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xenial killer

[zee-nee-uhl kil-er]


1: a friendly person that secretly commits a series of murders that typically follow a predictable behavior pattern.
2: basically, every successful serial killer.
3: a rare breed, the origins of which are narrated with magnificent detail here and here.

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Thanks! It seems I've amassed quite a few POCKETS haha

I'd be okay with my neighbor being Dexter. Only because he'd have no reason to put me on his list, haha!!

Strangely, I'm fine with it as well! At least he's clean and he keeps to himself. A complete opposite of the current neighbors we have haha!

I had to look up xenial as I'm only very vaguely familiar with the biological/botanical definition, and even though it was used as the name for one of the Ubuntu versions I never bothered looking it up because Ubuntu has an amusing naming system anyway XD

Now I know.

Also, in addition to Dexter, this definition seems to fit some other character I'm also vaguely familiar with, can't quite put my finger on it. Some gentleman or other, which would make sense as apparently they never tell.

The Ubuntu update was what introduced me to the word haha! I've since moved on to the Bionic Beaver, but I will always remember my tine with the previous version fondly.

Shhh! Hush now! The identity of said person is concealed in plain sight but we don't want to wake a sleeping lion!

Ubuntu updates are good for something other than...updating XD

I'm not convinced that lion is actually asleep. I've been ninja'd by a "sleeping" cat before XD

You may be onto something there, alma MATEr. I have long suspected that the feline kind really never sleep.

A gentleman perhaps!!

I'm waiting for part two of the origin story to come out before I change the third definition! But yeah, a gentleman I know of is indeed one! Who could it be??

So if I kill a wolf, a cat and a panther, I'm a Xenial killer because I follow a series of killing of same animalia familia.

Wow hahahaha wow genius.

Well, if you feed them first, welcome them into your home and care for them before you take their life, then yes. Yes, you are.

They will be the one having me for breakfast if I bring them into my home and I still want to have children and get married hahahaha

Then I guess a Xenial Killer you are not haha! A Xenial Prey perhaps?

Eh, I don't know. I'm one of those random serial killers who isn't actually a friendly person when I'm not committing my crimes. I'm not a nice person, that would simply be boring. And if I had doughnuts I would not be sharing them. And I've been fairly successful in my killing streak, because for some strange reason when one admits to and even boasts of killing, others tend to assume it's some form of joke and fail to suspect a thing. It works out quite well for me.

Although I do agree, Uncle Boom is such a kind fellow, always looking out for the betterment of those low-class peons. See here, here and here.

It really is quite easy to hide in plain sight. I don't know why television shows and movies always make it seem like it's easy to catch killers. The logic simply eludes me. As for your attitude outside of killing, I guess that's just your MO. Not everybody has to fit a mold.

As you can see in the comments section of all the links you mentioned, I'm a card carrying member of the Gentleman's Club from the very beginning. Some might say I know Uncle Boom better than his father knows him.

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