A lot of Steemians are looking forward to meet in person! | Can you spot some of them?

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You still have time to join the current "Road to Steem Fest topic", just click here to check it out!

If you have no idea what Steem Fest is about, you can read about the date, location and some other details in @roelandp's annoucement post here!

Also, @gtg got us a sweet plane tickets deal, make sure to check out the deals here!

The Steem Fest noise and hype is getting real as more and more people write about who they want to meet and why!!

Last year, I came up with an idea so some of the attendees would write about their #roadtosteemfest to break the ice - it's only normal if hundreds of strangers are meeting for the first time - and to get to know each other before meeting in Krakow, Poland for Steem Fest 3.

Now, for this upcoming event in Thailand, those who have Steem Fest on their minds began writing about it, so if you want to get to know them better so when the time of meeting in person comes you are not completely strangers, then this post isfor you!

There will be a nice surprise in Bangkok for those who join these little post topics, and some Blocktrades votes here and there to help you guys cover your trip expenses for this upcoming November. Please read the original announcement here if you want to make a post about it.

Now, for those interested in reading first hand about the Steemians who have SF on their mind, here are some of the posts written them, don't forget to follow them and perhaps comment on their posts! Who knows, perhaps you'll end up meeting them in Bangkok this year :)

@nainaztengraPeople from so many different countries, cultures, different languages, all coming together and spending time, sharing thoughts... wooo, it's like...
@elizachengOK... I guess I should put an end to my list... It's getting out of control... I don't wanna be flagged later as spam tagging... 🤣😂
@joythewandererAs I was in the last two years' Steem Fest, I'm not going to tag the ones I already met (not only at SteemFest, also I've met quite a few during my past travels)
@kolkamaniใครบ้างที่อยากเจอ ในงานสตีมเฟส (Steem Fest)
@ramengirlI'm excited to meet the people who I couldn't have a chance to talk last year, and new people I'm going to meet. But I'm super excited to meet my friends the most!
@cryptospaI also want to mention some beautiful and devoted Steemians, and great content creators who I know from some communities. These are:
@karinxxlThere are so many more people that I would want to meet (again). So I guess this post might turn into a tagfest for a bit actually ;)
@livinguktaiwanMy main purposes of going to SteemFest 4 is to meet future friends that I've been communicating via Steemit in the past couple of years.
@lizanomadsoulThere are soo many people I am already looking forward to see again and so many that I will hopefully finally meet!
@travelgirlI hope I can meet and talk to as many people as possible this time. Really the few days we are there is just too little time.
@derangedvisionsIf you have never been to Steemfest before, I hope that you try and make it out this year. It is an awesome time and you will meet some really great people.

Thank you everyone who made a post about this. Any vote or resteem is appreciated, since all the liquid rewards from this post will go to fund one lucky Steemian's Steem Fest 4 entry ticket.

There is already one contest to win a Steem Fest ticket and it's sponsored by Blocktrades and Actifit, you can check it out here!!

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Thank you for mentioning my post, @anomadsoul!

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Thank you man for joining!

Steemfest is going to be epic this year. I can’t wait.

I'm really hoping I can attend. I'm 90% sure but that 10 is still bugging me. Will be cool to meet man!

A lot of these names I have come across and surely it would be nice to meet all in person. Looking forward to :-)

I know right? There's so many new people that joined the road to steem fest and now I feel like I know them already :)