Free Verse: The Power of Words

in poetry •  last year

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Just as a key matches a lock,
so too the right word reveals your truth.
After this word sounds, there are no doubts.

As a boat slides over the water’s expanse,
as a river flows, embraced by a bank,
as a moonlit path trembles on a clear night,
so freely the spirit breathes in truthful lines.

As fallen leaves die to feed the earth,
as seeds sprout to become bread,
as vines stretch to the sun to bring a feast,
so gently a sequence of insights
changes a human being,
intangible, like a bird's line of flight.


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Thank you so much for selecting my poem! I really appreciate it.

I love all the comparisons in this poem, and the repetition of the word "as." It culminates so beautifully in these lines:

so gently a sequence of insights
changes a human being,
intangible, like a bird's line of flight.

It's lovely.

This is a fun piece, @vitkolesnik, the way you use imagery to craft your 'just as, so to' arguments makes the piece really stand out almost as a picture for the reader.

while your middle stanza harbors some of the best imagery - especially the boat gliding over the light shining off the water - it's that last line that holds so much power.

intangible, like a bird's line of flight.

the comma to set the pace for one of the best metaphors I've come across in a while - so good, my friend.

Thank you for sharing this piece, Vitaly, it feel like there is genuine truth and identity here.


Thank you for the appreciation and also for the help with crafting the words! :)