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Title:The He-Man Bank of Neoxian: daily contracts: 2019-11-10

We recommend giving 24 Percent of Power

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We guarantee you could gain at least 10%-30% APR curation return.

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Vote History

AuthorTitleSBD When VotingCurrent SBDGrowth RateTime
@aggroed Korea is amazing - Insanely Bullish on Splinterlands- KS has 48 hours to go.17.21983.12179.28%2019-11-05
@ezzy Battle Scars - Part 2 (An Original Short Story)10.65821.94351.43%2019-11-05
@me-tarzan Weekly Steem Powered Up into Steem Power <<>> spread sheet and charts November 4 , 20191.9822.0372.7%2019-11-05
@cjsdns 스팀 페스티벌에 참석하기 위해 인천 공항으로 출발 합니다.9.82830.7568.04%2019-11-05
@lightsplasher My Actifit Report Card: November 4 20190.3380.70351.92%2019-11-05
@rebeccaryan Walk With Me: Learning To Read Energy Signatures In Nature0.9242.24858.9%2019-11-05
@ace108 📷Monthly Author Challenge #11.05 #TuesdayOrange Lamborghini - 兰博基尼😎 (by @ace108)1.4641.93824.46%2019-11-05
@ervin-lemark November Run #5: Rainy Evening Tempo Run0.070.18161.33%2019-11-05
@redpalestino Questions require answers / Fragen verlangen Antworten11.43120.78945.01%2019-11-05
@zer0hedge The Deutsche Bank Death Watch Has Taken A Very Interesting Turn1.4490-Infinity%2019-11-05
@denmarkguy Cryptocurrency? That isn't Real! (And Other Things We Hear...)2.6425.25149.69%2019-11-05
@knozaki2015 I travel the world #876: Chipotle Mexican Grill NYC4.1859.26954.85%2019-11-05
@daveks Canadian Rockies through the Lens of a Smartphone 4.5385.6619.82%2019-11-05
@stephenkendal Question: "Should Steem be showcasing at CoinFestUK?"0.7471.51850.79%2019-11-05
@exyle Different frontends, Different curators and the impossibility to curate everything Steem in the future.23.1544.08847.49%2019-11-05
@rmach Bangkok - 3 photos a day (day 2)0.0743.04797.57%2019-11-05
@jrcornel BTC & STEEM - What to expect if history repeats6.71510.59236.6%2019-11-05
@rynow Daily Scripture0.110.13518.52%2019-11-05
@jondoe Bitcoin - We may have just seen the lows for a long long time0.0920.89889.76%2019-11-05
@lichtblick Datscha Berlin-Friedrichshain- The Business Menu Lunch Check3.79210.27763.1%2019-11-05
@neoxian The Voltron Bank of Neoxian: daily contracts: 2019-11-043.7115.88736.96%2019-11-05
@kus-knee The Old Dog Presents: The Big Beautiful Door Knocker Contest! 5.6779.62541.02%2019-11-05
@cryptopie I Recovered From Abdominal Ache Now13.78114.2573.34%2019-11-05
@tarazkp Everyone loves a comeback14.35324.58341.61%2019-11-05
@lichtblick Beautiful Flower Meets #Colorchallenge On Appics2.7794.42537.2%2019-11-05
@jsantana In the Streets of Recife 🇧🇷📷 - Click Noturno 0.612.51675.76%2019-11-05
@ejemai Stumbling is not falling.0.1881.09882.88%2019-11-05
@roxane guess where we are ! our first trip just you and me. all across the globe. 10hours ...1.6772.72638.48%2019-11-05
@gooddream Today is Guy Fawkes Day, but maybe that doesn't mean what you think it means..28.65236.08920.61%2019-11-05
@tradingideas [개발] 파이썬을 이용한 Firebase 사용법[3]5.16612.08857.26%2019-11-05
@hiroyamagishi 🇻🇪 Tema de Video 532: ¿Es verdad que los discípulos preguntan al Señor Jesucristo acerca de diezmos?0.0180.05466.67%2019-11-05
@hiroyamagishi El Camino Antiguo Exposición de la Biblia - ¡EN VIVO! (LIVE!) 05 de Noviembre de 2019, 19h0.0210.09176.92%2019-11-05
@anomadsoul OCD on Steem Fest - Special Curation week!16.2530.5346.77%2019-11-05
@hiroyamagishi 💥 Los días de creación no son lo mismo que los días terrestres de 24 horas 💥0.0160.05972.88%2019-11-05
@saramiller Sad to miss Steemfest, but glad to live the revolution - Discounted tickets available!3.0858.89565.32%2019-11-05
@cryptopie I Just Spent My Whole Day Resting Because Of My Tummy Ache 😢8.16217.61953.68%2019-11-05
@anomadsoul The Odyssey that was for me to arrive in Bangkok 7.53522.53166.56%2019-11-05
@maarnio Crypto Contest November 5: Litecoin1.2215.33577.11%2019-11-05
@taskmaster4450 Web 3.0: The Most Powerful Shift We Have Ever Seen16.71518.9911.98%2019-11-05
@silviabeneforti Cat time ^_^0.550.76628.2%2019-11-05
@alexvan Steem and competitors6.5057.1659.21%2019-11-05
@steevc Steempeak big in Myanmar? 1.7251.96612.26%2019-11-05
@flauwy APX is Live! 📸 The Holy Grail of the Steem ecosystem has finally arrived: After ...8.80711.87625.84%2019-11-05
@magicmonk Make a mobile responsive website with Bootstrap lesson 1 - container-fluid6.52513.11550.25%2019-11-05
@louisthomas Do Crypto Exchanges Have Too Much Influence?11.23634.41367.35%2019-11-05
@htliao My Actifit Report Card: November 5 20192.3062.75816.39%2019-11-05
@future24 📷 Steemit M.A.C. by @future24, November 2019 - Day 5: Delicious Pastizio in the Acropolis Restaurant on Crete island!2.4632.81712.57%2019-11-05
@davidpakman Fox Guest Blurts Out "Epstein Didn't Kill Himself"9.48522.74358.29%2019-11-05
@gooddream The King (film): Almost a great movie41.35920.22-104.55%2019-11-05
@themarkymark [Movies] Bohemian Rhapsody20.27541.93751.65%2019-11-05
@stephenkendal I would like to give a Massive Shout-Out to just some of those on twitter that have added the "I ❤️ Steem.!!" motto to their Profile Name. Awesome job.!! (Short promotional video)1.0221.91446.6%2019-11-05
@tradingideas [일상] 막바지 단풍 구경16.74322.05524.09%2019-11-05
@htliao 「飛鴿傳書 cn-curation #412」推薦 CN 區博文: 種菜 + 體驗感受0.9537.9187.95%2019-11-05
@anahilarski A woman who is doing great things, can not allow small things affect her.💕😍0.341.47476.93%2019-11-05
@me-tarzan 24hr ACTIVE STEEMIT ACCOUNTS TRANSACTING <<>> AVERAGE PER DAY PER MONTH spreadsheet and charts FOR OCTOBER , 20190.0450.05213.46%2019-11-05
@daveks Saskatchewan Sunset Harvest Classics7.7958.4467.71%2019-11-05
@cervantes Posts votados por el equipo @cervantes: 04.11.2019, 23:00 / 05.11.2019, 23:002.2134.16346.84%2019-11-05
@me-tarzan Hold LONG POSITION <<>> ONLINE USERS AT POLONIEX BITCOIN RESEARCH TRADING SYSTEM # 1 <<>> November 5 , 20190.8050.8070.25%2019-11-05
@me-tarzan BITCOIN RESEARCH PROFIT-TAKING SYSTEM #3 <<>> Watching for another Volume Price High <<>> November 5 , 20192.0372.0430.29%2019-11-05
@freiheit50 Aufklärung des Frosches über die Aufklärung (soweit möglich)8.70114.69740.8%2019-11-05
@cryptopie I Am Thinking About Eating Only Once Per Day If Not For The Risk Of Getting More Emaciated 🦴💀🙁9.57614.87135.61%2019-11-05
@arcange Steem Statistics – 2019.11.041.1231.28912.88%2019-11-05
@jaynie Roadtripping & Breakfast with a View!8.8116.22445.7%2019-11-05
@ace108 📊🌏中日韩龙虎榜自 20191102 - CJK Top Pending Payout Post since 20191102 (by @ace108)2.8953.1377.71%2019-11-05
@kommienezuspadt Soul sisters!15.08320.53226.54%2019-11-05
@jacobtothe Riding Into the Sunset0.1510.78480.74%2019-11-05
@sponge-bob Research and New Investments Week1.9498.31176.55%2019-11-05
@knozaki2015 I travel the world #877: Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel3.044.03424.64%2019-11-05
@karenb54 Another sad loss 😢 another visit to the Dentist 🦷 with a nice treat to finish the day 🍰.1.9877.23572.54%2019-11-05
@silviabeneforti A prototype for a new idea ^_^0.9093.75775.81%2019-11-05
@stephenkendal This is a massive Shout-Out to the Steem Community! Save the dates! @CoinFestUK - April 3rd, 4th & 5th 2020.1.8952.65128.52%2019-11-05
@acidyo Live OCDB curation with @hiddenblade14.7218.695-69.3%2019-11-05
@corbettreport The Bigger Truths Behind the News Headlines13.28121.87739.29%2019-11-05
@homeartpictures with this wonderful play of colors, the Tuesday can come to an end in a relaxed way ...0.2060.34540.29%2019-11-05


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