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In my last article, I tried to prepare us for unexpected challenges that could possibly show up in the first few days. Every launch day has its issue and ours was not to be spared. Knowing what we know on how projects work, it makes me wonder at what I perceive as fear. I guess the real question to ask ourselves with regards to running a #smartnode is :

  • What am I afraid off
  • What is the worse that could happen
  • What are my reasons for running a SmartNode

Answering these questions will help adjust perceptive and subsequently how prepared we are or react when issues come up.

What people afraid off
In the crypto space lots of people go around with coloured glasses tainting everything they look as as a 'scam'. For these people everyone is out to get their money. They are more likely to respond to rumours primarily because they are too lazy to read or get educated on any subject. They would rather go by the word of another person taking no responsibilities for their actions - it's always the "devs problem", "the youtuber" or the "whale" If you find yourself paralyzed with fear on the daily workings of your SmartNode I suggest you take time to learn all you can of #Smartcash project and #Smartnodes. At the minimum understand the impact of more nodes on the calculations of rewards and understand the how block rewards on this project is allocated. Know how the numbers fit together. Understand too your wallet is under your control and so no one can get your collateral if unless you give them yourself. Bottom line the Devs do not have your collateral

The Worse that could Happen
You decide you no longer want to run a smartnode - Your coins were always with you to hold or spend. You will continue to get your smartrewards and you would have lost nothing aside from vps charges.

Why am I running a Smartnode
We will all have different reasons for running a SmartNode some are long term and others are short to medium term. If the reason is long term then relax and let things unfold getting yourself educated as you go alone. If you are here for the hype of smartnodes - expected pump in price so you can dump (ChainCoin comes to mind) you will be in for a rollercoaster of emotions enjoy it! I like us all to consider the words taken from our discord chat with permission:

@thoriumbr - people that think only short term will miss the opportunity. owning a smartnode is not something to be taken carelessly. you run part of the core of the network. you will be rewarded of course, but you are part of what smartcash is. your primary concern is not how much you will get paid, or how is the smartcash price. they are important, of course, but they are not the main thing. if you focus on price and reward, stake and take the smart rewards. having a node is more troublesome, you need to take care of a server (and for a lot of us, this is a hard job), troubleshoot problems, inspect logs, secure the server, keep it updated. this is a lot of commitment, and short term view will only focus the day-to-day and the rewards. not the responsibility involved in running a node.

I could not have put it in better words. Let us reflect on where we are and build our community as we always have looking at the collective and long term benefit.

I do not claim to have all the answers but I do know certain actions are more productive and make it easier on everyone. Enjoy the ride :

The Age of the Smartnodes

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Way to look at things positively, with all projects I have been following/involved with there are always bumps in the road. Adding a functioning second tier to the network is not an easy feat. It is to be expected to go through some growing pains.

If you're looking for a great crypto project to learn more about, check out and follow me, Lucydico, for more information. They are launching the LCD token and smartglasses that paired with a blockchain app ecosystem.

I love this article!
It is times like these, that test what you are made of and what you believe in. It's an opportunity that could pay huge dividends. I'm in it for the rest of the year to see how it turns out. No one really knows what is going to happen in the crypto space. However, I don't want to be one of those people that looked back on what happen to the internet and stayed on the sidelines. I believe that crypto is history repeating itself. The hard part is picking the Amazons, Googles and Apples in this space. That is why i'm diversified in about 20 different cryptos.
Thanks again.

Great post ... Not easy to handle nodes at all. A lot off things can easyly go wrong.

great points you make there !

Those guys who are in it for the short term are going to realize what a horrible mistake they made after they sell. These nodes are going to be super valuable and they're gonna miss out on an awesome community.

Those who are milking a node just to get a quick reward immediately selling will be very frustrated in a year or two. True, node hosting would require learning and attention. Meanwhile, let's keep silent about the nodes, enough of them already, lol! )))

@mastin this is exactly the conversation I have with my husband. Lets not tell anyone. Organic growth is better than hyped generated crowd. I find it strange people on discord ask about Nodes and have not been on any of our sites or ever owned a smartcash wallet.

I setup a node to help SmartCash network validating transaction not to milk the system. Even no reward or dividend I run that node. I believe the coin and it's great community.

I'm so glad I had enough VP to upvote this wonderful article!! Great job in trying to alleviate the fears people might be having before deciding to set up a node!!

Neat article :D!
So many nodes up and running already, it looks really promising!

Imagine what it would look like when smart is $1, $10, $15, $20, $100 ......

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Great insight on crypto. I'm a big fan of Lucyd. Lucyd is launching the LCD token to decentralize the AR revolution. They are designing smartglasses that paired with a blockchain app ecosystem. Follow this LucydICO update page for more information! Upvoted you!

Thank you. I will check this out.

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