Energy Healing Methods - Working in the Quantum Field

I have already written about Energy Healing Methods for:

These articles are talking about the energy inside our aura and also where are personal energy is connected to more global energy through grids and matrices and invisible ties, cords and bonds etc.

This article is going to be about the even bigger picture - the quantum field. I consider this to be where we are all being influenced on a grand scale by energies that we are not consciously aware of. The two types of energy work I’m going to talk about include a ‘getting rid of’ or Revoking and bringing in the good or Pure Intention.



Revoking is very powerful and is used when someone or some energy has ‘invoked’ us in some way. Examples of being invoked include any rituals, ceremonies, oaths imposed on us in former lives that we are probably still living under now if we haven’t revoked them.

Some people believe that registering the birth of a child and the issuing of a birth certificate is making your child property of the government or evil forces.

Religious ceremonies, oaths undertaken in this life, intended as being to a Pure God that were actually connecting the person to evil forces.

You may or may not believe in any of the above, or may not know if you are affected by it or not. As with any energy work the best way to find out is to do the energy work and notice what you feel before, during and after.

I have done much energy work on being controlled through contracts, oaths, rituals and ceremonies, both in this life and previous lives and there is always lots of energy leaving and going, which says to me that this is a huge issue! Also the fact that I can do such powerful energy work and then come back a month or so later and repeat the energy work and still have lots more energy leave, points to some kind of global or quantum connection, where we need to work ‘ALL ENERGY’ using the highest power and intentions that we can, for all of humanity that choose this.

Revoking Energy Statement 

Pure Source Energy / Pure Intention / Pure Power of the Universe REVOKES 

All contracts, rituals, ceremonies, oaths and vows that have been placed on me either with or without my consent, including registering my birth through all lifetimes

All religious ceremonies, rituals, oaths and contracts that have been placed on me including baptism, communion, confession, marriage and any other contracts through all lifetimes, known and unknown

All contracts, rituals, ceremonies, oaths and vows that have been placed on humanity without it’s consent through all lifetimes and through all that is, from the start of time to now, through all eternity and all that is.

Pure Intention

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Using Pure Intention is bringing in the good and ensuring that good and Pure is the chosen outcome.

I have written several articles about Pure Intention including:

What is the Highest Power?

Do You Want more Pure Love, Light & Intention to Flow to Earth?

The Power of Observing!

You can also read a summary of all the Pure Intentions I’ve done to date in this article, which lists links to the original articles.

Pure Intentions to Create a Better World and Way of Living!

We all have more power than we know and use. Imagine if just 10% of humanity used it's Full Pure and Divine Power to create a better world? This is possible, we just need to keep spreading the awareness!

Thanks for reading this post. To read my other posts - click here 

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Hi Michelle - once again, thank you for touching on a really important subject! In the type of work I've done, the energy around some of the agreements/oaths/contracts I made were more difficult to heal than some traumas (because there is a perceived "positive" charge in having them in place. "I'll love you FOREVER, and I don't ever want to stop loving you forever!")

I think it's very astute for you to point out the ones that hang over us in this lifetime too. I'd add to that - the things that are done to our male infants. There is some information about the process of circumcision, the trauma and entities involved, etc. that absolutely freaks me out. :(

I am really glad you added the Pure intentions to revoking these terrible manipulations. I REALLY feel energy move in that last one:
Pure Source Energy / Pure Intention / Pure Power of the Universe REVOKES All contracts, rituals, ceremonies, oaths and vows that have been placed on humanity without it’s consent through all lifetimes and through all that is, from the start of time to now, through all eternity and all that is.

Thank you for continuing to put good work and healing out into the world! <3


Thanks for your supportive comments. Great you're feeling the power in these intentions so much.

Yes I was feeling there would be many more processes connected to all the different religions that I'm not aware of or not able to instantly think about and I agree that they all hold some really dark bad energy. Circumcision is one of these, I mean how totally cruel and unnecessary to a young baby or child. It's so horrid you don't even want to think about it.

I was hoping that the last one would include everything that has ever been done to the person reading and all of humanity - pretty major really even attempting to do this, but Quantum Physics has proved that Quantum Observing works so we need to trust and keep doing the work!

Thanks for reading, believing and all you do too. <3

Excellent Michelle, this is something I am sure many people over look and just take for granted. It is fascinating to think that such things have an energy field attached to them and are affecting us. Thankfully there is a way to release ourselves from their negative affect using intention affirmations. Great work you are doing here Michelle.

Have you seen the latest single by the Icelandic singer Bjork -
The video in particular reminded me of your work with light and enery....


Thanks Arthur for your comments and appreciating my work.

Yes it is very fascinating to learn about our energy and all that we are connected to or is connecting to us. It can explain so much to those who have been stuck in 'bad lives' and not being able to get free of it.

I tend to prefer older music and don't listen to much modern stuff. I found this a bit weird actually, art is on the edge and there is so much satanic energy / symbolism in the music industry that even when it's not there you're wondering if it has some darker intentions and if light images are being used for a dark intention.

Thanks for thinking of me and sharing. Sending love and blessings. :)

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