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Getting Rid of the Negative!

Getting rid of the Negative 

This article follows on from my post where I introduced energy work and chatted “Energy Healing & The Law of Attraction”. In that article I focused on Adding and Working on the Positive, so today I would like to talk about ‘Getting Rid of the Negative’. 

We all understand what it means to get rid of the negative, but in terms of our energy and healing our own energy, what does this mean and how can we do it? 

If we go back to visualising that all the energy inside our aura is like it is inside a big balloon and contained my our aura, and all energy outside of our aura is the world or global energy, this will help us to understand the different ways that we are connected to negative, low, dark and evil energies. 

Inside our Aura 

The energy inside our aura relates to us personally in some way and is like an energetic movie of our life and past lives too. Whatever has happened to us will be stored here unless we have done energy work to release it, so quite a Pandora’s box for most people!  

The way to remove or release unwanted energy inside our aura is with releasing energy work. 

Outside our Aura 

Now outside our aura is pretty huge, because that is all global energy!  We are all connected to various different global energies, depending on our beliefs and experiences. Some of these connections are really strong and have a powerful magnetic effect over us, like addictions, so we need to do ‘Disconnecting Energy Work’ to free ourselves from these global connections. 

CUTTING TIES - Direct Ties and Bonds to Other People 

Source -

We have energetic ties or bonds with: 

  • Blood family, Spouses, Partners
  • Bosses, co-workers 
  • And anyone we have had a close connection with  
  • Places we have lived, worked at or spent a lot of time there 
  • Clubs, societies, groups of people including on social media! 
  • Religions, churches etc 
  • All illness we may have or had in the past 
  • All ‘genetic illness or issues’ 
  • Going deeper, evil through initiations, contracts, vows and past lives 

A Cutting Statement is:

Pure Source / Intention cuts all ties, bonds and energetic connections that connect me to . . . . . . a person, place, issue, group etc.


A bold statement to make I know, but ‘Pure Flows Freely’ and does not connect, tie, anchor or use any type of force on us. 

To feel the pureness and good in any relationship or connection with other people, pets, places, groups etc we need to cut ties to the negative, and this needs doing regularly because life is in constant change. It is very healthy and desirable to ‘cut ties’ to everyone we know and have known to free us from collecting lots of energy ties to lots of people. 

When I was really ill with severe adrenal fatigue, I cut ties to everything I could think of and went on a mission to be free from all ties! This is a huge area so it’s not easy to be totally free, but the more we work on this the freer we become.   

Releasing Energy Work 

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Energy Releasing is a method of letting go of all the thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and patterns that are not allowing us to be our True Inner Selves and living the life we desire. 

When we are doing releasing work we are getting rid of those energies that are not working to make us feel good, so all those false thoughts and beliefs like I’m not good enough, no one values me, I’m useless and no good, I can’t earn lots of money, I’ll never have enough and so on and also low emotions that have been trapped in us such as sadness, trauma, grief, shame, guilt etc. 

We cannot move into happier higher vibrational living with so many negative energies being stored inside our energy field and having so many negative patterns running in our heads, so doing releasing work is removing these energies from our mind, body, spirit and energy field, so they are no longer working against us.

Releasing energy work is telling the unwanted energy to go, so an example of a release is: 

Pure Light releases all energies of grief / not feeling good enough from the whole of my being now. 

The more specific you are with describing what you are releasing then the more powerful the release will be. This is being specific and going to the bottom of a dandelion root and getting the whole root out in one go, or being less specific and more general will be mowing the head of the dandelion so you can’t see it anymore but there is more hidden under the surface. 

Each time you repeat a releasing statement it will work on deeper layers until you manage to release all the energy for that specific issue.  

I have created various Releasing Audios to help people to release issues that are affecting them and spoiling their lives and happiness, including:

  • Cleansing Your Energy Field and Daily AM & PM Cleansing Audios
  • Releasing Low Emotions & Core Beliefs Package
  • Releasing Fears & Phobias
  • Health & Well-Being - releasing through the whole of your physical body and past lives
  • Lifestyle - Being Disorganised, Motion Sickness and Lack of Wealth
  • Light & dark - Being Attacked by dark entities, Protection Energy Work, Releasing Spells & Curses
  • Self-Love - Releasing blocks to feeling love and feeling your heart energy
  • Various Health Issues 

You can read more about my Releasing Audios here.

Disconnecting Energy Work 

Source - Original image -

After having spent many years doing energy work I have found that some issues are incredibly stubborn and just don't seem to want to fully clear out and dark energies would have to be in this category along with feeling the energies as they release and go. 

Disconnecting energy work is cutting yourself off from the supply, so if you don't charge your phone then it will not work and this is the principle for disconnecting. Sometimes we seem to be 'plugged into' a continuous supply of unwanted energies so we need to 'unplug' ourselves so we can be free.

A Disconnecting Energy Statement is:

Pure Source / Intention disconnects me from all energies of  . . . . . . fear of lack / addictions to alcohol etc

When we have fully disconnected from something, released any remaining energies stored in us and filled with Pure Energies then we will be free from this energy and will no longer attract it into our lives.

Audios include the following categories / packages:  

  • Disconnecting from Addictions
  • Disconnecting from Releasing Symptoms
  • Disconnecting from Grief, Upset & Sadness
  • Disconnecting from Fear
  • Disconnecting from Lack of Wealth
  • Disconnecting from Mind Control
  • Disconnecting from Dark, Floating into Light

Disconnecting audios will need to be played a lot to work. I recommend you listen once and see how you feel and then slowly build up to looping them. Please do use my Super Clearing or Float Clear Transmissions when doing disconnecting work, unless you have already used the 'Disconnecting from Releasing Symptoms Audio'. 
They work on silent and will give an extra boost if you listen through headphones. 

Clearing Audios 

Source - Original image -

After we have done releasing energy work telling the unwanted energies to leave our energy we need to make sure that the energies leave our whole energy field and are sent back to source so we cannot feel them and they can’t sneak back in!

If we do too much releasing, or it works much deeper on some issues than we expected then we can feel overwhelmed as all the energies leave us but don’t fully clear.

My clearing audios are designed specifically to clear all the energies that are hanging around and not clearing direct to source. They are multi-layered so there are many layers of energy work all being done to really clear the excess released energies out super quick!

A Clearing Statement is:

Sending all Releasing Energies to Pure Source to be Purified

My Clearing Audios are:  

  1. Disconnecting from Releasing Symptoms Audio
  2. Clearing for Intense Energy Work
  3. Float Clear Transmission
  4. Super Clearing Transmission

Clearing audios can be played as much as you like and can be looped 24/7. I recommend you listen before, during and after doing releasing work and keep looping them if you are feeling the energies leaving. 

They work on silent and will give an extra boost if you listen through headphones.

Other energy that I will discuss in another post include:
Working in the Quantum Field: 

  • Revoking 
  • Pure Intentions

 To read my other posts - click here  

© Copyright Michelle Carter    

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This is a great positive article. We need more positive articles to spread positivity here.


Thanks, most appreciated!
Yes I agree more inspiring, positive and creating positive change articles need to spread out. :)

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Wow, thank you Eric!
I'd be most pleased to have my article resteemed by the OCD Team, most appreciated.
Thanks also for sharing your tag, I'll make a note to use in the future.
Many blessings to you.

Michelle, this was timely and all I can do is smile and say to myself, "But of course it is."

I was up in the wee hours doing some special work like this with my spiritual partner and we have been doing energy work just like this all morning.

Just saw the clock turn 11:11 here too, so make a big wish that has already been granted by the love of the light.


Great to hear you're doing special work too Jakob and love the messages coming through and the 11:11, my wish is made, was some years ago!

Sending Love, Light & Blessings to both our wishes that they may come true really soon! <3


Mine has also been granted and continues to surprise me with how the trickle effect of extras show up. I hear some of us may be doused with something sweet soon as a side effect of the mirrors.

Yes, these visions have been incredible.

I've been feeling many of my new friends here in familiar spaces and realizing that we've been together quite some time now.

Fun times!


Wow, great to hear yours has been granted already and keeps showing up, wonderful and inspiring.

I've been working on mine for years now, so much sabotage going on there. Interesting comment about mirrors, not getting it yet, but I'm sure the message will flow through!

I've connected with some new amazing people here on Steemit, does feel like we're sharing information intuitively which is great!

It's interesting! :)


Thank you! And I definitely feel what you mean about yours. Mine has been like that too. There are layers of it we keep coming to as it unwinds...or that's how I experience it, at least.

I'd love to hear what comes up for you around the mirrors. When it hits you, I bet we'll see an instant flash together. That's how my Guides have been showing it to me.

It's definitely interesting and I'm so happy that I've been pruning myself to be able to recall some of what I'm being shown. You know how elusive it can be.


Yes there seem to layers of everything, layers upon layers at times!

Thanks for reminding me about the mirrors. What I got was that the energy around my True Love and his views around love are kind of being reflected back to him, so he's trapped in self-love issues and not flowing love out or being fully open to receiving. Don't know if that resonates with you at all for this or another issue?

Yes great you're recalling and sharing information, it can be elusive as you say and we can be distracted too before we get the full picture.


What you said on all counts resonated. And that's part of what I was eluding to regarding the mirrors and the layers.

There's an echo of energies that lace this all together in a way, as I see it when I'm working with the grid.

And as the energies have been facing off, the polarities are more directly interfacing with less interference than before for much time.

The veil that was there is no longer there...and the mirrors are being shown to more of us in subtle ways that will be less subtle soon.

That reflection will soon be visible to the many due to the more mirrors reflecting throughout the echoes of what laces it together...

And then it gets very interesting as we all begin to witness in the collective reflection, what is in each person's aura.

There is new technology coming out now which is doing this on the internet soon...more of nature will follow suit.


Good to hear you resonate and are feeling the same. Yes echos, I worked on that for a while and have forgotten about it, it has a similar feeling to the repeating patterns, going on and on and seeming to never end!

I read some interesting articles on Facebook by Starseed Astrology saying that huge change is coming, ie veil is lifted and love is going to be rewarded. Interesting vision shared of evil going down an escalator and loosing wealth whilst Pure is going up and receiving. This is so needed as money has such power to buy and change our physical world.

Yes it will be really interesting when people can see or feel each person's aura, there will be no hiding the manipulation and dark intentions then!

Great that so many are feeling this in different ways and we can share and validate all we have been working on and expand it out in confidence.

Thanks for posting, this is great and exactly what I was looking for :)


You're welcome and lovely to hear this. :)

Hey Michelle this was a great read especially for me today as I was a bit down for some reason. I think I am feeling a but burned out as I was rather lethargic.
You mention audio - as an artist I am particularly interested in the light aspect. I am exploring the idea of colour used in certain forms could create positive cleansing and getting rid of negative energies etc.


Hi Arthur, so pleased you enjoyed my post and it helped you. I've been a bit burned out recently too so I get that, and I do think many are feeling this right now, so much global change going in, it's hard work!
Images have huge power, and colour too. I unfused Pure Light and Love into some of the images I use and people say they can feel the energies. I've also noticed if I love an image then it seems to shine after a few minutes of gazing at it, like it's reflecting back how much I love it!
I love the purple, pinks and white in the last image, and here is another one that I love and seems to glow Pure Light!


You do seem to be onto something with these images they have a hypnotic affect to them - I am going to see if I can create this affect in a painting - the problem is that on a painting there is not light source behind it like on a computer screen - perhaps this is also why stained glass windows in a church have a hypnotic affect too.
Hope you get some positive energy soon - thanks for sending me the purple light : )


Great to hear this Arthur!
I hear what you're saying about the light from behind the computer screen, but the idea of 'infusing images' is to shine your own Light into them so they radiate from your Light. Try it and see what happens!
You're welcome re the purple light, thanks for your good wishes. Hope you have a great weekend. :)


I understand what you mean now putting my own "shining light" in - I love that : ) - same to you Michelle, have a positive energy Sunday : )

PS: I hope you are happy about the news on IOTA - up 31% congratulations : )


Great to hear this Arthur!
Shine Your Light into all you do, images really do show this up well!

I hope you had a great weekend. I wasn't on line much, needed time out!

Wow yes great news re IOTA, so pleased I read your article and bought some, I'm sure this is just the started and buying now will still be a bargain to where it's going! :)

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Great article Michelle! You are an inspiration! x


Thanks Caroline, most appreciated! :)

Hi there Michelle, I was recommended to pass by yours so here I am! I love your article and it may have identified the missing piece to allow me to move forward successfully in my life :) For this I am truly grateful. I am an artist/writer/lightworker. I had a spiritual epiphany about 15 months ago when the spirits made themselves known to me and charged me to crawl out from underneath my rock to help spread love and light. Happy to have bumbled upon you I have upvoted and followed and invite you to pop by mine :) I look forward to reading more from you and wish you well xox


Hi Linda, thanks for your lovely comment and sorry I've not replied sooner. I haven't logged into Steemit for months, busy doing global energy work on grids and matrices and need to stay focused on that! Great that my article gave you a missing piece of information! I do hope you're enjoying Steemit and all your Light work. Wishing you well also. xx