Skateboard Art Contest!!!! Win And Get An OMG Board With Your Art And Some OMG Merch Part 2

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Ok Let's just start this art contest.
Design skateboard art and who ever wins gets a board with their design on it!!!!

I am allowing 3 art submissions from each person.

This week will allow you to submit all of your submissions.

So make a post with your three submissions. Then also comment below with your submissions and a link to your post.

You will have until Saturday to submit your designs. If you need a template for your skateboard design here is a link:
Template for boards....Choose the 8.0 STANDARD/XL DECK TEMPLATES -SIZE SPECIFIC

The art can be any type of art. A painting, vector image, photo, comic book strip, just get creative. Just make sure the image quality is high when you post it so I can actually use the image.

Next Sunday the voting session begins.
The post with the most upvotes by the following Saturday wins
I will make a post announcing the winner that Sunday

I am excited to see who all submits artwork in this contest!!!!
If you have any questions feel free to ask
Everyone should have fun!!!!
You never know I might ask to use your design even if you don't win!!!!
#steemskate #web-gnar @web-nar #theomgbrand #skateboard #art #love #unity

Please Help resteem and get more people involved!!!

Thank You Guys For The Support
Joe Harris (@theomgbrand)


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messing around with illustrator now...
Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 11.03.47 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 11.10.22 PM.png

Dude this looks super sick!!!!

i shouldnt be posting this on here just yet. i need to make a post with my entries sorry about that

It's all good...just make sure to make a post about it

Your design is really cool, I would ride that board any day!

Looks good man! Your placing the bar high on this one! Did you have register to the website to download the template? I wasn't able to.

no i just navigated down to 8” deck size and clicked the hyperlink

can you email me your submissions
[email protected]
300dpi making a video about all your post

Yeah brother, I wanted to show you the pieces already! I'll put them in a post soon :D3 skateboards omgbrand.jpg

Damn those pieces are amazing....soon as you post that I will be upvoting it lol....The turtle is awesome....I love animals so I am biased for that one lol

Thanks! What's your favorite animal?

Elephant sanctuary.jpg

I love many lol....Horses, Turtles, Dogs, Cats, Cheetah, Owls, Penguin, Pandas, and black Panthers
I really just love them all but those are some of my favorite

These are the type of boards that are worthy to be in a store, they are very professional, nice work!

Thanks Pega! Hey @theomgbrand, how are you doing? Should I post the skateboard designs in their full dimensions?

email me your board designs
[email protected]
300dpi resolution

I'll double check and send them tomorrow.

Cool, i'm glad you went on with the contest, the prize is amazing, I hope you will get many participants and find what you are looking for. I did a small entry at

Hope it will help and thank you for having this contest

the yellow and black lines near the top and bottom shimmer on this design when you scroll your screen up or down slowly :)

So i just got a new skateboarder from Youtube approved on steemit...can you go follow him @flasters16

right on, will do

Im glad yoy like the little touch :-)

email me this design
[email protected]

Will do, you will receive it today

This looks super dope....thanks for your entry man

It is a pleasure!


thanks for the resteem

You deserve it! 🤘

Damn good idea! Makes me want to start riding again! Maybe I'm getting too old lol... :P

lol never too old....i know 60year olds that skate

I'm not an artist, but I'm resteeming this because I'm trying to build up the longboard / skateboard community on steemit. Gonna give you guys a follow too!

Also join and share the facebook page I created to help group together all the riders on steemit. Helps us find each other so we are voting on each others posts. Longboarding on Steemit

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Thanks Bruv, I look forward to participating in this contest.

I'm unable to to open the template though. Maybe you should re-do the contest. It's important to (buy) some upvotes when the post is still young, then it gets into the hot category. Also add some examples of skateboards you love. I think it's fair to add that all participants must follow you + upvote and resteem your post. This is really an awesome prize and deserves to get some proper attention!

Either way I'm participating fo sho' and if you want to collaborate, I'm good to go!

the Notorious B.I.G.jpg

Thank you for the advice I'm still new....I will keep you in mind for designs for sure

Yeah me too, there's a lot of strategies on this platform! You'll definitely get it though, heart for the win brah!

Awesome post! I invite you to visit our blog and vote us back! And of course to enjoy our content :)

Hello @theomgbrand / Joe! Fellow artist and skateboarder myself -definitely thought I'd shoot you an entry in my style. All are vector designs and can be provided in the proper dimensions. Enjoy! OMGcontest_brockspringstead.jpg

Awesome create a post with your artwork....share the post link here....those designs are awesome

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You Made a Good Share
Thank You
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lol thank you