The Effects of Power - Part 1 - Philosophical Rally on the Matrix of Power

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Social Reality: Violence, Power, and Change
The Effects of Power - Part 1- Philosophical Rally on the Matrix of Power

"Power must be decentralized" - charlie777pt


Before stepping in the more scientific view of social psychology and studies about the Effects of Power, I feel the compulsion of writing schizophrenically, philosophically, and cathartically about the actual vortex of control concentration over people.
I have finished the second reading of the fantastic book "Ascent of Humanity" of Charles Eisenstein, an Einstein about the consequences of power on people and planet Earth and drove my mind to a philosophical Rally about the Effects of power.
I personally recommend this book to everybody because after reading it, nobody will ever be capable of saying that he/she is not aware of what is happening to this crippled world we are living in.

For what is happening now in my mind, I think I will have to extend this post of "Psychic Rally" to another one with a more scientific view.
First I start to advise that if you are an impressionable person, the next language can be considered very aggressive, but I think that people today are so closed in the State-Media-built-Mind, that only some overwhelming and extremist language that can de-structure our thoughts with some chaos, so that we can re-structure our views of the world, but refreshed and energized with self-awareness and truth.
The imperialist war states and capital interests today are the Law, judge, and jury that hold the deciding balance of Power.

Lately, we have seen the monstrous web of the effects of power being extended to every aspect of social control using mind conditioning to maintain their self-interested unsustainable "social order".
I feel again the ether of the pre-republican world, that violently decimated the royalties, dethroning a justified power from a divine nature, as an inherent category born with their "blue blood".
The French revolution was an example of a violent disruption caused by total inequality and concentration of power of kings to give it to the people, but it was later stolen by the bourgeoisie.

"L'Etat c'est moi." - Louis XIV / "The State is me." - Louis XIV
It's a historical accepted concept that totalitarian regimes always fall, but nobody can predict when, or even how much victims and evil they do before collapsing.
"Disappointment in Social Democracy, accompanied by the contradiction between wretchedness and conservative thinking, must lead to fascism if there are no revolutionary organizations." - Wilhelm Reich, The Mass Psychology of Fascism, 1933
Institutional Power has turned an invisible cabinet to the citizens, where Kafkaesque plans of castles are made to create absolute dominance, by fear of mythical enemies to justify total submission and the abdication of our privacy.
The Power of Politicians, Media and Capital is justified by the use of its increasing forms of physical and psychological aggression, which will certainly generate more violence, which again sanctify the use of more violence by this power.
They finance and give guns to people under the justification of fighting for democracy, but it finishes in bloody battles and war fields with the blood of innocents and lots of factions of "terrorists".

The governements that buy guns to the countries of the militarist-imperialist gangs of war and gun factories, after the business deal they have "holy war certificates" and are absolved of any barbaric assassination of civil population, genocides or any victims of their internal totalitarian governments of wealthy families or dynasties.

And many countries are making to do such deals, looking to murder people innocent in other countries, and create an unstoppable flux of migration running away from chaos, destruction, and the absence of resources needed for survival, and most of them are headed to the imperialist civilized societies that caused this situation, looking for refuge and safe haven.

background picture source

1.1 - Power today is a Black Hole

Power is the production of intended effects and it is ubiquitous and perpetual in human social life and has a profound impact on our ruled-made "destiny".
Today, I think it's a big self-benefit for our minds and survival, to be aware of the power web, mostly working in the dark sides of our minds and in every corner of social interaction.
Nietzsche formulated the hypothesis that there is a natural and a fundamental "will for power" in human beings.
Bertrand Russell, saw power in human relationships as energy in the concept of physics and a man's ultimate goal.

Power today is so concentrated and centralized that is is now like a black hole sucking people's rights, human blood of wars, and planet Earth's vital resources, for the greed of a few.
Having Power over others by the control of people and resources can energize the mind and brain of the rulers, or create energy-loss on the ones that are under the power of others, devouring our force of will and choice.
The impact of unequal Power results in the lack of control of our inalienable rights, and we can find its roots in the abyss of wealth and poverty of today's social stratification.
Corruption and inequality are a vicious circle of appropriation and unequal distribution of power and wealth in society.

Power is used to influence behaviors, for normalization, and compliance and will undermine and smash any dissidence and resistance.
"Importance" and Influence is the Power dynamics in action affecting people and reality.
We are in the post-scarcity era of the oligarchic machine, that seems to be going back to the times of trucidation of the working class like in the Great Depression, using the power of money as the code of Law.
Montesquieu said that there are two types of corruption, one when people do not observe the Law, and the other when the Law is used to make people corrupt, erasing the difference between tax collect and theft.

We need a strategy to resist the power, using a philosophy to interpret the World, and social and individual activism to change it.
The best way to fight the Power today, is type of movement based in the strategic principle the one man resistance (anonymous as an example), using anonymity and untraceability, as a self-exiled person determined to replace the hole of the decline of the imperialist civilization.
This resistance in the absence of and hierarchical power structure, cannot be defeated because the one man cell is too small and impossible to infiltrate.

I call this the strategy of the steppe wolf (the lonely hunter) that in the sense of Hermann Hesse in his book Steppenwolf, is the best tool available in the fight for survival.
The prairie wolf strategy (hunt in packs) is too much dangerous to survive the secret services surveillance, provocateurs and infiltrators that just want to conspire and finance plans of destruction (its their job) as a way to justify more state budgets to generate destruction, war and chaos.
Power in the last decades used these tactics to dissolve many old and recent movements that could be a Light for giving back the "Power to the people".

1.2 - The effects of Power over Cyberspace

The Effects of Power and social status make a strong influence in cognition, perception, and behavior in systematic ways, changing our personal views, feelings and actions.
We must learn and understand the channels and sources of negative Power that obstruct the building of a new society and make deliberate choices as to what power you will use in each circumstance, and in what way.
We must act proactively, and when we can only react, we have to choose not to react, but keep fighting for the freedom to be empowered to built our destinies.

CC-BY-NC-ND 3.0 (Unported): 'The Phoenix or the Resurrection of Freedom', James Barry, 1776–1808

Human dominance hierarchies, create the powerfull and the powerless as elements of social relationships, with personal effects on cognitive and emotional function and in the stratification of a society with classes.
Some of the effects State are strangling the Internet as a tooll of free speech, they want to extend their power and establish jurisdiction over cyberspace to expand their influence of state surveillance in the space, and monitoring social behavior.
In the case of the blockchain, they want to regulate from outside, what was created to be deregulated, but to be self-regulated by social and technical consensus.

But Power wants to control and shape peoples rights in cyberspace and the reality today is that Internet censorship is growing and the dream of a free space for humanity was taken away from us.
They want to use ineffective tool of state censorship to enable the use of coercive powers, in a territory they don't own, just contributing to suffocate the last voice of Humanity to create a powerful control on online freedom of expression, of the new alternative decentralized models of economy and market, as a substitute for the destructive chaos of their decadent empires.

We have to use the powerful gun of activism, enhancing public protest and to obliterate the power of the media, where private capital determines the financing and outcomes of the news in their perspective.
Media and Truth are incompatible and everyday they are adulterating the perception of reality using muppets that have no self oppinion instead of jornalists that used to add their personal view of reality.

People must find a way of self-governance in decentralized organizations to survive globalization and the growing power of business to steal human rights.
This concentration of power lead to widespread corruption and the expansion of police powers, empowered with war guns like militarized forces to murder the voice of growing social inequality.
Cyberspace is increasingly making people more conscious of some of the mechanisms of influence of the state and corporate power relationships with the mainstream and social media
Power wants to shape the Rights, and Rule in Cyberspace to impose restrictions on a a-geographic and deterritorialized world, that can became the craddle of a new world, wher everybody have the same rights and duties.

1.3 - Today's Power Misuse and Abuse - The immunity of Power owners

The sexual abuses of children and people was always a prerrogative of royalties, rich people, and well respected members in high places in institutions.
The film directors using and abusing their actors, actresses, and employees, the BBC hiding the pedophyles for decades, the actual scandals involving the Nobel Prize Academy, and the church private judgment of sexual offenders.
The common place in this cases is that justice is not punishing them but viticmizing and stigmating the people that suffered the abuse.
The best example is the Church that gives total immunity, protect and hide to child abusers from the justice, that from its turn do not take any action against the powerful dominators of the human spirit.

In my life I have seen for example the cases in Portugal like called "Folies Bergere" where members of the government, cardinal and priests of the Church, and business people who used to make big parties using little children for years during fascism (before 1974) was totally erased by the political police (I read all these files) , with total knowledge of the fascist President Salazar, that only by fear that this stain could call the attention nacionally and internationally on it, only demited the minister of Economy as a consequence.

Recently the "Casa Pia" Scandal ( an institution for kids without family) of sexual abuse committed in this institution for more than 20 years, until the first accusations appeared, but due to lack of evidence and unwillingness of those responsible to carry out investigations, the case was closed.
A journalist that made 10 tapes with all the truth recorded and distributed on the internet, but the judges made it illegal threatening anybody that had them, would go to jail and pay more than the sexual perpetrators. I still have this tapes and I declare it here without fear.
There were 2041 public figures involved, but only one very well known guy from TV was convicted, but today he is already free and the media always give him the opportunity to use state television to talk and prove that he was always innocent.

The better Power of the State is a smaller or inexistent one because today it blocks private initiative, steals salaries and wealth from people to use it for the installed interests of their friends, lobbyists and financial supporters.

"You have to revamp your whole way of thinking so that you don´t think from the standpoint of the state and culture but from the standpoint of what people need and what they suffer from. Then you arrange social institutions accordingly" - Wilhelm Reich
Trump, Macron and Theresa May, have a strategy of bringing back the glory of the old decaying empires, and they are examples of superpower abuse with their fascistic views and needs to sell guns and create instability and wars in other countries and expect in their pedestals that there will be no consequences.
The escape goat they aggreed now, is the final destrution of the flourishing ancient society of Siria, to glorify their fascistic empowerment and increase the internal political domination.
We fight violence with dialog to create democracy but not with guns because it generates more violence and the murder of innocent people.
They are using War to agglutinate their countries against a common enemy to hate, as a way to strengthen their power and justify their failures to solve internal problems and at the same create a cultural hegemony of world submission, with Trump being the mother, Theresa may the mother, and Macron the new holy son.

The hegemonic empire of the American State machinery is always looking for ways to erase other populations, as they did to exterminate the Indians and even the buffalos and they can't get rid of the taste of blood in their mouth.
I'm going to stop this rally here because the race was long and before there is accidents here, :) and in the next post I will go back to the more cold and controlled and less disturbing writing, using more the cognitive mind approach than the hot affective-emotional of a "dangerous" speech.

"To have peace, it is not enough not to wish for war. True peace postulates courage of a higher order than that which war demands; it is a product of spiritual travail, of spiritual strength. It is attained when we learn to extinguish the red fires within us and to free our own hearts from hate and its disruptive power." - Ernst Junger
So only tomorrow we will have part 2 of the Effects of Power talking about the aspects of Dipravation, Submission , Corruption and Resistance.

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Haha, what a long article! I devoured it all with all the time I had!

First off, I LOVE the first image with Earth in the middle, very cool energy!

To your article:

"They are using War to agglutinate their countries against a common enemy to hate, as a way to strengthen their power and justify their failures to solve internal problems"

This line is just perfect.

The external is always a reflection of our internal, and we see very obviously the Human mind's self-limiting restrictions playing out in the world. All those rules are a reflection of these self-made complications.

Chaos in the rulers' mind leads to chaos in the world, going blindly through the world with no responsibility for others.

"we have to choose not to react"

Great! Yes! 'React' always means absorbing others' emotion and shooting back very same emotion which is not ours in the first place. Instead, we need to resort to our own energetic signature, placing our response first, only this way we can stop status quo.

Great read! I look forward to part 2 :)

Thanks, Alex for your high-quality comments and "power" of motivation for "self-esteem". :)
Big decaying empires have death rales of fascism and hate to a group, to unite the sheep.
Yes, when I was an adolescent I used to react negatively to the power with violence but I'm from the times of the Red Brigades in Germany and the extreme violent anarchists of the time in Portugal.
After the peaceful freak nascent state to fight the power, in the 70's the reaction to power became the opposite when the real activists started to use terrorist tactics.
Today the use of violence to break the system will always reinforce their power like in the 70's.

Yes, "history repeats itself" should tell people in some way that NEW ways are needed to not let "history repeat itself"

To your "The film directors using and abusing their actors, actresses, and employees", I have to say that whenever all those casting shows, whether movies, singers or models, show up in front my eyes in some way, I always think the winner is potentially worst off by getting entangled in dark business behind the scenes...

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