An Introduction to Violence

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Social Reality: Violence, Power, and Change
An Introduction to Violence

Violence today is increasing and it's a big symptom of decaying centralized empires and consequent personality disturbances.
The new Con Man leaders want chaos like wars, hostage situations, political assassinations, militarized police, and gun deals to generate more violence.
On the other hand, there is a growing violence at the individual and group level, like fights, armed robbery, social media harassment, and the most symptomatic mass shootings.

Violence is the use of force against anyone to harm, like the level of physical injury, a psychological attack that today is happening too in the virtual world.
The economic and social wreck in centralized systems has reflections, stressing internal aggressivity of difficult fight for survival.
In social psychology, this intention of harming some is called Aggression as a form of social violence of an individual or group always expressed in a relationship under the influence of environment, culture and the economic structure.


Any act of Violence is connected to ambivalent social representations that tolerate or refuse that behavior.
If some oppressed minorities go against the system it will not be legitimated because it is seen as breaking the Social Order of the majority.
And when the system strikes back with violence the insurgents to re-established order that generates conformism and silence.

This makes the difference between violence as "disorder" and "social order" in the relation to the existing order, and to the social norms that accept or not that violent behavior.In the next posts, we will talk about the concepts of violence, aggression, and aggressivity followed by the foundations of aggression and the factors that influence it.
In the end, we will present Violence of today's society in the family, school and work and some hypotheses of therapeutic intervention to change aggressive behavior.

Articles from the next series of posts about Social Reality, Violence, Power and Change

Articles from the next series of posts about Social Reality, Violence, Power and Change
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Many States tolerate the actions of citizens if they do not violate the interests of others.As a result of liberalisation, the state seeks to achieve certain restrictions.The need for violence as a means of coercion is therefore reduced.
Violence in our time when there are nuclear missiles can lead to serious consequences

New right-wing entrepreneur leaders are emotional puppets claiming for war, just for pure populism.
They are accelerating the nuclear clock for self-empowerment and using stupid nationalism to get support.
And the masses love it, they get together against dehumanized enemies that should be bombed and eliminated.
And the evil empire of America must perppetuate itself, looking for places and where they can find Indians to exterminate.

Good as always!

My addition is that violence is the superficial outlet of the lack of Love we experience in the world, and this begings in and with each one. Of course there are governments which somewhat foster this lack of Love out of their own hurt egos which doesn't accept loss at all costs. Yet when we ask ourselves why people act so egoic it always roots in personal life experiences where they didn't receive the Love they were asking for. So basically we have never-ending vicious circle being kept intact by each one's call for Love being unrequited by others...

That is my personal insight, thank you! :)

Thanks a lot for your pertinent comment.
Yes, the main thing is how to change the perpetuating transfer of violence of past generations.
The world could work if kids didn't suffer the family violence, but family is becoming more unstable and living in a more violent world. Difficult to solve.........
The love of governments is money for them and their lobbying groups, they don't care about people anymore.
Centralized structures can't feel love because they have only one love, power over people, domination and total submission to their interests


Thanks a lot

Violence includes not only the physical dimension, but also the psychological dimension. In other words, acts of violence include not only theft, robbery, torture and murder, but also lies, indoctrination, threats, pressure, and the like, which are done to result in the obstruction of the actualization of a person's potential mental and intellectual ability.

That's the purpose of my next posts. :)

Very good photo appreciate your creativity, I like you @charlie777pt, your post is very good.

Violence in our society today is as a result of lack of love and self-control. If we love ourselves we will not want to harm each other no matter the offense. We will look for more diplomatic and calm ways of settling disputes. With self-control we can hold back when offended. I think with these two factors violence will be greatly reduced and the world will become a better place for all. Thanks for the post @charlie777pt

Thanks for your comment.
To reduce the violence between people, we must stop the violence made by institutions, State terrorism, and economic inequality.
We have to intervene in the actual links of family and child, and in a school that teach violence so that people get afraid of the violence the state is going to use to conform them.