and liberty at its best. @pfunk's MC Hammer only makes it better.

Stop telling me what I can say from my own account.

out of curiosity - why you flagged this post of Dan?

  1. It is consistent with my overall current practice of downvoting strong whale votes (in this case I believe his own, but I didn't look carefully). When I did so it hadn't yet been downvoted by others, so my downvote was merely a reduction of the rewards generated by the whale voting in combination with the extreme superlinear reward curve.

  2. I don't believe an "I quit!" post is adding value.

I have to admit. I powered up this account to specifically be an annoyance to you and your downvotes. Then an annoying bug mushed me and I had to be a bigger bug in order to speak.

You have won me over. People are getting bigger rewards from smaller fish.

Best of luck to you @dan, you are one of a kind and an unique mind. You created Bitshares and Steemit, both platforms have had impact in the life of so many people and businesses that have been created around both of them.

If Steemit is not perfect is because people are not perfect, we could tweak it and change it all we want, there will always be someone trying to take advantage of the system... but you should be damm proud of yourself for what you accomplished here.

I have learned a lot from you and will for sure follow you on your future endeavours.


J. Chitty

I remember the first slack message you sent to me 8 months ago. Thanks for creating this, @dan. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Thank you for all that you have done here, and for the opportunity that it gave so many of us. Best wishes in the future @dan! (still the man!)