#23 | SP-GROUP Weekly Report [13.03.2019]

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Hi everybody!

We invite you to read the weekly report on the sp-group's activities. Reports are published every week on Wednesday.

More information about us you'll find in the chapter "SP-GROUP - about us"

23rd Weekly Report (05.03. – 12.03.2019)

The group's account @sp-group-up is funded by voluntary delegations and at the moment the voting power is $0.08 (100% VP). It supports publications of group members, but not only.

Our curators select articles written also by people from outside the group and vote for them from @sp-group-up account. For now, the posts published in Polish prevail, but we hope to change it soon.

List of articles that received our support from March 05 to March 12, 2019:

Do you want to support the work of the SP-GROUP curators? Subsidies and delegations are welcome!

Data at the end of the day 12/03/2019:

  • The group has 63 members*

  • STEEM POWER of @sp-group: 7,322.90 SP ( including delegation: + 7,294.13)

  • Vote Amount of @sp-group: 0.20 $ (100% VP)

  • STEEM POWER of @sp-group-up: 2,522.44 SP ( including delegation: + 2,521.50)

  • Vote Amount of @sp-group: 0.08 $ (100% VP)

The total STEEM POWER of SP-GROUP: 10000 SP

Member of the group - a person who delegated a minimum of 6 SP. More information about delegations you'll find in the chapter "SP-GROUP - about us"

Here you will find information on the individual initiatives of the group members, as well as any ideas and actions for the development of the Steemit community.


  • For six days a week, we publish the "Wizjer" - a short summary of interesting posts from the day before. The editor of "Wizjer" is @julietlucy, for now, it's published in Polish.

Participation in Steemit community projects

  • Several members of the group (@sisters @andzi76 @kusior) are curators in the "Perpetuum Mobile" project, which was created by the @mmmmkkkk311 to support the Polish community.

Since the very beginning support for quality content was our highest priority. The votes given were always based on post quality evaluation and this is not going to change and quality would remind as a key driver of our voting policy.

So now we would like to invite to our Discord Chat (https://discordapp.com/invite/rcvWrAD) all those who share the same values and who care about quality content published on the Steem blockchain. The language you speak is not important, we are open to all and everybody is welcome, even that for a time being there are only Polish and English chats. In future we will support other languages and appoint more curators if needed.

You can come to our chat with no strings attached but if you want to join the project of SP-GROUP and become an official member, you have to delegate to @sp-group account minimum 6 SP (larger delegation = greater support from the group - see datails below).

Delegation may be performed through for example through https://steemworld.org run by @steemchiller or through Steemit: https://steemit.com/steemit/@emsonic/emsonic-1552224538124-how-to-delegate-on-steemit-.
But there are other tools like Vessel desktop wallet.

The SP-GROUP has two accounts: @sp-group and @sp-group-up

@sp-group - account funded with voluntary delegations from SP-GROUP members/delegators will be used principally to support those who delegated steem power to this account, although any spare voting power may be used for supporting other authors and/or content.

Support to delegators will be provided by this account (in the form of votes) as follows:

Delegation 6-30 SP = 1 vote of 15% VP/24H
Delegation 31-100 SP = 1 vote of 30% VP/24H
Delegation 101-300 SP = 1 vote of 45% VP/24H
Delegation 301-500 SP = 1 vote of 60% VP/24H
Delegation > 501 and more SP = 1 vote of 75% VP/24H

SP-GROUP Team members are entitled to receive 10% stronger upvote.

Once per 24h, one vote of 100% is used to support the @qurator project.

Those figures are subject to change depending on actual voting power consumption. Current VP and other stats may be viewed in real time here: https://steemworld.org/@sp-group

Voting from this account will be automated but we will verify the quality of voted content from time to time we reserve the right to expel from the group those who post low quality/spam/illegal content or commit plagiarism.

@sp-group-up - account funded by voluntary delegations from all Steem community members and by profits generated from the @sp-group account. This account will be used exclusively for manual voting performed by dedicated curators and tag-custodians in order to support the content of the highest quality. All actions performed by those operating @sp-group-up account, will be fully transparent and reported on a weekly basis.

If you have any questions join our Discord chat https://discordapp.com/invite/rcvWrAD - we will be happy to answer them.

Sp-group members

@andzi76 | @michalx2008x | @pibyk | @strefanetu

@andzi76 | @czaszi | @emsonic | @ewkaw | @julietlucy | @kapitanpolak | @michalx2008x | @pdj85coexist | @pibyk | @sajkus | @strefanetu | @suchy | @wadera | @wzp

@ackhoo | @adamgra | @andzi76 | @angatt | @anka | @annaburska | @arunava | @bartheek | @bartheek2 | @blacklux | @brumest | @czaszi | @dutmistrz | @dyzia | @emsonic | @ewela | @ewkaw | @ewriel | @firesteem | @godlover | @gonia | @grzyb77 | @ibu568 | @jasiu | @jozef230 | @julietlucy | @kalikalejawp | @kapitanpolak | @karlosbadz | @khrom | @konradz16 | @kusior | @lifestylebyjob | @lynxialicious | @marfonso | @strimi | @mastek | @maxofp2p | @meowcliver | @michalx2008x | @michalx2018x | @mikesatoshi | @muffoni | @napotem | @niksonovy | @paramimd | @pdj85coexist | @pibyk | @ptaku | @rozioo94 | @sajkus | @saladyn276 | @sethrollins1995 | @sisters | @smazur-foto | @steemflow | @strefanetu | @suchy | @trampmad | @vvasy | @wadera | @wrestlingworld | @wzp | @zm-project | @zwora

That’s all for today, see you next Wednesday!

Have a nice week ☺

Do you want to get to know us better? Talk with us? Or maybe you want to join us? We invite you to our chat: https://discord.gg/rcvWrAD

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