Results of the writing competition about “Scammers”. My commentaries and impressions

in #scammers5 years ago (edited)

Thank you everyone who joined the writing competition with 25 steem prize.

Overall the quality of the blogs was very high. There were some really interesting stories and I learned alot. These will save me from being scammed in the future. I could have awarded the first prize ten-times over.

The number one thing which struck me was the large number of entries from Nigeria. Is Nigeria the scam capital of the world? Several people writing from Nigeria told me that scamming is very common in Nigeria.

The scams came from all over the world. I learned about inheritance scams, romance scams, advance fee scams, job scams, switch scams, internet scams, lottery scams, car purchase scams and many more. I learned what “Yahoo Boys” are. I had never heard this term before. I learned about the “419ers”, another term I did not know.

Some of the stories were so touching, I will remeber them forever. Here is a small selection of those I will never forget.

@hartfloe wrote a gripping story - called “Dan the man with the master-plan”. She hired a web-designer to start an online alternative music business. He filled the young girl’s head with dreams, and she fell for his stories, borrowing money from her poor mother to lend to Dan. Then he dissappeard with her money. She got in big trouble with her mother and sister.

@eonwarped wrote about Sally and an IRS gift -card scam. Sally was a young immigrant to the USA, applying for US status. She got a call from the IRS to say that she had not filed her taxes correctly. The scammer persuaded her to pay her taxes by buying Target gift cards and telling him the secret scratch-off codes.

@levitated-mind thought he and some friends were applying for an airline job with a Nigerian airline. They were told they needed a medical report, so they went to Lagos hospital to get it. There a “Hospital employee” took the fee for the report. That was the last they ever saw of their money or the fake employee.

@herberholes sent us an Extremely funny text conversation with a scammer after he advertised that he was looking for work on Craigslist.

@svetozernaya met a man on the internet. He was working abroad. She fell in love with him. She sent him money by Western Union to pay the shipping charges on a fake package he was sending her containing an engagement ring.

These are just some examples of the great stories. There were many others that I should be mentioning here.

First prize of 25 steem goes to @svetozernaya met a man on the internet.

The runner up prizes have been paid as has the main prize winner. runners up are as below. There were many more stories which are equally excellent. I just don't have time to pay everyone who deserved it.

Runners up are below

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Update Tuesday 6th March.

There are still some more runner up prizes = 1 steem, and some joint second place prizes to give out = 2 steem. Please check back tonight.

Update Tuesday evening.

Today I added some winners as follows:

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Congratulations to all the winners, and especially to you dear friend.
continues to reap successes and promote new activities at Steemit. we are in contact

Thank you for your kind heart. Not so many are givers like you. Givers can only give and receive more. The world is surely a better place with people like you in it and for scammers, they play a foul game on people to take from them. Scammers are takers and they have nothing to offer to make the world a better place. I want to be a giver and not a taker. So help me God, amen.

I was thinking of participating on this contest,but later I refrained from it after reading few 'SCAMMERS'..I'm so inexperienced when it comes to scam!

I had read that 'Yahoo boys' story ..It was one of the first response to your contest..Even I had dropped a comment on that post..I'm eagerly waiting for your next announcement about any contest..I hope if you will,it would also be as interesting as 'SCAMMING'.

What a pity you missed this competition! I would have loved it if you were here to share a great story with us. If you have a good story to tell, you should write it anyway. Don’t wait for a contest on your pet topic.

All the story will help and guide us against scammers in the future. Thanks for organising this contest. It really an avenue to learn different techniques of scamming.
Scammers are in others countries as they are in Nigeria. Only that we have different name for them like yahoo boys, 419, etc which make it more pronounced. Despite that, nigeria is a great place with great people

Congratulations to the winners in advance. Am just seeing this now, wish to participate in the next contest.

If you have a good story to tell, you should write it anyway. Don’t wait for a contest on your pet topic.

I really missed this opportunity but I'll go through all the blogs you've mentioned and also learn from their experience

If you have a good story to tell, you should write it anyway. Don’t wait for a contest on your pet topic.

Too bad i missed but i will read the old post to learn more. Waiting for this opportunity again

If you have a good story to tell, you should write it anyway. Don’t wait for a contest on your pet topic.

its quite sad these stories, but its also very informing, its a quite common fact that scamming in Nigeria is a big deal, but according to research Nigeria is still learning from the original scammers, however i hope this contest not just bring people to write and create stories about these scams but also learn in a lot of ways about what is happening out there and be aware to take best security measures to ensure they don't happen again. Thank you for this informative contest, i hope people who have been scammed get up from it and move on with their life. Congrats to the winners in advance

@swissclive thanks for a contest as this.
I am @fuhreresu from Nigeria.
Scam is really a bad thing eating up many societies of the world and it is becoming more of a norm than it is conceived a problem.
To many of those who indulge in it, it is more or less a game of survival as those who are in positions of authority have failed to do something about it as they are responsible for the mess themselves.
Corrupt practices are deeply entrenched in such societies where you find scam.
It is also important to know how scam came to be by first understanding that
The governments that control the resources and at the same time fails to carry out their duties have a major stake in the blame as they responsible for putting the people in the helpless situation of providing security and social amenities for themselves. Now very many citizens are forced to living their life without the government which is a total a deviation from what is suppose to be in a manner that is reminiscent of the state of nature as stated by Thomas Hobbes.
Those at the point of authority are in fact lawless to the point that they steal the common wealth of the nation for themselves alone leaving the masses to look up to an imaginary messiah that will save them. In fact this explain why even though Nigeria ranks high in corrupt practices, they are many religious organisations here and there.
It have been an easy task to get rid of these corrupt politicians by way of a free and fair elections but it isn't so as these governments do not emerge out of fair contest in an elections but by riggings that occur in elections and are in favour of the few elites who highjack the nation and put it in their pockets further making the government to serve their interest and not to be answerable to the people but to them alone.
Many of the individuals you find indulge in scam are educated persons that ought to have had something doing if the government had been responsible enough and not stolen the common wealth.
With a population of over 160 million Nigerians and thousands of graduates graduating each year from various educational institutions, the government seems to have no plan for the teaming population of graduates and this has made a lot of persons resort to various forms of illegality.
I am thankful to steemit for giving me an opportunity to making something out of something. I am very optimistic that very many Nigerians and people in the 3rd world enclave will make something from steem and taking a conscious leap towards development and leaving behind scam or depending governments that serves no purpose.
Once again thanks @swissclive for organising a contest as this. I think that creating more awareness as this will expose the various forms through which scam manifest and further guarding against it.

Some countries are making great efforts to clamp down on global corruption. Hopefully Nigeria will find its way to do that as well.

Wow!! Congrats to all those that won. Your entries were touching and I learnt alot too..
And you are so [email protected] where you said

Is Nigeria the scam capital of the world?

Lol I dnt knw if to answer yes or no.. But I think it just happened that Nigerians submitted more entries.. Hehe.. I think thats just it.

And again, Does your contest continue indefinitely or its just a one time thing..

Because I have my own story to write oo

Sadly, this contest is over, but if you have a story to tell you should definitely write it, and then interact with as many people as possible.

O yes scammers are all over the world, i am from pakistan we also have a big community of scammers here.. though we also have great number of loyals they work hard and love there jobs, avoid scamming.. i personally feel that these scammers should be removed by any mean cause of them society has become a garbage for many. I didn’t participated in the contest for that i feel sorry.. :(

It was nice sharing my experience with you @swissclive.

Congratulations to you @svetozernaya.

Keep doing the good work!

competition is a great contribution to the winners. so congratulations to all the winners.@swissclive

congratulation to the winner.

"The number one thing which struck me was the large number of entries from Nigeria. Is Nigeria the scam capital of the world? Several people writing from Nigeria told me that scamming is very common in Nigeria"

Well,what do you expect from a country where the leaders are vision less, all they know is how to fatten their pouch, everyone is struggling to get food on his table and this led people to be developing different schemes to achieve this. Nigerian are good people, but our leaders are the cause of most of this problems that led into scamming acts.... Thank you for the opportunity to partake in this challenge, I have learnt so much as a person as well.

Many people said that the leaders of Nigeria are corrupt. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Of cause they should,but not all can endure what the leaders are subjecting us to face on daily bases. Most of the scammers are good, smart,intelligent people we should help nurture their talents, so that they can use it profitably for themselves and for Nigeria, but who cares.
I love Nigeria. Any way, that's where I am from... Smile
But the fact remains that, if ten people were subjected to the same pain or other rigorous activities , we will react differently.
It would be my pleasure if you can have the time to read about Nigeria.
Though, I am not interested in reading such news again because it is becoming comedy.

Have you ever heard of snake swallowing money, it happened in Nigeria, our leaders said snake swallowed 38million naira which is enough to change the life of many Nigerian

Have you heard of rats or rodents preventing president of a nation from entering office? It happened in Nigeria, our president was presented from entering his office for close to two weeks and as a result, nothing was done to better the state of the country

Have you ever heard of government owing her staffs for sixteen to twenty- four months and they dear not stop going to work if they don't want to loose the job? It happened in Nigeria, many workers that have families to cater for were owned by the government more than a year salary and this people have wives, children and old parents to care for.

Have you ever heard of a place where terrorist would go to a school and go away with well over 250 students at a time and our government can't do anything to rescue those children for more than 3 years now. If you haven't, it happened in Nigeria

have you heard of a nation who is not making use of the strength and wisdom of her youths? It is happening live and direct in Nigeria, we have millions unemployed youth waisted around while doing absolutely nothing to improve Nigeria or themselves
Have you ever heard of a nation so blessed by God or nature than Nigeria. We lack no natural resources, yet we suffer as if we don't have any. Let's take gasoline for example, Nigeria is one of the world leader exporter of petroleum, yet we buy at a very high price, as if that is not enough. People would have to sleep over in feeling station for them to be able to buy it even with that high price
Have you heard of a place that has everything to supply power to her people and we still experience power failure, most area don't have power for 3 hours in a day, some don't even have for years.

People that are putting the blame on the government definitely have points, but like I always tell people, government is not the only problem we have, some of us are the problems of ourselves. We have people that are naturally lazy,even if the government should provide the job and other necessities, they would end up not taking the advantage.
Dear @swissclive, if I should continue with the issue of Nigeria, I can come out with several posts and I won't exhaust the points, but let me just stop here, because that's more than enough already. Thank you very much for the feedback,it is an honor getting such from you.

I knew about a small number of these things. There is so much to change in Nigeria. I do hope that the people in power will see the need to save the country rather than just line their pockets. I am astonished about the rats!

I pray things change on time, people are really suffering in Nigeria, I'm doing the little I can to ensure I help my fellow Nigerian meeting some basic needs because both the government and the system has failed us, we should not fail ourselves,if you are a Nigerian reading this, please let's join this campaign,play your own role in ensuring people are living at comfort. With the state of things in Nigeria, they supposed not to be charging anyone to court for any crime committed because they are the one training people to become one. I pray we get a better change we all desired. Thank so much.

Congratulations to the winners. As for Nigeria being the scam capital, I can't say based on the statistics. Maybe you just have a lot of fans who live in Nigeria 😂😂😂

Thank you @swissclive

Too bad i didnt win...

But thanks anyway for this great opportunity to share my story

All the entries were so good, that most of them could have won. It was really hard choosing winners that I could not choose them all. I really learnned alot from all your participations. It was more than money. It was knowledge of scams and how to avoid them.

Oh, how sorry I am, for some reason I did not see the announcement of the contest! And I have so many stories about fraud ...

What a pity you missed this competition! I would have loved it if you were here to share a great story with us. If you have a good story to tell, you should write it anyway. Don’t wait for a contest on your pet topic.

Congrats @svetozernaya and also congrats to you @swissclive, you are a great man reading those people stories and collecting here the best content you could in matter of scams. These are for sure to be read as we all can learn a lot from them. I will for sure give a read to them and let my small votes here and there, to more recent posts of the authors, where the entries are too old to be rewarded anymore.

Great job again, I hope nobody will get scammed anymore!

You will learn so many scams from this! Enjoy rhe reading!

Read some of the stories and they were touching. There are alot of scammers in Nigeria to the extent people have almost normalized it especially the "Yahoo Boys" of a thing. I look forward to a more engaging contest... this was so great

Congratulation to the winner, I think the most important is everyone take care about all that situation expressed in this competition because with that we can save other people to being scammed in the future.

Wow. Great.... @swissclive

I'm looking forward to another writing competition...
Would love to be a part of it....

Congratulations to the winner and runners up too but hopefully I'll be one if the lucky ones who will be a runner up...

Fingers crossed in anticipation....

If you have a good story to tell, you should write it anyway. Don’t wait for a contest on your pet topic.

Thanks to you too for organizing this great contest which was very informative. I missed the prize but I'm happy that I learned something from my mistakes and others too who got scammed. :)

Congrats to the winner @svetozernaya :)

I knew the entry from NIGERIA would be much. Hahahaha. So many things happen here my friend. Glad you learned a lot from it. The most common is the "Yahoo guys" and they use various forms and love is one. Well done on this challenge. So sad my story wasn't acceptable enough and it is understandable. Thank you.

Congratulations to the winners!!

Point of correction, nigeria is not the scam capital of the world. We have so many corrupt countries in Asia and South America. The only thing that differs them from us is that we don't hide our black linen,we expose everything!! If you would be opportuned to live in some of these countries you would see that nigeria is better. On the good side, I also learnt alot, thanks for the competition!!

Congrats to @svetozernaya. I read her story and it was so touching. How on earth does one thinking scamming people with marriage? The man toyed with her emotions even more with her money plus she has to borrow money too. Interesting read. Congrats once again.

Thanks much for all that you do... I do really appretiate. I have recieved the steem you transfered..@swissclive

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed reading the conversation as much as I enjoyed having it. I was a little hesitant to post it, mainly because I guess I wasn't sure how it would be accepted, I guess, but all in all I'm glad I did. I also quickly realized that screenshotting and cropping all those messages to flow together was a lot more of a daunting task than I thought it would be.

Also, as I said in the post, I've intended on entering a lot of contests and yours was the first that finally got me to break that bubble, so thank you! :) I look forward to seeing your posts and contests in the future, and look forward to reading some of the other scammers stories that I haven't yet.

On another note, I can confirm on the Nigeria thing. I once brought an eBay package into my local post office and they looked at the address and explained to me that the area of Nigeria was going through really high scamming traffic, and that I should wait a day. Sure enough, the funds were gone the next day. Also, I called out one of the other guys from my recent Craigslist adventure, and he admitted to trying to scam me, acknowledged my "skills at identifying scams"(LOL), and even went on to ask if I wanted to join him on his scam, therefore still trying to scam me. Anyways, during all of this, he said that he does it with a network of friends in their hometown in Nigeria. I have absolutely nothing against Nigeria. I know it has an immensely high population with the majority of it living off of very little, so it makes sense that so many scams might originate from there.

Anyways, thank you again so much. I had a lot of fun with this. I can't wait for more! Cheers!

Congratulations to the winner..
Nevertheless, I feel humbled to be recognised. Thank you @swissclive
But i personally don't think Nigeria is the scam capital of the world...
Yes, the rate of scamming and cyber crime in Nigeria is increasing in a very alarming way. But i feel it was learnt from somewhere. Nigerians were never like this before and we still have so many good people who would never for no reason indulge in scamming.
The last ranking released for cyber crimes, Nigeria was third of the list...

  1. Usa
  2. U.k
  3. Nigeria.

Wow, so the USA suffers or makes the most cyber crimes? If I lived there, I would definitely want to escape to Nigeria which seems much safer by your list.

@swissclive, you just tickled my fantasy.

Lol. I didn't make the list.
It seems you have something against Nigeria or Nigerians.@swissclive

LOL! I have’t finished awardding prizes! You and everyone mentioned won one. (Second places = $2). I haven’t had the time to give it out yet as still working through the list. Tonight....

Wow, thanks alot
I wasn't actually talking about the list of winners.. i was talking about the ranking list of scamming countries.
LOL! guess i've luckily gotten a hint to what to expect tonight.😃😃😃

Oh wow thank you so much for teh recognition and the Steem prize! Another steem closer to my 500 steem goal and then to 1000!

I read the other entries and indeed it is scary that so many scams are taking place. It was enlightening to read them so you can avoid them.

One of the earliest scams that I could remember was the Nigerian prince scam from the internet. I think I touched on that in a previous post.

I don't think Nigeria has the most number but it has just been highlighted more and even made into memes that is why it is in our collective mind.

I don’t know the Nigerian Prince scam. You should share it with us all.

It was part of a post I created how a seemingly scam turned out to be so different from what was expected.

How many of us has received that email at one point of our lives from a Nigerian Prince asking for help to send some little amount of money so that he can then get his millions in a bank account currently frozen and once he has access you will be generously rewarded.

I've worked in the fraud department of a bank a long time ago and have received countless complains of people getting scammed and having their life savings cleaned out. One of the saddest part is these people are mostly the elderly who are living off their life savings and pension. I remember one call that this elderly woman was crying because all the money in her account was taken because she gave her account number and password so that as she was informed that it is needed so that the transfer can be done smoothly. Your heart just aches as the only thing you can say is you'll forward the request and will be investigated further. By the time it is reported the trail would have gone cold and the money transferred to a non disclosed account and the reversal of the transfer is almost impossible.

It grew to a point that it was so big that the banking community issued a memo and placed a number of countries in Africa in a blacklist because of the prevalence of the scam.

By D grace of God: a story of a scammer to a saint.

I love the photo and caption!

Thank you for the special mention my friend! If you want to know more... I replied to your comment with other details about the story and it led to an update about Dan himself!

It was an amazing contest and so great to take part! Thank you so much for creating it @swissclive - writing about my story was one last chance for final closure... and I got to find out what Dan the Man with the Master Plan is up to now days.. by the sounds of it... maybe one day I will actually see the money again...

I kind doubt it though!

Thanks again for your support of this community... you are a vital cornerstone in it!

Keep up the amazing work @swissclive and congratulations to all the winners.

Thank YOU for creating, participating and sharing :)

I just got inspired to create my very own writing contest here on Steemit!

I hope you'll find it interesting and maybe even bless us with an entry.. it's designed to be quick, easy and fun.. with a decent reward! Check it out :)

The 1111 Writing Contest - Week 1

With love
Hart Floe Poet

PS I am a he not a she :) So there was no other attraction there to distract me... just my own foolishness!

Dear @hartfloe. Whatever made me think you are a girl? So sorry. Some people think I am a girl too. (Must be the mini-skirt in my picture). I’ll have to stop wearing my wife’s clothes LOL.

You sure wrote a good story. It sounds like you might still get your money back. My advice. Get a message to him as soon as possible asking for his plans to repay you. When he replies, see if you can get him to agree a regular monthly payment by standing order.

Looked at your competition. It sounds fun.

Hahaha yeeeeep... I am one of the confused ones... obviously your name has 'Clive' in it, but I see a dress... We always follow the visual over the words though... so I think that's why I ignored the Clive part and assumed you were a woman too haha... we got all switched round!

Anyway... I appreciate you checking out the contest.. I hope we get a few entries this week at least! It should prove to be fun and engaging for people without being too much effort... yet still has the potential to produce some absolute gold!

I agree about Dan but there's a part of me that just doesn't want that. I don't need that money back - I can just create more. It's not a big deal. I'd rather him just get on and not have to deal with any of that. I forgive but forgetting is harder.. and I'd rather just not associate with someone who would be willing to do what he did.

We will see how it all plays out.

Thanks again for everything my friend.

With love
Hart Floe Poet

PS I was inspired by you and this contest to create one of my own! I hope if you feel called you may mention it to others @swissclive - and if you entered it yourself it would be an absolute honor and I'd love to see what you come out with!

You are given a prompt and you have 1111 characters including spaces to create a writing inspired by the prompt...

Simple, easy, fun, inpsiring... I hope people will get involved!

Find the contest here -

The 1111 Writing Contest - Week 1

I invite all participants of this epic contest to get involved... the prizes aren't as big but I hope it will still provide some fun for the writers of Steemit.

Tell your friends!

With love
Hart Floe Poet

Wow, Lolz congratulations to @svetozernaya with her awesome story, it's sad that someone people will take advantage of love. It's makes trusting other people, genuine or not difficult.
@dee-y over and out.

Wow, this is awesome! You gave out 15 steems as a first price and still gave out so many steems as consolation prizes. May God bless your giving heart.

To me everyone who took part in the competition is a winner and I'm glad I got a prize. Thank you for the steem transferred to me. I'll use it to power up immediately. Haha 😂

Power up is good. It makes your votes worth more.

I did not do the most important thing)) I did not post your message about such an important thing for me on my page. I am correcting this right now. I am very grateful to you @swissclive!

I will check it out now. Thankyou @svetozarnaya

Thank you very much for this contest @swissclive
And thank you also for choosing me as a winner. I got my prize!! And i really can't show how much grateful i am.

WOW!!! ))

Thank you very much @swissclive for First Prize in the competition "Scammers" in the amount of Transfer 25.000 STEEM.

You even wrote that I can win this prize, but it still turned out to be a huge surprise and a very pleasant surprise for me.

Thank you @swissclive for your kind heart.

I'm a novice and I like it many times that my story was chosen by your opinion as a winner. For me, these are very strong emotions.
Thank you @swissclive for the honorable first place.

And, God forbid you and all people on our planet will never be deceived.
I wish you @swissclive and your family happiness. ))

It was a great initiative, scam has been and still is, the likes of yellow kid scam masters. Knowledge truly is wealth, some use the knowledge to build their world, protect themselves or rip others off. At least now we are all aware of some of the tactics used and with this knowledge we can't fall for them again.

So romantic to ask for money to ship an engagement ring :)) (I'm ironic of course)

Whoaaa. I never knew about the contest! I'm just gonna read on the winners post then.

Congratulations to the winners!

I really like your article. first time i see your article, thanks for sharing about the steem prize memo. that's information inspire to our new steemit members.

I have to give myself a knock on the head for not writing this. I was so hooked up with so many things offline I didn't get to write about this. Last week was a very dry week, I hardly posted all through.

Congratulations to the winners and I hope to get the opportunity to write for another writing contest very soon.

If you have a good story to tell, you should write it anyway. Don’t wait for a contest on your pet topic.

I just did.. I guess I've also been lazy to post, no incentive to post though. I just read and comment instead.

Hi @swissclive
Unfortunately I missed this contest. But I have something to tell. I am familiar with the fraud that takes place on the scale of the whole state. Violation of the constitution and human rights.
What sways swindle is that it happens everywhere. Internet is not an exception. I saw many cases of SMS-informing in which it was written that you won a huge amount of money. In order to get them - you need to pay a small amount. Unfortunately many naive people fell into this trap.
I also know the existing computer lock. The computer is completely blocked and you receive a warning that "you have violated the law and were seen on pornographic resources." Therefore, you must pay a fine. "
But what I wrote to you above is much worse. When the state creates a GREAT fraud - this is bad. And this is what many people have come across. Bad that I missed this opportunity to speak out.

What a pity you missed this competition! I would have loved it if you were here to share a great story with us. If you have a good story to tell, you should write it anyway. Don’t wait for a contest on your pet topic.

The fact is that participation in such a competition is a chance to stand out and be heard. I can write about many useful and interesting things, but in the end they go unnoticed. This is the whole point.

Awwww, so I didn't win, plus visit my blog as consolation 😢 @swissclive

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