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RE: Today I submitted my Resignation to Steemit, inc

in #steem5 years ago

Given that you have been quite consistent on defending life, liberty, and property, I'm guessing you are not going to stop blockchain development? Or at least I hope so because you are truly one of the best blockchain designers out there.


You have no idea how glad I am to see this :D
I'll give my best to support you like I did in the last 3+ years!

@xeroc how many times did Dan took time to talk with you in 3 years ? i'm curious..

i've been involved in Steem everyday for almost a year, i havent talked to him once
..cant think about other old BTS guys like you

@dan is a good tech guy and great philosofer for sure but he does not believe in communication, and talking to other ppl (taking inputs, debating etc.), i'm quite surprised that after everything he made for Steem and all the attacks, he's just leaving us like that.

btw Leaving Steemit Inc is not stopping you from any further development on Steem (blockchain/ecosystem)

In the years, I have learned to give Dan the freedom he needs to build his blockchains. Of course, I would wish he took a more communicative approach but I don't blame him for being heads down on the technology.

Dan doesnt reply often but he does reply when needed

I guess that he's dedicating himself fully to his priority. He has achieved a lot. Words fly away but code remain.

I totally didn't expect Dan's resignation but I'm sure he's doing it because he thinks its the best decision for everyone.

As you said @ekitcho Dan's resignation doesn't stop him from further developing Steem nor did he said he would and even if he said he would I doubt he'd do it. There must be such a thing as ghost coding.

See you around @dan!

His deleted post mentioned that he won't write code that isn't MIT or BSD license ever again, so I doubt he will work on Steem unless the license is changed.

I don't blame @dan for sticking to his principles. And I don't think his leaving is a nail in the coffin for Steem either. Bitshares has its fair share of development now... long after @dan stopped contributing. Sad to see this end so abruptly.

You are the Best of the Best @dan and I respect your decision. You brough to all of us great opporunities and we can dream. Bitshares is building and more start-up are coming onboard. We are having a stress test today and the result will be amaze to show the Blockchain industry what Bitshares can do. Steem is out there and people are building on top. As of today, Graphene is the best blockchain tool box out there. Bitshares and Steem community acknowledge it and that's why other will continue the mission. No body is perfect and I wish you the best in your next venture. The mission is ON and we will continue as we did with Bitshares. We have a strong community here (Bitshares, Steem, Golos, PeerPlays) and a having a strong community is a valuable asset.

Knock it out of the park, @dan.

sure. like this one :D


Just let me know when you need help with a new project! I'll be there!

Hey Dan, sorry to hear your Steem(it) journey has ended. Looking forward to hearing more news of your next endeavor.

PS. Does that mean you won't be coming to Steemfest II?

No word so far but he said he missed the 1st one and he will come to the 2nd one. I guess that is off the table :)

@abit how is this a positive thing? @dan good luck in your future brother. Thank you for the opportunity here. I am not sure what is wrong but I hope everything works out on your end as well.

@dan will continue to do what he does best, without the public scrutiny of steemit, this is good for the steem blockchain. It's positive

Alright @craig-grant. Thank you for your insight brother.

You can't spin this as positive for Steemit. Maybe positive for blockchain as an industry but not for Steemit.

Im thinking I was right about steem being some sort of jewish conspiracy and dan wasnt down with it

I hope that was a very bad joke.

You have to admit steem in its current state is fairly federal bank esque at the moment considering the devs have almost all the steem and rewards for the time being

Nazi bullshit isn't welcome on steemit. We have a tolerant community here.

To everyone else: this is what the flag button is for.

stop taking things literally

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