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I hope you had a great trip, I saw some great things that promise a great future. I am a dolphin now so would love my new badge and the Aachen one on my list to complete it and do a blog ! Thanks

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how to delete a dam video or blog from steem, i cant find any way to do it. please help.

Ya ide luar biasa, namun tentu juga menghormati budaya masing-masing, salam sukses di steemFest

Awesome Post.

Resteem, Upvote and follow.
I have done all above things.
Thank you so much.

dear your post and article is one off best of best


They post many babies and children, and tags that say things like:

appics apx tunisia family daughter babys love girl

Please put it on your watchlist. I am not on Steemit chat so I am reporting it this way.

You just gave it some kind of award, these are the last people you want to encourage.

Bom dia, isso é muito interessante!! boa dica.

Amazing contest

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