The Seven Day Beer Challenge #7: Over Easy

Day 7

Finally, the last day! The challenge is now over and it's been pretty easy. That is why today I chose a beer called "Over Easy". It's made by Craft Academy - Unbottling Potential, a UK brewery.


Over Easy is a session IPA. I'm not sure how that's different from a regular IPA beer but this is what the label says:

Laid-back and refreshing with a golden sunshine glow. RYE & CRYSTAL MALTS reveal toffee and spice while PALE & CARAPILS MALTS add sweetness & body. Triple hopped for a bold citrus splash & punchy aroma. Jump right in.


As I had hoped, I get to end this challenge on a high note because I like this beer. As the name suggests, it does go over easily. It's a bit on the mild side and the alcohol content is only 3.8% but I think the flavor is still there.

Here are the rules of the challenge:

  • You have to try a new beer every day, for 7 days
  • The beer must be something you have never tasted before
  • You must put a photo of the beer and write a few words about it
  • Nominate someone every day
  • If you are a social outcast with no friends to invite you just join the fun. You have every excuse to drink
  • Use the tag "#sevendaybeerchallenge" as one of your five tags.

Today, I nominate everyone. If you're interested in joining the challenge, please feel free!

Final notes:

Thanks to @elliotjgardner for the nomination. I enjoyed this challenge much more than I thought I would. If I'm not mistaken, this challenge was started by @trumpman so thanks to him also.

I like four out of the seven beers I tried. My favorite one would probably be the Punk Pale Ale from Brewdog. If I'm ever in Helsinki over night, I'll try to visit their bar there. I also like Spicy Sveta which is a local Finnish beer. It's nice to see more and more local craft beers nowadays in Finland.

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Sessions have lower ABV. The terms comes from WWII era. During this period the workers were allotted two drinking periods or “sessions” of 4 hours each workday. This session called for a lighter beer than a higher ABV stout or porter, allowing workers to drink more beer without getting too drunk.


Oh, wow. Thanks for the info! I've learned quite a bit this past week doing this challenge. You've certainly contributed to my learning so again, thanks!

By the way, I had to google ABV. I correctly guessed what it was but couldn't quickly figure out the acronym. Seems obvious now that I know. :)

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