The Effects of Power - Part 6 - Power in Cyberspace

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Social Reality: Violence, Power, and Change
The Effects of Power - Part 6 - Power in Cyberspace and Conclusions

The most important signs of the time are the need to acompain technology and the radical need for social change, in the structures of Power and governance.
The status of humanity and planet Earth today must be combated with total state of self-awareness and autonomy needed to stop the circle of despotism and centralism that reached the "dead-end" of the domination of a ruling class controlling our destinies, towards total human obliteration and the planet destruction.

1- Is May 68 in Paris coming back 50 years later?

Before starting with cyberspace, I'm going to remember here what happened in May 1968, stopping Paris city and France, where we have seen the biggest revolt of people in the last half-century against the ruling power.
Macron is a fascistic figure with the taste of blood for glory and the interests of the war market, like Trump in the US and May in the UK.
I don't understand how people can stand this massacres of innocent people made by their governments, to regenerate their dreams of the ancient decaying imperialism of corporative giants.
We must not be infected with their inoculating decease of hate to mask their actions of power and glory.
"Politics no longer knows how to indicate an end" - Massimo Cassiary

The French revolution and May 1968 were the last most successful confrontations with the police and state machinery.
And for those who remember the Provos in Amsterdam's Anarchist Revolt in the 60's as a pre-announce of May 68, as an underground subculture, provoking authorities and police with non-violent and humorous attacks.
They developed the famous "White Plans" to solve local life and social problems and made Amsterdam more liveable, and of course, freeing marijuana.
"Provo has something against capitalism, communism, fascism, bureaucracy, militarism, professionalism, dogmatism, and authoritarianism. Provo has to choose between desperation, resistance, and submissive extinction. Provo calls for resistance wherever possible.
Provo realizes that it will lose in the end, but it cannot pass up the chance to make at least one more heartfelt attempt to provoke society.
Provo regards anarchy as the inspirational source of resistance.
Provo wants to revive anarchy and teach it to the young. Provo is an image"
- In Provo #12, the magazine of the movement
Rebellious City is a documentary film made that approaches the feeling of an explosion of new forms of living in Holland at the time.
People all over the world should remember this symbolic dates and show to the rulers in the streets, that wars, police militarization and close surveillance are not the solution for a better world with, freedom, peace, and love.
"It is a strange desire, to desire the Power and to lose the freedom". - Francis Bacon

2- Cyberspace as the only way out

Cyberspace brings a variety of new dimensions for the seeds of life that, can't be growth in the devastated land of centralization.
"We will create a civilization of the Mind in Cyberspace. May it be more humane and fair than the world your governments have made before." - A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace - John Perry Barlow
The cyberspace world was created outside of the jurisdiction and territory of States.
Governments, multinationals, and banks steal collective wealth, and they hate cyberspace for its decentralization and reduction of concentrated power.
We have 5 words in Cyberspace about Power:
Decentralization, Deconcentration, Delocalization, Deterritorialization, Deregulation, the principles of the new "eco-nomics" philosophy on the blockchain autonomous communities.


"We have no elected government, nor are we likely to have one, so I address you with no greater authority than that with which liberty itself always speaks. I declare the global social space we are building to be naturally independent of the tyrannies you seek to impose on us. You have no moral right to rule us nor do you possess any methods of enforcement we have true reason to fear." - A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace - John Perry Barlow
They want to apply the rule of dominators/dominated in cyberspace, where they should have no power of jurisdiction in a land, where equality and decentralization are walking hand-in-hand.

Cyberspace is an to escape to the hegemony of a global power of the corporative world State, negotiating a globalization where the free trade will kill free will, and dismiss wealth distribution, by interference in the internal affairs of governments to approve their laws.
The Power of a disruptive technology like the blockchain and the underlying philosophy of social change with decentralization and the concept of public property of the platforms, are a solution to the centralized decaying hegemonic control.

The Blockchain is now the virtual nation of the first conscious communities of the high level of disappointment on centralized structures, and the focus on new visions of liberation, for individual, the collective, the market, and economy.
The possible decentralization of Power is already working in the "blockchained" citizens and communities, and is the only way to create a new kind of Resistance never seen, totally non-violent and using the newly cyberspace platforms to show the special revolution of already possessing the solutions that make the centralized ones totally obsolete.

"We are creating a world where anyone, anywhere may express his or her beliefs, no matter how singular, without fear of being coerced into silence or conformity." - A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace - John Perry Barlow
The Guidance and sharing of knowledge and global earthly intelligence, totally open as an individual and collective capital to help the transition from control to self-control and autonomy to generate self-organized structures with self-management and self-regulation.
The blockchain is the first disruption in Science that is backed by with a social conscience of the need to decentralize power and governance, showing the way for a safe haven on Earth.

The blockchain is a social "automata" ecosystem, where community regulation is the social consensus and the Code of Law and Conduct, without external regulatory intervention and interests.

"Your legal concepts of property, expression, identity, movement, and context do not apply to us. They are all based on matter, and there is no matter here." - A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace - John Perry

3 - Domination and Hegemony

For Hobbes domination and hegemony walked together.
Domination is a master/server relationship, creating alienation and dehumanization, and release "forces" that can erupt like a fountain of conflict, as the opposition to oppression for individual liberation and emancipation.
The global State of corporatism trying to make uniform rules of domination, making globalization a free trade agreement to stop the free participation in the construction of society and a shared economy..
Globalization was supposed to benefit the explored, but it is being made in the name of big money and authoritarian right winged populisms of rich business man rulers.
"When I see a man getting ready to put an order in the world I know we are in big trouble"- Alan Watts

4 - Conclusion of the series of posts about Power

"Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence" - Leonardo da Vinci
We learned that Power is behind every aspect of social life by looking at its nature, dynamic and effects.
The Nature of Power was exposed in the the analysis of the notions of power, authority and leadership.
We have talked about the dimensions of power as people's personality attributes, the reflexes in relationships, the perspective of domination by social-economic-political inequalities and the affective aspect of the instincts of death (hate) and life(love) and the processes of people's identification with the leaders.

Then we passed to the subject of the Sources of Power related to the powers of coercion, reward, reference, legitimation, and expertise.
After this, we started to explain the functioning of the dynamics of Power in the elements of its legitimacy, and in the aspects of whether the leaders were elected or designated to exercize it.
And we arrived at the present part to anlyse the effects and consequences of Power studying the aspects of Dipravation, Submission, Addiction, and repercussions of its holders, finishing with the subject of Resistance.

We finish here the series of articles about the Effects of Power of this long saga on Social Reality,we have also ended the first series about Violence, and the next posts are about Change in society and people.
My upcoming posts on change will propose some solutions to this problem of thew "vampire politics" increasingly centralized where the "powerful" no longer have a leash and they are drunk by the power and exhibitionism of material lust.

They are not in Control. We are. That's the strenght of civil resistance" - Mahatma Gandhi


"All Power to the Imagination": Paris, May 1968: The Student Revolt

The long one
France Documentary: French History Documentary, 1968 Riots in Paris, French Strikes.

Further Reading:

A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace - John Perry Barlow
Wiki : Provo (movement)
Wiki : May 1968 - Wikipedia

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Social Reality: Violence, Power and Change

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Great one.

Yeah, I am not a fan of technology in general, and I wasn't using facebook, Twitter or of likes at all, because I prefer spending time in nature, reading books etc..but I found people have become so absent on all levels, and the working environment so senseless and draining (as we experience it here on Earth), that I decided to go for blockchains to get my freedom.

I know already that ultimately I don't want to use any technology because it is simply not my Soul interest, but in this situation I see cyberspace as the only way to set myself free.

I am confident that by the end of 2019 a tremendous shift will have taken place. I am not really into it, but the Mayan Calendar referred to the time frame from late 2012- late 2019 as the "Time of no Time", with many things up in the air, yet with each year showing us more clearly what the change will be. In hindsight, I found this to be very accurate and in sync with personal shifts, and it was dreams which lead me here, so I know this is part of it.

Stay tuned! ;)

The blockchain is the first technology in the world, that is glued to a sociological theory of decentralization.
So, the Blockchain is the first technology that I become a real obsessed fan, but I've learned all the new technologies I could, including programming (today fighting to learn blockchain programming) because they are the vortex of change in the way humanity progresses ( progress has always been used to dehumanize and impoverish people ), but to feel the pulse of the times.
Of course, the problem of technologies is that most new technologies are private property and they are not shared like in the Source-code.
But I have no TV, radio, and social media is mostly about how the color of my pants or my hair is a big change in the world and a sense of being very advanced and living in the 23rd century.
Well, I never followed any predictions in my life, I just stick to surfing in the ways of change.
Of course in sometimes of big change people tend to find those references because there are structural similarities with the actual events, like a kind of "cosmic quotes".
So more sensitive people tend to find it in the old echoes of past realities related to actual metamorphosis, and more cognitive people like me go the pure knowledge way. But both ways are valid and complementary.
Science today is mostly serving private interests, and without poetry, dreams, and imagination it would never have been possible.
Every new discovery always start with a dream.

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great writting with crypto blockchain with the term of
psychology ,really great writting no doubt ..
thanks for great language

Thanks for Teaching us about block chain and psychology .