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If I traveled the world to meet you
I'm sure I'll find a space in your heart
To think that you're yet to meet me
Makes me love you all the more


Congratulations to all those who participated in the last Episode of the Poetry Slam Contest. To see who participated and read their awesome posts click here

To our winners, I say Congratulations once again.

Screenshot (109).png
Now asides the SBD prizes our runner-ups each got special upvotes from our community accounts.


I have always loved how expressive poetry is. Sometimes I feel like it is the only art besides music that gets me. I dare say that every single poet that truly writes from his/her heart always leaves a piece of them in every poem they have ever written.

Poetry has come to stay and we will make it relevant in the society together.


Now I very well know that you have the right to diction, but also remember that this is a contest and we will very well pick the best of the best from all of the submissions. That being said you should note the following:




  • write a poem of "4 stanzas" that tells a story of a HAPPY ENDING
  • You must use "stachpoetry" as your first tag and "stach" as your second
  • Upvote and Resteem this post
  • Drop a link to your poem in the comment section here
  • Drop a link in the stach discord poetry channel here(optional)
    All submissions will be valid till the 24th of July exactly 12:00 am GMT +1


  • Winner = 5SBD
  • 1st runner-up = 0.5SBD, Honourable mention on the next post and a special upvote from our community account
  • 2nd runner-up = 0.5SBD, Honourable mention on the next post and a special upvote from our community account
  • 3rd runner-up = 0.5SBD, Honourable mention on the next post and a special upvote from our community account

I look forward to seeing some of the most inspiring poetical pieces ever written on the steemit blockchain.

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Hi I hope I am eligible to join just saw the contest. Here is my entry. First time to join, Thanks

Congrats to the winners

Getting my entry ready...


A starry night it was born enlightened filling of joy to all who hoped it, cries of happiness, all danced because welcome you gave.

The years passed and he grew up among mountains gladly ran every morning to the corral cows, where his grandfather was milking the cows.

A day running through the Woods stumbled to his feet, his head hit with large rocks, everything was dark for her, was born to a doctor who reported that their vision is lost, that only a miracle could return their view.

But the wisdom that the giver of life gave to the man to make big miracles, hoping that one day pay you attention, with his hands I play his eyes closed in the darkness, raised their pleas and everything lit up, like the day your arrive announced. To see again, his life change, grew up and became a happy ending for this story.

you are supposed to make it a poem and publish on your blog, then drop the link here.

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Here is this weeks entry and thank you so much for giving me motivation to write again.

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