What is the Highest Power?

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This post has been inspired by a comment I received from @arthuradamson on my post 'Fill Our World with Pure Light!' which also included a very interesting and thought provoking video about 'What is Reality?' which I do recommend you watch, to really understand what I'm talking about in this article.

Crystals and Patterns

Right at the start of this video it talks about crystals being a 'pattern that is periodic' that can spread out infinity in any direction. It then shows how a 3d crystal can project a 2d pattern and this was a 'bingo moment' for me after having seen the checked pattern earlier which instantly reminded me of the black and white checked floors used throughout secret societies.


This feels to me like evil is taking Pure energy from 3d crystals and projecting it into 2d patterns and then programming those 2d patterns with evil intentions so Pure energy is being transformed into evil energy - this is WOW!!

Pure and Evil Energy

In previous posts I have talked about Pure being a natural energy that just exists, like the sun just exists and shines light 24/7 without anyone or anything needing to do anything, this just happens, and like gravity on earth just exists regardless of what we all do, think and believe.

Evil on the other hand doesn't not just naturally exist. I first read this powerful information in Power vs Force by Dr David Hawkins, and I've done much discerning on this and asking questions because this knowledge is SO powerful!

If evil does not exist naturally then it is some how transforming Pure energy into evil energy, because physics tells us that

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change from one form to another.

This means that if we know how evil is transforming Pure energy into evil energy then we can stop this happening and this will take the power away from evil!

Transforming Energy

Going back to the checked floors and the projecting of 3d crystal energy into a 2d pattern, this is one way that evil is transforming Pure to have evil power and knowing this gives us the power to stop it!


Moving in the video, it says that 'reality is made of information' which is 'created by observation' and this observation needs to be made by something conscious. It then it progresses into an 8d crystal, now this makes my head spin and I cannot quite get 8d, but I have this feeling that there is something important going on here,  so my simple understanding of all of this that there is this super powerful 8d crystal that is being projected down to earth as a 3d crystal because we live in a 3d reality and this super powerful crystal can be programmed by something, but what?

The Highest Power

Now my feelings are on hyper alert, because if this 8d crystal is being programmed by Pure energy then we have Heaven on Earth, literally! YAY! Except we're not living in Heaven on Earth, more like hell on earth for many and depending what you look at, getting worse, or getting better.

So is this 8d crystal being programmed by evil energy and that is why we have all the evil existing here on earth now? 

Also, we are told that Light is more powerful than dark, and when I discern on this what discerns to be most true is this:

Pure Love and Light, where Light is Truth is more powerful than dark or evil.

We therefore need consciousness to be in a dominant energy or choice of Pure Love and Truth for the full Pure Power of Pure to be working for us.

The Power of Intention

Another question I have been asking is what is it that determines whether something has a Pure or evil outcome and the answer to this is intention.

source - original image from pixabay.c0m

If someone is doing something with an evil intention then the result will be evil and the same is true for a Pure or loving intention giving a Pure and loving result.

We can see this clearly in action with money, where money itself is neutral and has no free choice, so the outcome of the use of the money depends on the intention of the person using the money.

Likewise if we go back to the 8d crystal then the outcome of the energy from this crystal will depend on the intention being used on the crystal.

Now if evil have been aware of this for centuries and having been programming this 8d crystal with evil intentions then that would explain why we have so much evil on earth now.

Now that Pure intended people have this knowledge, we can all intend for this crystal and all energy to be used for a Pure intention only.

Using Our Pure Intention

I believe this to be true:

The highest and purest energy that exists intends that Pure Intention is more powerful intention than evil intention.


From this moment onwards, through all that is, Pure energy and intention uses conscious awareness to intend that Pure is more powerful than evil so Pure becomes the most dominant energy on earth, through conscious intention and a new humanity and way of living is created through Pure Conscious Creation.

Please do read these statements a few times and really take in the power in them. This is the information that I was guided to write about in my book Awaken, talking about the power of people using free choice to choose Pure over evil.

We have the power to create the loving, peaceful world we desire to live in through our intentions.


So whilst intentions are not the highest power, they are what directs the highest power and so give the world or reality that we live in.


Let's all send out powerful intentions for:

  • Peace on Earth 
  • Pure Love, Light and Truth flowing freely as our dominant energy
  • All energy not having a Pure intention receives Divine Justice now

I believe this information is really powerful and important, which is why I have written this article here on blockchain to always exist.

A big thank you to @arthuradamson for his reply that has brought all this information to me!

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Excellent positive message Michelle and one I totally agree with.
Everything begins with intention. Intention determines our actions.
The 8d crystal form is difficult to get your head around but it is to do with pixelation. But essentially is what everything in the universe is made of. Infinitely tiny crystal forms are lile dots on a computer screen only in 8 dimensions. If this is true, and the maths says it is so, then this knowledge has the potential to change the world, and for the better.
Once the population grasps that the vibration of our base crystal form is affected by our intentions, then it gives us the power to avoid those who have negative or "evil" intentions. And the more people ignore such negative people the less power and influence they will have, In effect the negative person would gave to change in order to become accepted otherwise their fundamental existence would evaporate because "evil" ca not exist without good.
Most people do not realise this is true. Evil can not exist without good.
For example, and this is a true story. In the 1950s, a senator in America, secretly visited a priest for advice he was having with a moral issue. Apparently he had been offered to make a deal with a gangster who had much power. This gagster offered to find his campaign in return for favours.
The senator told the priest that once he was in power he could do much good for people and did the method justify the means, Is it possible to have a balance of evil with the intention to do good.
What the priest told the senator completely shocked him.
He said: "Why not just go for being 100% evil and corrupt. Then you will not have to figure out what to do. Just go with your evil intentions." Said the Priest.
The senator was dumbfounded not expecting this answer at all. He became silent for some moments pondering on what the priest had said. He then replied. "No no no! That could never work. If everyone became corrupt with evil intentions the world could not function at all. For no one would trust each other to do anything right. We would not even trust the doctors or nurses to care for us. We would not trust the train drivers or the aeroplane pilots or anyone. And they would in turn not trust us either because basically everyone would be trying to scam each other all the time. "
This is of course what the priest wanted the senator to realise. For evil to exist at all, there has to be enough good around for it to prey on. How a swindler swindle if everyone was a swindler. Therefore evil on its own destroys itself.
My father told me this story when I was a teenager and I never forgot it.


Thanks Arthur! :)

I think the reason I don’t get this 8d is because I’m thinking in terms of energy and higher realms and this is something different to that. I’ve thought of 4d as being the spiritual realm, invisible and telepathic, above that it all seems very obscure!

I wrote Awaken to get this message across about the ‘Power of Free Choice’ and choosing Pure Love and Light to be more dominant than evil. Unfortunately, marketing is not my thing so the book has been read my enough people to really get the message out there!

With this article I was meaning more the power of intention from the top down, rather than the bottom up. So the highest intention has been evil or we wouldn’t have war and all the evil that is going on, but Light is supposed to be the highest power, so if Light was the highest intention then everything would change because the highest intention has changed. Kind of like with quantum entanglement and observing, so if evil have been observing and using quantum entanglement and Pure wasn’t because it’s just Pure and flowing then evil would have more intention, but when we know this is going on then Pure has more intention because we don’t want to be under the control of evil, so sending out the intention that Pure is the highest power and highest intention to observe evil and no longer allow it to be the highest intention.

Great story about the priest and senator, it really shows in everyday human terms how much we do use trust, even if we aren’t aware of it and yes if there was not trust at all then life would come to stand still as evil battled with evil and nothing was done only destroyed!!

I will remember this story too, it is very powerful. Thanks for sharing and for your comments.


Thanks for clarifying Michelle, I am more understanding what your meaning is regarding the intention from the top down rather than the bottom up. This is a powerful point. It is also a very interesting view of how quantum entanglement might play a role. Not heard that before : )


Pleased that you're getting what I'm meaning now, maybe I didn't make this clear enough in the post and need to edit it, because this is powerful as you say.
Yes the quantum entanglement working on the highest power or intention would have a profound effect on everything else going on below it in terms of frequency. I work through feelings so I usually feel different things to what others are thinking or finding out with experiments.
Thanks for you comments. :)


Oh how annoying! I wrote a reply and posted it and then it seemed to get stuck in loading and isn't showing!! I guess I will write another reply in a text editor so I don't loose it and then copy and paste it!

Thanks for your reply in the meantime! :)

Thank you for this paradigm-shifting teaching, and for being a force for good. The energy behind this intention is palpable (and I enjoy hearing your voice in the recordings too! The Severe Weather recording has been very useful on several occasions now). You inspired me to join Steemit & look into new ways of thinking and connecting. I'm most grateful! :)


You're welcome and thank your for your lovely comments and appreciating the power and energy in this post and my recordings, most appreciated!

Great you're also using the 'Releasing Severe Weather' audio too, that has been very popular along with my Releasing Suicide Entities one.

Wonderful that I have inspired you to join Steemit! I'm delighted and great to connect with you here! :)

What interesting explorations about how dark reduces light.

I experience this when I am shown the holography of some of the technology systems we've been groomed to need, such as YouTube and Google.

It's interesting to see the dark tentacles spreading over the mass minds that are plugged into those channels. I see them sucking energy out of people. It's a massive energy parasite.

There are so many kinds of these things spreading themselves over beings now.

I have become especially sensitive to it and have been speaking to people about some of what my experiences have been with these kinds of energy motions being done.

It's more and more a time to be willing to self-care and practice energetic hygiene, especially those of us who are practicing healing arts and sensitive energetic work.

I took myself off a number of things which were affecting me negatively. It's been a worthy pruning!

Thank you for all you're doing, Michelle. I enjoy these posts on your blog so much. We are fortunate to have your presence here on steemit.

Sending you the highest of blessings and thanks.


Thank you Jacob for your comments and appreciation, it is most valued! :)

Yes Light is being reduced in so many ways and the more aware people are to this and are doing the energy work to be in the highest and purest vibration possible then the higher the overall frequency of earth too.

Logos and patterns can suck energy and do subliminal mind programming. People have no idea how controlled they are, it's freaky!!

Keep spreading the awareness, it's most needed! Together we have more Pure power.

I'm so pleased you're enjoying my posts, I have some more interesting ones coming on this topic!

Love and blessings to you.


I agree with all that you are saying. It is actually quite a relief to meet with someone else who is experiencing this same vantage point of the situation, as many people I have met who are also practicing spiritual and metaphysical arts have acted as if it is not happening. And many who I have met who will acknowledge it still continue to patronize those systems, willingly.

There are many ways that these kinds of compromises are contributing, at large. In some ways, I feel we are much more responsible, as the ones doing the spiritual work to be the ones holding a standard that honors the highest (truth) resonance we are able to do.

It has been rare that I meet people who are willing to admit the truths (enough to take the corresponding steps). And now that I've met you, less rare, so this is all very good and I welcome more and more new contacts with people who are willing to acknowledge the highest power as the one who lives it.

Love and blessings to you, as well.


I agree it is rare to meet people who can see the truth of what is going on and willing to speak out about it, lonely path to take!

It is great to meet others with similar views and to feel more supported and less alone!

If people were awake and aware of the truth then shift would happen so easily and quickly, but the mind programming is so huge and goes so deep and people just can’t see it! We have to keep taking the next step and sending it out there and sharing the good and power in Pure Intention because soon we will reach the 100th monkey and huge shift will be so noticeable.

Sending Pure Love, Light & Blessings

Wow, you blew my doors off! Well done. This is an Awesome Post, lots of useful information. :-)

You're saying: "Knowledge is SO powerful!" This is key!

Without knowledge we are lost, and that makes people easy to control. And yes, your intentions and choices do directly effect the world, good or evil. So let Love guide you, and set you on the proper path.

Have an Awesome day! :-)


Great news Tom! :) I'm so pleased this made sense and is 'blewing doors off'! :)

Yes Pure having the knowledge that evil already has is so needed. We can now be in our full Pure & Divine creation power with our pure intentions and choices!

Thanks again and have an Awesome day too! :)

What a powerful post that speaks volumes to me. I've always gone on the premise that intentions were super powerful, just hadn't applied them to pure vs. evil. Since meeting you, Michelle, I have a totally different outlook on everything! You've brought bright enlightenment to my mind and I look forward to learning more and more <3 <3


Thanks Tam! Great to hear that you're feeling power in this and in us using our intentions to create Pure good!
So pleased I've brought bright enlightenment to you, we are changing the world each time we all have our 'light bulb moments'!
Thanks for reading and for your support. <3 <3

Excellent post. Much to think about here ....


Thank you.

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May our intentions always be positive and lead us the straight and right path.


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Best part for me 'if this 8d crystal is being programmed by Pure energy then we have Heaven on Earth' Very much Positive message.


If we keep sending out intentions that it is being programmed by Pure energy and Pure Intentions then that should be so.
You're welcome


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