The Seven Day Beer Challenge #2 : Spicy Sveta

Day 1

Day 2

Today's beer is "Spicy Sveta" from Hopping Brewsters . It's a small Finnish brewery located in Akaa, a town and municipality near the city I live.

I chose this beer because of the fun name and label design. Also, I thought it said "Great Pale Ale." As it turns out, it actually says "Gruit Pale Ale."


What the heck is "gruit"? Apparently, gruit is a herb mixture used for bittering and flavouring beer, popular before the extensive use of hops. For this particular beer, the gruit contains ginger and orange peel.

The label on the bottle says:

Spicy Sveta combines American pale ale and ancient gruit ale tradition in a fruity and refreshing way.


Indeed, the beer had a slight hint of fruity smell and flavor. I liked it. At least it was much better than yesterday's beer. And, it went well with this evening's beef burrito dinner.

Here are the rules of the challenge:

  • You have to try a new beer every day, for 7 days
  • The beer must be something you have never tasted before
  • You must put a photo of the beer and write a few words about it
  • Nominate someone every day
  • If you are a social outcast with no friends to invite you just join the fun. You have every excuse to drink
  • Use the tag "#sevendaybeerchallenge" as one of your five tags.

Today, I nominate @wolfhart.

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This looks amazing. It’s nit a style I’m traditionally into.


Me neither. I'm sure I'd never even try it if not for this beer challenge.

This is a lovely challenge but I think I have drunk all the brands of beer available in my part of my country. 🙈


You have such a way with words that we won't mind if you're describing beers that you've already tried before. Maybe keep an eye out for my next beer challenge post. 😉

great,,, is it strong ?


The bottle says 4.5% alcohol which is within the normal range over here. It doesn't taste very strong either. About normal as well, I'd say. But I'm really not good at describing beer. :)


ok... thanks