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RE: Today I submitted my Resignation to Steemit, inc

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Dan, thank you for your service. You are quite amazing. Good luck with everything you do.


I'm glad it may be amicable, but for the first time feel serious concern for the future. I think everyone will agree that we'd love to hear some open communication and get to know the current development team better.

Wow. Will someone be replacing Dan?

Should be a Social Media person! It is always a sad day when a key person leaves an organisation such as this. Thank you Dan for what you have created here. I hope that this will be just a 'till then' rather than a 'goodbye'!

I get your point @ebryans - not knowing the INC structure but having worked 20 years in marketing and comms I think there needs to be someone in the area of CMO who takes care of communications internally and externally - think @ned as CEO can cover Financial / Investor and Sales Topics very well but needs to have someone steering comms. This is an issue all tech startups have in the beginning - and in social media in particular the paying sites, it was an issue at tsu, 3tags, the 8app etc.

Steem has a lot great tech guys, dev - tons of crypto experts, marvellous content creators (writers and artists) but moving forward we need well thought and focused marketing (incl. better comms) - my 2 cents. @hilarski would be my choice for CMO

Dan was the CTO so it would have to be someone with similar qualifications. I doubt there is a "social media" person who can fit the bill and has the same knowledge of the technology.

I'm pretty sure Dan will be working on something that will indirectly benefit Steem anyway.
Thank you Dan, wish you all the best
Stick to your vision

Dan is irreplacable, someone might fill his role but thats as good as we will get

Everyone is replaceable is what I learned in business throughout the last 20 years

3 months later, I found this post, and looking at the registration numbers, I'd say the grass root ground troops are finally arriving! I'm one of them, and I will evangilize this platform, currency and eco-system until either it or I die. I've waited my entire 30+ years in tech for this to arrive. Thank goodness, it's finally here. Sorry to realize @dan is moving on. I once left a CTO position on a product I helped architect too, and well, it's never easy to kiss your baby goodbye, but sometimes the call of the wild overcomes you. Or maybe you just had differences that led to it feeling less fun and more like being a tethered to that organization. Who knows. Good luck to @dan, I think he left prematurely, but none of my business. As for those of us who remain and who are yet to come? Full Steem Ahead!

Thanks for your moving tribute to @dantheman @sircork! Steem on my good friend :)

Steeming as hard as I can. Evangelizing to outsiders even harder!

I hope that the updates be good. Thank you to all the developers to improve

Ned, will you join the voice channel on Discord? A few of the community members would like to hear from you.

And now, after 3 months of his departure, the future of Steemit is still green :-)

Who runs @Steemit now?

Would help if there is clarity from you, @ned on:

  • Who's who
  • What is the vision for the future?
  • How will the platform be promoted?
  • What, if any, is the timeline to move out of beta?
  • How do you suggest that the @Steemit community help promote the platform?

The problem is Dan Larimer had the vision, was the technical brilliance and main problem solver. Without him who is in charge? Ned?

But Ned cannot provide the technical leadership needed to make Steem competitive with Dash, Ethereum, Rchain, Synereo, or any of the other major projects. I think this could be the decline for Steem and I'm regretfully forced to power down at a time when I wouldn't want to. So much opportunity exists for Steem right now and it might be gone.

Their roles were different.
@ned was the CEO, and this one won't change.
@dan was the CTO, and now Steemit, inc. has to appoint the new CTO. Dan commented that Steemit, inc.'s future is more dependent on web development than Steem blockchain development (he is right when we speak about the organization, not the technology). As far as I know @sneak is the boss at webdev, so maybe... but better if we would wait for the press release.

Dan invented the concept of "blockchain company". In these kinds of companies in my opinion the CTO is most important at least during the early stages. CEOs build partnerships but you need a fully functioning technology first.

Even if what you say is true I'm not seeing a lot of success on the building partnerships front. Who has Steemit partnered with? I see no partnerships with ad companies or other social media companies or with universities. I have seen some people try to use Steemit API and develop on top of it but the fact that Steemit isn't open source could be a problem.

It is what it is, but for the most part I think Dan was important because he wasn't just a developer but he was principled. Lately Steemit seems to have been focused on making a quick buck with no long term vision and I saw it happen when they first changed from 2 years in the contract to accelerate the power down.

I don't think there is any CTO who will be better than Dan Larimer, who will know the code base better, who will be as trusted, or who has the right principles. He was irreplaceable for this particular vision and without him then if he leaves a lot of people will follow him who share his vision.

Steemit will survive, just like Ethereum could survive without VItalik, but it's a major loss.

While I am not competent to comment on @ned's tech chops, these platform issues need immediate attention:
• Being writer, content producer friendly. At least WordPress or Medium level, if not better.
• An Steemit Inc app at least for the App & Play stores
• Marketing, branding, communication: The better widget does not necessarily sell the most. Macintosh v PC?

Ah! @smooth
Been missing you.
Pray indulge me with your infinite wisdom on why I am honoured with a -4% flag on this comment.
It's still a lovely day, isn't it?
This version's for you.

Partially disagreeing with the exaggerated reward value due to other higher power whale votes in order to promote greater system balance overall. Nothing wrong with your comment, and since these counterbalances are being applied system-wide the reward on your comment probably didn't change much either way (reduced by the 4% downvote but increased by other posts and comments getting partial downvotes too). Steem on.

And I have Steemit sticker on my rally car and being downvoted (yesterday)?!

I don't see downvotes on your post.

This is fun @smooth
One upvote from @smooth-e. Is @smooth-e your bot?
One downvote from @fede93g on your comment.
Salve! @fede9g

smooth-e is one of my bots that upvotes my comments when they get downvoted, by the minimum amount necessary to keep them visible

no one does. the whales do. the guilds do, we do.

no one does. the whales do. the guilds do, we do

Sounds like the dictatorship of the proletariat, @solarguy or Pontius Pilate governance.
At whose desk does the buck stop?

Yes! Full Disclosure Now Absolutely Required!
and .. who the f*** is @freedom!? ;-)

Just keep writing! That the way to honour @dan effort.

That's a given, @happyphoenix
Writers have to write. 😊
One not about @dantheman, @ned, whale, or flagging post coming up. 🙂

@ned is like god! he creates Steemit! (help to create steemit).

Who's who? we are the who!

With some midichlorian help from Darth Plageuis, of course. @sigmajin

thats actually a pretty good job getting the al haig reference. (the im in control here after the assassination attempt was exactly what i was referring to)

When on the college quiz team
Tomes read me ream by ream
O Berners-Lee, Brin, Kahn & Page
Even Master Yoda wont he to say,
Hillary sans e-mail,
She too one sagacious sage.

Behind you all the way @ned, reach out if you need help with reorganizing graphene devs

r u toast? still alive....LOL

Hope @ned looks your way Nikolai, he could use someone of your caliber to right this steemship and keep the crew focused.

I can't help but feel incredibly disappointed about this and a little betrayed.

You get to hold the bag with the rest of us while whale power down begins. I mean look, at least the power down can happen faster due to the new code changes.

Yes it is always us smaller fish that lose out. Live and learn I suppose and this will be a valuable lesson. I will stick around even if nobody else does.

I'll be here with you. To quote the man I admire most in this world (my husband ;) "If just one person posts and one other comments, steemit is still alive". And from some of the posts I've read today, I think it's safe to say there will be many more than two of us.

You and me both...

Somebody put out this fire!

The timing could not be worse. This is a critical time for Steem and I'm not convinced Steem can survive without Dan Larimer. Now what happens Ned?

May love and light walk with you all the days if your life @dan.

Thank you both for giving me chance at something greater.

I am here 'til the hubs rub because I believe in this world you helped create.

Its just me a little fish in a bountiful sea.

Of course dan had to retire. Just following the bitcoin playbook. Didn't yall read the roadmap. BTC INVENTED this type of controversy. Blockchain is a WORLD OF CONTROVERSY. Now you will have no one to blame but yourself. Dan retiring is a feature, not a bug.

YES, Tone Vays was 100% sure Dan would quit, and he did

Steemit needs Dan Larimer to survive. Dan Larimer had the credibility and develop skill to bring Steem to where it is. Dan Larimer had the vision and when you lose your visionary you lose it all. What happened to Apple when it lost Steve Jobs or Microsoft when it lost Bill Gates?

When Apple lost Steve Jobs the first time it was a disaster but this was only one of many bad decisions by management. However, since Jobs died Apple has been as successful as ever if arguably less innovative. Microsoft is still very successful though arguably not as dominant but I think that would have happened with or without Gates. Point being, companies rarely die based on one person and if it the type of company that is dependent on one person it probably isn't one you want to invest time and money in anyway.

Comparing apple to a company with a bus factor of 3 ... isn't helping much.

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