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The Quill

Hello Steemit. My name is Katie Savage and I’m @quillfire's daughter. 

The QuillFire Roast or Toast Post contest you are participating in was my idea, or at least the first part was: The Roasting part. My Dad, true to form, is attempting to twist what was intended as an exercise in community flagellation, into an exercise of community congratulation. Luckily for you, I know his tricks.     

Anyone who knows my Dad is probably wondering, “Katie, what are YOU complaining about? You are the most spoiled ‘Daddy’s Girl’ in history.” It’s true, my Dad is doting and I’ve never known a day that I wasn’t placed upon a pedestal.  

But let me assure you, life on the pedestal is not without its challenges.  

‘The Quill’ has an endless supply of Quillisms that he’s coined throughout the years and one of them is, “An Absence of Heaven, is not evidence for the Existence of Hell.” Well, the same could be said in reverse. 

Imagine, for example, being Quill’s daughter and wanting to date a boy. What standards do you think your would-be-fella would have to meet in order to “pass muster?”  

This is what Daddy sent to Kaleb when Kaleb started expressing interest.

My boyfriend, Kaleb, is a 'Straight A' student in nothing but Advanced Classes. He's also on the Offensive Line of the football team, has a great sense of humor and treats me with love and respect.  

“But can he play chess?” 

To Daddy, chess is a Rite of Passage because chess is the Game of Generals … and ‘good generalship’ is a criterion about which there can be no compromise. After all, if your boyfriend doesn’t know how to invade Normandy, how could he ever be a good husband and father? And so, before taking Kaleb home to meet Daddy, he first had to undergo a crash course in chess and pass an exam on the Battles of Gaugamela, Cannae, Austerlitz and, of course, about which there was certain to be trick questions: Leuctra, the birth place of maneuver warfare.  

"So, you want to date my daughter?"

Few not-yet-eighteen-year-old girls know more about military history than I do. Indeed, it is likely I could teach the course at West Point. And guess what else? I can punch. And not just punch like a boy, I can punch like a Navy Seal. Indeed, I know a half-dozen ways to cripple a man in less than three seconds. And Daddy makes me practice. On Kaleb. And what young lady’s education would be complete without knowing a dozen French Foreign Legion Marching songs?        

To my chagrin, everyone says, “Kaleb is just like your Dad.” And, now that he’s run the gauntlet and been adjudicated, “worthy,” the two have become great buds. All’s well that ends well, right? Well, now I have two highly creative guys whose idea of “funny” is grossing me out. What one doesn’t think of, the other does. And they compare notes. 

You may also have noticed that Daddy is not just the kindred spirit of Alexander the Great, Hannibal and Napoleon, he’s also the soulmate of Aristotle and Archimedes. I swear, you’d think the three were childhood friends: Just three misunderstood thinkers, sitting around in their togas ruminating about the meaning of pi.  

And then … there’s Shakespeare. Oh, the Bromance. Just "Will and Quill" with their feathers … and endless bottles of ink. 

Imagine you’re in Elementary School and your teacher gives you some homework: Write a poem. Everyone’s only 10-years-old so the teacher probably isn’t expecting you to know the difference between an iamb and a trochee. But if you’re The Quill's daughter, there will be no, “I have a cat named Boots,” poems. It’s straight to the big leagues: A 'Savagerean Sonnet' (Shakespeare had a sonnet form named after him, so…), replete with an explanation for the teacher about the effects of poetry’s pattern-inducing-dopamine-secretions upon the Right Anterior Superior Temporal Gyrus.  

You think I’m kidding, don’t you?     

The Quill has an interest in politics. Unfortunately for him, the US Constitution prohibits Canadians from becoming the US President. And so, he devised a Plan B. I, an American citizen, will become President and then appoint him Secretary of Defense … and Poet Laureate … thereby fulfilling his life-long desire to conquer a continent while composing of an Ode to Himself.   

You may or may not know that my Dad has a “favorite statistic:” On average, men speak 7,000 words per day; women 20,000. He finds this quite amusing. While I have no doubt that the statistic is true, it would be a daring woman indeed who would attempt to best Dad at verbosity.  

You know those filibusters where a Senator can keep a vote from occurring for as long as he’s able to keep talking? Dad could paralyze Congress for a year. Those famous filibusters you read about, where Senators spend hours reading from a novel, or reciting all the names in a telephone book: Amateurs. Dad riffs for the better part of the day about cooking a can of beans … because eating beans is just not the same unless you understand, scientifically, why they make you fart.  

Beans, beans the musical fruit,
The more you eat, the more you toot,
The more you toot, the better you feel,
So eat beans, beans for every meal.

"But Pumpkin ... why? Have you ever wondered why beans make you toot? Well, let me explain ..."

It’s strange though, isn’t it?  

Even though the whole purpose of this Contest was to Roast ‘The Quill,’ it actually turns out to be pretty difficult to do – it makes you feel as guilty as sin. True, “Nobody’s like The Quill,” and that makes for some pretty great roasting material. But, as you light up the grill, you begin to realize … “Nobody, is like The Quill” … and that’s what makes him such an incredible friend … and such an astonishing father.  




Hi savagekathryn,

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Great ... more competition! :-)


Hi chillquill it is Nice that you joined Our steemisfere ! Its Nice that your dad is building a steemfamilytree, hopefully kaleb Will join too.
Normally I give a bunch of tips but tags not nesseccary in your case because the quilldrill knows everything.
So do apply for PHC and good luck steeming dear,
And if you have questions come and find me,
Gr. Britt

Hi BrittandJosie,

Thank you for the warm welcome, and any tips you may offer in the future :)

I doubt Kaleb will join. He is a man of few words, the antithesis to my father in that regard. :-) One day, perhaps, I can bug him into it.

I definitely would love to apply to PHC, although I am uncertain about my ability to consistently post. Only time will tell! Thanks again.


You are very Welcome, i think that the fact you joined is great even if kaleb doesnt 😉 maybe if its hard to consistantly post, download appics on your phone its a Free and easy app, where you post a picture directly as a blog. With a little message or text like instagram. It Quick, easy and Nice and Will generate followers and steem. When you are on instagram you can share it automatticly to here to with share-to-steem, And i use steemify ( we develloped it 🙋🏼‍♀️) its a Free notification app for steemit. It Will give you a message when someone voted or placed a comment.

But just take it at your own pase, resteem quills blogs than he has two places on the steemisfere time line where people can read his blogs and your account isnt inactive,
Well enough for now,
Blog to you later

Welcome to Steemit!

I am very happy to see you give Steemit a go. I think the roast idea was great and you cant blame Quill for trying to twist it into a toast lol!

I still believe you should twist him arm to read a poem or two on DTube. I think he would do well!

Hey if you run into any problems with resource credits, tell Quill to let me know and I would be happy to delegate some SP to help you out. Feel free to ask questions!

Your dad is a great guy and I am thrilled he got the ChillQuill on here :)

Hi Old-Guy (although you're not actually very old),

I've been bugging him for months to recite his poetry since SO many people recite it incorrectly - their prosody is off. Word emphasis and pause are important. I agree it is time for him to show us what he's made of!


I'm laughing too hard to form coherent sentences (hmmm, I must laugh a lot... 😂), so I'll simply say - welcome to the Steemit community, and what a wicked awesomesauce way to make an entrance! 😊 💜



Thanks Traci. And that's a Great video! :-)


HAHAHAHAHA!!! You my dear are a class act! I feel like I know "daddy" so much better now lol!!! And hats off - a really brilliant piece to hit the ground with! :) Pleasure to meet you @savagekathryn :)


Thank you so much for your kind words.

Dad talks about you and Power House Creatives all the time. He thinks you are an Excellent General ... and you can take that as a High Compliment.

For the record, I tried to talk him out of that "Commander-In-Chief" pic. But, once he decides something is funny or poignant, there's no stopping him. :-)


haha!! Thank you @savagekathryn ;) I quite like your dad's style and approach to life in general - so no objections from me :)


Katie, I am not going to repeat what @quillfire has already said - he says it so well. On the 7,000 to 20,000 issue, he is the anomaly. I shall not be so stupid as to suggest he might be an honourary woman, honour though that might be. I think, anyway.

One bit of wisdom from this Daddy's girl who is well into her fifth decade: once a Daddy's girl, always a Daddy's girl. And if you and Kaleb make it, good on you. If you don't, and there's another aspirant partner, you'll go through the same process for as long as the Dad's around. I know. The Husband went through it and at the time, he was well into his fifth decade. How did I know that it would be ok? I quote you

the two have become great buds

And it happened in minutes.

Before signing off (this time - I hope to read more of your posts), let me wish you well on

  • your new life on Steemit - an entirely different world
  • your academic journey where, I have no doubt, you will excel and where you will teach those odious writing tutors (I used to be one) how to do their jobs
  • your presidential campaign



On the 7,000 to 20,000 issue, he is the anomaly.

I'm special.

I shall not be so stupid as to suggest he might be an honourary woman ...

Sounds like a suggestion hidden in a disclaimer ... woman!!!

... once a Daddy's girl, always a Daddy's girl.

Pumpkin, Fiona is wise. "I ... Am Your Father! Accept your fate, YOU are a Daddy's Girl."


How could I not know who my father is? You remind me every day.

btw readers, Dad and I both have light sabres, and that Star Wars video, that's what daily math tutoring looked like. Every day for 10 years.

The Dark Father. Truly.


At least he wasn't Darth Vader......or perhaps he is......


Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Would you like me to post your Report Cards since Kindergarten? It would seem like the Dark Father's teaching techniques have merit ... lassie. And, you're now an excellent swordsmen to boot.

Quill (The Original)

Hey Savage K,

First, welcome to Steemit. Secondly, my heart bleeds. Quill is your Dad?

He's evidently taught you the art of equivocation quite well. You managed to put a toast and a roast in one oven. If that was his goal, then he should be proud.

BTW, I've heard you've won a number of science fairs. It must make you feel good to know you can best your Dad. And when he sent to the garage to look for his revolving tetrameter, at whatever age you were, I hope you informed him he'll never calibrate his spondee with archaic tropes. And, for God's sake, please let him know he is not the great Iamb.


Secondly, my heart bleeds. Quill is your Dad?

She's a lucky girl. I even bestowed upon her a cool name ... "Savage."

He's evidently taught you the art of equivocation quite well.

Aristotle: "Virtue is to be found between two extremes of Vice."


Look, now we're communicating in near real-time. You're so savage.

I admit, when I first saw the name @savagekathryn, it reminded me the colloquialism my granddaughter uses. Evidently, being savage is quite keen. Hunky-dory even. Somewhat cool. And being lit's even better.

You're savage, but I'm lit. And fire, evidently. :-p


Thank you for your welcome.

You should know that the only Roast Dad's truly afraid of is "Block's." He says you'll be a "merciless bastard" and won't end with something nice.

Teach him a lesson!


He's right, of course. I'd be merciless. I wish I could find the time. It's been a crazy week. Alas, perhaps some day soon. :-)

Greetings Daughter-of-Quill, welcome to the Steemitsphere! And what a very interesting debut post, too!

I don't know your dad well, just from our occasional interactions through the #powerhousecreatives group and from visiting his lengthy musings on various topics. I would have to confess that I am more familiar with his philosophical side than his military historian side, but there is no doubt he loves you, Plato and Aristotle very much. And I would like to think that was correct in placing you at number one in that list...

Above all, though, you are right to say that "Nobody's like the Quill."

This is from Katie. Her RC's ran out after 3 comments.


Thank you very much for your kind compliment.

I do take great pleasure in ranking, if only slightly, higher than Aristotle and Shakespeare. He idolizes them like no other. He has created something of a niche with all his musings (while linking himself to his idols). He's in advertising.

Perhaps The Quill will be the next Great Philosopher. :-)


I hope @savagekathryn received my little gift to replenish her Mana @quillfire?


Hi Fiona.

Katie's working at the moment but I wanted to jump in and say thanks.

We didn't discover it until last night, but three PHC Members had delegated to her ... without saying a word: Yourself, @lynncoyle1 and My mentor, @old-guy-photos had also offered.

I'd tried to delegate earlier but we couldn't get the system to accept my Active Key. I was about to go on PHC's Discord Channel, yet again, with my IT-related woes ... when, all of a sudden, her account started working.


In a way ... the magic of good friends and good people.

Fiona, Lynn, Buzz and Ol' Guy ... thank you. Katie will drop you all a line a bit later.


No thanks necessary, @quillfire. Only glad to pay it forward as others like @lynncoyle1 and @raymondspeaks have done for me, and which made a profound difference to my Steemit life

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Wow, what an amazing entry you made with first post, seems like you do got some of his traits.
Your father @quillfire is a very intellectual person and his creativity is too good. Your reference of his obsession with CHESS makes me curious to know more about him.

Welcome to Steem, wish you all the best...


... makes me curious to know more about him.

Shit Blue ... maybe it's me. Maybe ... I'M Charlie!!! :-)


Knowing that you also somewhat appreciate Hannibal, I think you might like this quote



With all my knowledge and intrusion,
I could never entirely predict you.
I can feed the caterpillar;
I can whisper through the chrysalis but, what hatches ...
Follows its own nature and is beyond me.


How does it go? ... Eat Thy Neighbor.

Here's my man, kicking some competing blockchain's ass:

While we remember Hannibal Barca as, almost unarguably, the best general in history (Alexander and Napoleon being the only other contenders), few recall that he learned the strategies and tactics that would make him legendary ... at his father's knee. Hamilcar Barca, Hannibal's father, was a famous Carthaginian general during the First Punic War between Carthage and Rome.

NO ONE imparts lessons to their children more effectively than their fathers. Fathers ... let that still your hearts.


Dad's obsession with chess is legendary.

I don’t believe there's ever been a time when he has not made a competition analogous to chess. Science Fairs and Judges? Chess. Literary Essay Competitions? Chess. Strategies for winning at Go Fish?… You guessed it, Chess.

I’m sure my father shares your interest in "wanting to know more." He is quite the social, and curious, butterfly.

And thanks for your support of PHC. Dad has talked about it a lot.



I am not a "social butterfly." I am a raptor.



For those who don't know, Katie is my daughter ... and this is her 1st Steemit Post.

Honey, you have, yet again, exceeded yourself. Although I should be feeling fried, I don't. I'm just ferociously proud.

This ROAST was very well written. Your use of "subtle humor" ... it's perfect. Demeaning (necessary in all satire) ... without being too mean. And, of course, what a beautiful way to end it.

For those who don't know, which would be everyone who hasn't been exposed to my non-stop boasting about her, Katie ... who's headed off to university in a few months ... has become an extremely accomplished linguist, in both poetry and prose. She has won a number of writing awards and scholarships and the references and accolades from her teachers are ... blush-worthy.

Katie's pretty busy with school and work, but if we can get her a bit more involved with Steemit, the blockchain will have a Super-Star in the making.

I love you, Honey.

Happy Valentine's Day.



You must be quite proud indeed! Your daughter's accomplishments seem to have prompted the first ever grammatical error (just a typo most likely) that I've seen from you. Katie, you know you're doing it right if you can cause Quill to slip up like that.

Keep up the good work. 😉



Hi Jen.

I am the proudest papa ever. Alas, it is not my first grammatical error ever ... but thanks for not seeing the others. :-)

Two more days ... very excited.



And justifiably proud you should be. Katie's post made me smile. Your comment made me weep.


With all the weeping women around here, you'd think I'd be a Whale by now. Normally, weeping women means big sales. :-)


What an entertaining, detailed and actually "loving" post! You are a wonderful writer who kept me intrigued throughout.

Welcome to the platform!


Thank you.

And the wonderful writing: Any daughter of The Quill was bound to inherit some of the gift. He taught me to read and write long before my teachers at school and Shakespeare is mentioned so often that he feels like an Uncle.


Hey there @savagekathryn! Welcome to steemit 😊 After everything I've heard from Quill, I feel like I know you...and better yet, I feel like we can together gang up on your dad too😂 Like you however, my roasted comment to his post turned out like yours; gentle slams with a big dash of admiration.

Love this introduction post of yours! I'm resteeming it in the hopes of giving you more exposure.


Hi Lynn and thanks for the warm welcome and the resteem.

And thanks so much for your delegation. My account was frozen after three comments so Dad spent more than an hour trying to delegate some Steem Power. We couldn't get it to work. The system wouldn't accept our password or key.

About the ganging up - I like the way you think. :-) He's hard to hunt so it requires a team effort. :-)


You're most welcome ChillQuill (nice!). The new rules make it difficult to really get going on here, so hopefully the delegation makes it a wee bit easier.

Re ganging up on dear ol' dad...I wish I had a witty, ultra-feminist (if there is such a thing 😊) name for or us, just to twist the Roast-knife in a little more too haha. Ahhh poor @quillfire!


Listen you two, you're going to need a lot more than an "ultra-feminist name" to take down The Quill.

The Quill has the reflexes of a jungle cat.


The Quill is also predictable haha I just knew you'd have to say something about it all :)

You and I may be more alike than we know; I always say I've got cat-like reflexes too! I think we're both may be overcompensating for age :)


I think we're both may be overcompensating for age :)

Maybe that's why I like 3-hour baths (plus ... I fall asleep).


As long as you're not eating dinner at 4pm, it's all good 😊


You laugh ... but we now qualify for the Early Bird Specials at a number of Florida's Family Fine Dining Establishments ... like Golden Corral.



I am so excited that you are here! We have heard so much about you! Welcome to steemit


Thank you for the warm welcome. Everyone is so friendly and inviting. I can understand why my Dad loves Steemit.


Welcome to Steem! Looking forward to the ongoing online banter between you and @quillfire!

...but take your Dad's advice, chess is definitely a good defining characteristic in a life partner. Something that I overlooked in my wife's case...


something that I overlooked in my wife's case...

That's funny. That's what my Dad says about my Mom ... his ex-wife. :-)


Got it... dump wife before things get worse! Thanks, I'll do that in the morning!

ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

@delso, @fulltimebot12, @berniesanders, @ngc & @themarkymark

Why was this comment downvoted?

This is My 17-Year-Old Daughter's First Post!

And it got Curied!!!

What could possibly be the objection to its curation!?!

I don't know what Whale pissing match this is a part of ... but I'd appreciate if you'd Keep It Out of My Daughter's World.


Welcome as a fellow Steemian!
That is quite the scene you are painting there and i sure feel for your boyfriend to have to get through all that rig ma roll but so happy he did and that her became buds with your father.
Sounds like quite an interesting life you are leading and you have quite a writing flare there! Hope to be hearing more from you soon.


I'm pretty busy with school and work (I'm off to college in six moths) so I'm not sure how frequently I'll be able to post. But, I couldn't pass up the chance to Roast my Dad. He deserves everything he gets. :-)


You two are such a gas! What are you taking in college?
Wishing you all the best!




It’s Kaleb I feel sorry for! Poor fucker at home learning the Caro Kahn defense so he can get the ride. 😂😂

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HA. :-) Actually, Kaleb thought it was pretty clever. He said if he had a daughter, he'd be even worse. He and Dad have become Bros and pump up each others testosterone levels. What am I going to do? I have to put up with it.


Welcome to Steemit @savagekathryn.

Hey @dandays😊 I see you're one of the judges on this one. @quillfire is a buddy of mine here, and I'm glad to see his daughter joining in on the fun too😊

So, let me get this straight, are you saying I’m not the only who would’ve guessed she’s quilly’s daughter without her telling us? 😉

Right?! You obviously see the similarities as well 😊


She inherited my charm. You can sense it a mile away.


Only because he’s so intellectual and brings his A game to every conversation, every.single.time. is why I add an “Ly” to his name. That way, before we converse, I’m set at ease just a little bit and don’t have to immediately wrench on my thinking cap. 😉

But actually, he does force us to think. That's why we converse. No?

Pleasure to be met, fionasfavouritesly. 😉

This is flat out epic!! “Dude can’t play chess....he is out!!” LOL as I read through this I was grinning the whole time as I am a Dad myself but my daughter is only 9. I will have a few tests myself for these youngsters who find interest in my daughter. I’m conjuring up ideas right now!!

Hey @splatz - Give this Steemian a good ol fashioned Splattin’ would ya?

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You got it! I just gotta do what I am good at...Splattin’ Foos


I was very nervous about introducing Kaleb to my Dad for the first time. My Dad is an ex-French Foreign Legionnaire and has no problem making sure the "young bucks" know where they stand in the pecking order. Luckily, things went smoothly and within 20 minutes the two of them had joined forces to start teasing me. I guess in guy-world, that's a good thing. :-)


I know when it came time to meet a girls that I was dating parents... I was always a bit nervous...The worst is if they start messing with you and get you to fumble over your words and question everything you say. I hate when they would do that. lol.

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What a fabulous tribute to your father! This is well-thought, well-executed, and immensely entertaining! Bravo!

...and... WELCOME to the Steem blockchain! 😃 I hope you will be a regular fixture here!


Thank you for such a kind compliment.

I hope you noticed some of the Roasting too (not just the tribute). He deserves it. Luckily, he has a great senses of humor and doesn't mind it in the least. Besides, he'll pay everyone back. :-)


Welcome @kathrynsavage! Will pop back once I am properly awake and properly read your post!

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Thank you, Fiona. Dad's always cursing about Fiona and her damned delicious-looking food posts. :-) He also says you are an excellent writer.


You may find it amusing that we also have a @katysavage on Steem who is an amazing woman and photographer. You might like to make her acquaintance.

I hope your time here is lengthy and enjoyable!

(Edit. I may have to take that back. I looks like Katy hasn't been active for awhile, but her husband @josephsavage is extremely active and supportive.)


Thank you for the welcome.

I mentioned your comment to Dad. He knows @josephsavage and his wife @katysavage. He sent them a poem he wrote about our "Savage" ancestors:

You may have to magnify it as the text is pretty small.


I recall that, though I think I may have forgotten to respond at the time. In our case, Katy was the Savage and I took her name when we got married, so it's actually her ancestors (potentially- we don't have any family history up that line.)

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Hey mate.

The Prizes for my QuillFire Roast or Toast Contest are SBI's. I've never bought SBI's before and the "Instinct for IT" was not evenly distributed throughout our bloodline. So ... stand by for stupid questions. Prepare with VERY SIMPLE, STEP BY STEP Instructions. Don't be afraid to provide pictures lest you insult my intelligence. :-)


No problem. We just published new memo transaction guidelines (that include what to do, what not to do, and some screenshots).

Feel free to reach out if you still need help.

That's just so cool!
I have no known "Savage" ancestors though I have a friend whose maiden name was Savage.

Well, welcome and have fun around while making the world a better place by the power of thy qui... I mean... keyboard? Touchscreen?



LOL. Thank you for the welcome. For me, it's all keyboards.


Welcome to Steemit @savagekathryn. You are one hell of an intellectual writer as well. Just like your father. I wish you the best in your Steemit journey! There are a lot of things you can do here. :)


Thank you for your kind words. Dad talks about you and @jaynie all the time. He's very impressed - and he's not generally easy to impress. At the moment, I'm not sure how I could work Steemit into my schedule as I'm pretty busy with school and work (college is six months). But, we'll see. Steemit is so much more engaging than other social media platforms.


⚘Welcome to the Steem Family🤗🤝 best regards to your cool dad!

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I'm glad to be here and thanks for the warm welcome. I'll say Hi to Dad for you.


I'm following youu good luck!🍀😉☄☄☄

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Is it really you? I had a conversation with The Quillman not long ago about online profiles and my willingness to believe ANYTHING I'm presented with... But... Hmm... Man! This is too kind. I'm looking forward to some dirt, and a less orchestrated shot than the pool side presentation / toast to self.
Yes the man does talks about himself a lot, but he is hiding behind his self projection into historical characters.
Yes Shakespeare has a sonnet named after him, but was it self assigned? Maybe. I'm sure daddio will have an answer for me post haste.
Actually, you may know, Katie, if that is really who you are?? I have attempted a savage sonnet, not easy at all.

I haven't managed to give the roast the response it is worthy of, my apologies for my tardiness. I will, but probably after the post expires 😂

Welcome welcome welcome.
I know this is a post to compliment the roast toast post. I look forward to an intro post that is Katie focused and specifically about you. The old man has had enough focus for the moment, I'm concerned for his potential for hydrocephalus. As I write that I know it is politically incorrect, but he keeps pushing me to write with my warped sense of humour. I have explained, the world is not ready. In fact my husband has strategies in place to deal with my impulsive, spontaneous, unexpected statements. It could unravel his work, with significant social repercussions.

When you do your intro post ABOUT KATIE use the introduceyourself tag as well, it will attract into bots and people welcomes at about equal measure.

And the bird thing, this will not make sense to anyone else. I did have turkey at Christmas, it doesn't bother me in that way. I cook bird just don't interact with live ones, or dead ones that still resemble the live ones. 🐣😂


HAHAHA. :-) Thank you for the welcome.

My Dad said the two people who would Roast him without mercy would be @blockurator and @girlbeforemirror. He deserves it. :-)

I'm not sure how much time I'll be able to spend posting as I'm pretty busy with school and work. I'm off to college in six months. But I couldn't pass up the chance to Roast Dad, especially since it was my idea in the first place.

The Savagerean Sonnet is difficult and to be honest I've never written one. I'm still on ballads and even on most of those, Dad still helps out a lot.

"As I write that I know it is politically incorrect, but he keeps pushing me to write with my warped sense of humour." That's probably why Dad speaks so highly of you. He says you are one of the most formidable people he's ever met and that you are an excellent writer. He admires people who have the courage to say what they think even if he disagrees with them.

If he keeps making fun of you about birds, remind him about his fear of snakes. When a snake climbs up onto our balcony, he makes me go get rid of it with a broom. Not exactly Napoleon. :-)



Katie, I am so sorry that your introduction to Steemit has been marred in this way. What a baptism of fire.

I am apalled at the spat that MarkyMark ( I am deliberately not tagging any of the culprits) has started and at the profanity (to use Quill's word). "Bernie Sanders" stopped by one of my posts via instagram yesterday and this is what transpired:

I think I should go back and flag those comments.

I am by no means a prude and can, at times have a foul mouth, but I pick my moments and if on a public platform, I pick my targets carefully. Profanity has no place in what should be an adult argument. They are behaving worse than school boy bullies who must take their fights behind the bicycle sheds.

Not wanting profanity is not about censorship. It's about manners and common decency, not to mention respect for one's fellow human being.

I am not going to weigh in on the governance issues - I am on the same page as @quillfire and a few others. I have also had my say on bullies and their behaviour, in comments on various posts, and which is unnecessary, and a whole lot more hurtful than they like to think. Or perhaps it's what they want and they get some sort of masochistic pleasure out of being just nasty.

Anyhow, again, I am sorry Katie, and I hope that this does not deter you from a potentially fun time on Steemit.



Thanks Fiona.

I could not believe my eyes as I read through this stupidity. These are Whales and Witnesses ... the guys running the show. To be honest, I'm not sure who started what and what this latest war is about. But this kind of childish behavior is what I've been writing about.

We need Rules of Conduct and mechanisms for their enforcement.

We bust our asses trying to elevate Steemit in the eyes of the world .... but this is what people are exposed to when they arrive to see what we're talking about. And yet their Voices mean a million times more than yours and mine combined ... just because they have a fistful of pesos.

Spare me.


I know, @quillfire. It is exactly this kind of conduct and comments (not bot spam) I have seen that have added to my wanting to write about bullying. It's a work in progress. It might now become 2 posts. I weighed in on this in the PHC Discord channel with @nickyhavey and @wales. Will leave it at that for the moment. Oh, and one of the individuals concerned has lost my witness vote.

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The blockchain DOES NOT belong to them. It belongs to us. The code's only value is its ability to connect one human being with another. It will require a fight to make Steemit what it ought to be, but all things in life worth having require that you fight for them.

Nothing is free.

BTW, good for you for having the guts to stand up and speak your mind. A Culture of Cowardice has overtaken Steemit and that is enabling these shenanigans. Thankfully, courage is contagious.



Again, I agree. Let's see how courageous I end up being. Having been bullied - that's part of the post(s), and as I said in the off-steemit discussion, I shun confrontation. I have grown into som big-girl panties through my last major contract in my old day job.

That said, I have a looong history of advocating for the underdog and apparent lost causes. Because, of course, I don't believe they are.

Being a glass half full (of wine) versus a glass half empty girl.

PS - you need to go and check you my broomstick. Your apology to Princess Pearli was graciously accetped.

On that score, good evening. Time to do supper. ;)


Courage is not the absence of fear, it is one's manner of comportment in spite of it.


welcome to the madness. :)


Thank you, Rebecca. :-)

My Dad and I have an argument: Is it "Rebecca Be" of "Rebecca Cabe?"



I say it's "Rebecca Be." :-)


Not me.. if you google you will find lots of Rebecca Be
on twitter it was taken so I had to use an underscore before the name.

Welcome welcome welcome! You have come to the right place and with the right people!

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Thank you so much for the warm welcome.


Summed up pretty well “Nobody, is like The Quill” always remember the apple never falls far from the tree.....

Proud you are, proud you should be, enjoy teasing Dad a good toasting is fair game, it goes both ways, have fun and welcome @savagekathryn


Hi Joan.

"Nobody, Is Like The Quill." My Dad is truly "one of a kind." There's is no one even kind of like him. He brags about me endlessly (sorry about that), but I could easily do the same. The Napoleon, Shakespeare, Aristotle thing - you'd be surprised how accurate it actually is. And the way he writes - I often have a hard time imagining how anyone could come up with what he does. And he does it fast - from no idea to the finished product in hours.


Lovely to know a family enjoy the creative art of writing, it flows in the veins @savagekathryn look forward to your content, have fun writing, studying and life.

I actually can't tell if this is really Quill's daughter or Quill himself as the writing style is EXACTLY the same. So, let me cover all bases here:

If you're Kathryn (Quill's daughter) then welcome to the steem parade. I apologise for any offence that may have been caused by the insinuation of "you sound like your dad". To be taken as a compliment as I enjoy reading well written content and it really is some of the best I've read so you are up there already! Oh and say hello to all the bots because they aren't going anywhere but we will continue to rise against the machines, Terminator style.

If you're Quill then bravo on what is a great effort to double up on Quill related content. Quillsquared, although would send shockwaves in the blockchain to those in control of the bid bots of doom, would provide double the hilarity when it comes to rinsing those that rinse the system with their daily microgram dose of self-destructive steem poison.

Now this confused musician will go back to doing what he does best - push a few buttons on a computer and make a few "blippity bleeps" :)

Catch you around

BTW, nice troast (claiming that word marriage. Definition - a roast in good spirit that ends with a toast)

Nicky Havey
PhD, Drum & Bass Music Producer, DJ, @emalliance Co-Founder, Music Lover, Traveller, Blogger, Eccentric Fool (more so the last one :) )


So you are the famous Nicky Havey. Dad thinks you have an incredible gift for satire and he considers satire and poetry the highest forms of writing.

I actually can't tell if this is really Quill's daughter or Quill himself as the writing style is EXACTLY the same.

I didn't know how to use the Steemit editor, which is unbelievably backward btw, so I had to go to him to get the post out. In the process, a "few edits" got made. I am, after all, The Quill Daughter, so everything had to be perfect.

Dad often preaches that Great Writers must have a Voice. But, before developing their Voice, they must first learn how to write beautifully. To do that, they must study the Masters. And so, he studies Shakespeare and I study him. My Voice is different than his but there are a lot of similarities. It wasn't my teachers who taught me how to read and write.

The thing I struggle with most is humor and so I ask him for advice all the time. Humor is hard. Too much, or too little, ruins things.

I see you have a PhD. I think you should make Dad start calling you "Doctor." You earned it and so has he.



Hey There Katie,

Welcome to the SteemVerse
I feel like I already know you through your Dad's amazing words... that most times include you
I can see why... you are a wordmiester just like him which he has also mentioned ...

Poor Kaleb... or maybe not :D

Well, it is good to see you here <33


Thank you for the welcome and generous compliment.

I feel the same way. I've heard so much about my Dad's Steemit friends that it feels like I already know them.

And don't worry about Kaleb. The two of them are now Bros and they team up to pick on me. Smart men ... are still men. :-)


@quillfire, I love your daughter even more! She is definitely a rare gem to behold!

@savagekathryn, am I ever happy you joined Steemit ^_^.

I am sure that the two of you put together will make a fierce team on this blockchain.
I rub my hands together, thinking about what kind of storm is to come of this and wondering what I could learn from you both at the same time.


Welcome to Steemit and also to the power house creatives group! Looking forward to seeing more ;)


Someday I hope to do posts about my research on curing Alzheimer's Disease. I've been working at it for eight years since my Grandmother was diagnosed. At the moment, I'm pretty busy with school and work - college is in 6 months.

I actually love collaborating with my Dad, so who knows? Maybe I could help keep him out of trouble. :-)


If I were seeing you in person, I would be bowing down to you for all your work and dedication, in all gratitude.

I'm just coming off some wacky sickly, painful days. I am wondering if that just made sense lol.

Hey, @savagekathryn!

Thank you for your contribution to the crowd. We are the Steem community project dedicated to empowering The Wisdom of Crowds. You can find more about us on our official website or whitepaper and you can support us by voting for our witness and joining our curation trail on Steemauto . We are also inviting you to join Crowdmind Discord server.

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Thank you so much for your support. I will check out your blog.


Welcome onboard. Like Father...Like Daughter. 👌 A fantastic and gala entry to the awesome platform which people call Steem. Hope you enjoy the stay...


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"Like Father....Like Daughter." I've heard nothing but for 18 years. :-) I hope it's a compliment.


I have very high respect for Quill....he is terrific. So it is a compliment 👍 sorry if I sounded wrongly

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Hye there @savagekathryn! Just dropping by to say a sweet and simple Welcome!

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Thank you for the warm welcome. Everyone is so friendly and inviting. I can see why my Dad loves Steemit so much.


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@savagekathryn One could say you are your father's daughter 😊 This is a great 'roast' He has taught you well. I bet you've shown him a thing or two.

I know you probably hear this all of the time, it's nice to hear it. Your dad thinks the world of you. You truly are his pride and joy. I probably know him the least out of anyone in PHC. I look forward to many more musings of ChillQuill 😁

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