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RE: Today I submitted my Resignation to Steemit, inc

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You don't need to part of Steemit, Inc. to vote and post on Steem/it. I hope this remains your platform of choice to voice your opinion.

Thanks for all your hard work and all the best for your future endeavours. I hope you'll continue contributing to Steem outside of Steemit, Inc.


I will refrain from posting so that Ned can lead. My every action is controversial.

I meant posts about cryptocurrency, blockchain tech, economics, politics, etc - the kind of posts you wrote from the @dantheman account. I found your posts about the technology behind blockchain particularly informative, and I'm sure many others did as well.

Nothing to do with Steem, of course, I understand your choice there. All the best, again!

You wouldn't believe how often I post something I think is ok only to be told it reflects poorly on steem.

@dan we would not even be here without you, your voice carry enormous weight and now you know how it feels like to be God, dealing with free-willed people who do not see you as an equal to them but instead an authority.

I have because of your skills and the tech you have built become a Dan Larimer fan, and I wish you the best. I wish you all the best and nothing but the best!

Nothing you post reflects poorly on steem, well maybe a quick resignation does, but nobody wants to see you go anywhere man, even those who fight with you now and then and criticize everything you do/say. Steemit is not the same without Dantheman, I feel like cracking a bottle of JOHNNIE WALKER black label open right now and offer you a double on the rocks, that will cool things down a bit.

Keep walking.. ive cracked one open lol

That is a bloody shame .. you were the only one saying 'anything', and it was all VERY interesting!

But controversial is a good thing, the whole point of a platform like this one is its diversity, not for it to become some kind of borg. A place where everyone agrees on everything...that's like the premise of a dystopian nightmare scenario. Without questioning and debating, how does something evolve?

Edit: You will be missed.


I have not agreed with your analysis of the personal issues that you posted, but I admired your transparency, integrity & honesty, even then. In no way did I ever even consider that it refelected badly on Steem, Steemit or Steemit , Inc.

You have educated me through your blog posts on crypto, anarchy & voluntarism.
Here's hoping for all the best to you. @dan

Yea, can't really do your job if your actions are rejected and considered controversial all the time.

I personally don't have much trust if you're not involved.

It is necessary for companies to manage communication. Ned is doing his best and it is something I asked him to do.

@dan I understand. I just wish we could of at least tried more of your ideas. Your ideas is what led to Steemit, so thank you for that.

you could always make a new account and not tell anybody lol

Fuck that. Your thoughts have always been valuable and important. I think you may have more confidence and trust your own judgement. I never noticed any of the sorts.

That was my thought when I've posted the second part of this scene for another comment:

You cannot express yourself freely when you are important and responsible for a group. Not writing freely on a blockchain is...

Well, you can, but it can frequently be problematic.

Just sayin :/.

Yeah, I speak my mind, as well. :/

Can't all be perfect.

Yes, I know.
I've written that I would kill the curation rewards. Now bots stopped voting on my posts. However, I won't change my mind because of that. Never will.

I cannot remember a single post that I've read from @dan where he wasn't attacked because 'he is a boss at Steemit, he shouldn't do this or that'. It doesn't seem to be fun. I see why he won't post under the known names (if I were he, I would post under an alt account to have fun on what I've built).

Oh, that wasn't what changed my mind.

It took lots of things to change my mind about steemit-- not about Dan. Somehow he doesn't strike me as a guy who's bullshitting. And when you're not-bullshitting, phew!

It gets real tiring.

@abit (nesting limit)

He will with stop posting.

I think he doesn't want to be a target for every fail that happens in an organization he isn't working for, plus blamed by the organization to speak against their decisions.

By the way, I know what you are talking about. You have paid your price to show minnows what they always crying about ('everything is shit because the whale votes'), just to be the enemy and hear more cries, loose witness positions, etc. I've seen your comments here and there about many topics, and always wondered how well you handle conflicts. Cold blood is a very good skill, you have a fixed position on my witness list, and I care who gets my vote despite my tiny influence.

People's reactions are not about numbers, laws, logic, etc. Humans are fucked up algorithms, couldn't be fixed. I don't think @dan will ever used to it. IMO, that's (a part of) why he doesn't communicate much.
Also, he is an idealist, he chases his dreams (I respect him for that), and I think he sees that this platform was a step for that, it cannot fixed by him to be the goal anymore. It doesn't matter he will know the solution or not, he doesn't have enough power to get through it. (politics)

Same for the US president. He 'should' get over it.

Lol...truth distilled. Bottle that up. :D

Controversy is a good thing, it stimulates growth @dan.

Tell that Steemit, inc. and the investors, lol.
BTW, I like controversy, debate and anything that has a passion in it, but it's just little ol' me.

It sounds like Investors take all the fun out of growing a company. I'm just a content creator, very insignificant in my creating, but without people like me the investors and Steemit inc would be nothing, nada, zilch...

I agree with you 100%, but I have to take that into account I was never a big investor, nor a company shareholder to think otherwise. Maybe I never will, I don't like 'playing the adult'. It beat the fun out of humans.

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