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The team at smartcash has been very busy lately. If all that was delivered was the smartnodes, and they stopped and just keep supporting the network, that would have been great still. Not one to live on past glories the dev team at smartcash keep pushing the bars higher. I would say there has been a lot of development for a relatively young project. A few hours ago a new roadmap with more features was published.



When I asked myself this question I thought it would be an easy one to answer as I assumed the #smartcard and #InstantPay would win hands down. Smartcard is our smartcash (no links to fiat) debit card. InstantPay is a feature that allows merchant transactions confirm instantly. This is facilitated by the smartnodes networks. These two features means my dream of living on crypto is fulfilled by smartcash.
Taking a look at the list I ask myself what feature might I use? The answer to this is clearly the ones that address my pain points today and fulfill my dreams for tomorrow.

  • CORE Upgrade for faster syncing - This upgrade would enable desktop wallets synch faster. I have had to move my wallet to a Windows desktop as the MacBook version just was too slow to sync, and I found myself waiting too long to setup my smartnode. Having this enhancement would be a welcome relief to those in similar circumstances

  • ELECTRUM Wallet. This is a light desktop wallet and does not require you to have to full blockchain downloaded. Why do I like this feature. I frequently introduce newbies to smartcash using paper or web wallet. Electrum wallet would be a nice addition and easy progression to desktop wallets for newbies. There is also the added benefit of it using less resources on your computer.

  • MOBILE Wallet With MultiCurrency Trading Ability - This speaks for itself. Just close your eyes and imagine a life where you never have to login to Cryptopia, Yobit, CoinExchange et al, or move your coins to trade and never having to wait anxiously for a set number of confirmations which could sometimes be days. If you had no reason to join our wonderful community, this should definitely get your attention. As you can see from our track record SmartCash Always Keeps its Promises

  • ATOMIC Swaps - This is a step up from the previous feature as the previous one could be implement with a third party API from a service like Shapeshift or Changelly as we see in other wallets like Exodus and Jaxx Atomic swap would involved no third parties and would be a direct exchange between two blockchains. I have heard so much about this feature on other projects and have been waiting to see it work and even use it. I guess I would finally get to do so from my smartcash wallet.

  • SMARTNODE starting from webwallet - This feature is fantastic for many operators of smartnodes. Sometime the Nodes need to be restarted and this is usually done from the desktop wallet. Having the option to restart from a webwallet would be awesome as it give owner of node the ability to login from anywhere at any time to restart their smartnodes and not have to wait to get home to their computer to do so. At the time of writing there are 9606 smartnodes on the network and 1133 of these nodes have status as "New-Start Required". This feature would be a great benefit to the community.

  • OTHERS - These other items on the roadmap such as the 24 Support Center and the rest, are all added value to the smartcash network and the community. There really is something for everyone.

Leave your comments and tell me which feature(s) you like best.

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I know smartcash will achieve all of those steps!

So far there is no reason to expect any less. I am coming over to your end. I should be in Mexico tomorrow morning.

Just read your post about the Telegram SmartNode monitor. Super-helpful, thanks!

You are welcome. I am glad to be able to help.

I have a doubt, the mobile trading feature will be like a shapeshift API or what....

@astroboy details of the solution has not been published by the development team. This is an assumption which could be wrong or right.