How To Keep Writing Interesting Posts For Long Time: Use Freewriting

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One of the biggest challenges on a blogging platform like Steemit is to keep consistently writing quality posts. The good news is that it’s possible, especially if we take writing not as a shortcut to making money or getting famous but as a way to keep in touch with our loved lifetime partner — our own soul.

Freewriting practice is liberating: you can start anywhere and you are not bound by any rules, you are free from self-censoring or secretly seeking others’ approval. By using a few simple tricks, we block our conscious ego from making judgements for a while, giving space to free expression and opening the flow of treasures hidden in our inner world.

Critical thinking is a very useful and necessary aspect of writing, but not all the time, especially not in the beginning of writing an informal, engaging text like a blog post.

What we really need to create interesting texts is to be interesting persons in the first place. And being an interesting person requires one single thing: being authentic — not rich, not glorious, not fortunate but authentic. Paradoxically, we need to be ourselves to be interesting to the others around us. This is what is our fortune, glory and abundance. Then we are free to build value others are willing to pay for and respect.

What is freewriting?

Freewriting is a writing technique helping to enter creative flow and get access to ideas and knowledge which are otherwise hidden behind the walls of self criticism deep inside our souls. Indeed, freewriting is a first basic step to improve writing.

The essence of freewriting is a commitment to write without any stops for a defined period of time. The goal is to get rid of self censoring and release the natural flow of words revealing our inner reality. it’s especially useful to those who suffer from a habit of constant self evaluating (which is often a consequence of unconsciously seeking others’ approval).

Freewriting is for me much more that just a helpful writer’s tool. It helps me keeping in touch with my inner reality. When I don’t care about being correct or well-perceived, I sometimes get to a deep, hidden spring. My words are flowing freely, and while I am just looking at them without any judgment, small sparkles of golden sand start suddenly appearing.


The instruction, simple as 1-2-3

  1. Set alarm for a short period of time (5 minutes is fine to start with). You can choose a topic or do without one.
  2. Write anything that comes to mind without any breaks until the alarm rings.
  3. After a good break reread the text and mark interesting fragments.

Important points

  • Write fast, without stopping, rereading or editing, for the time set.
  • Don’t focus on possible typos, on grammar, logic, or style. Your main job is to continue writing.
  • Use full sentences.
  • Write in full detail — describe textures, sounds, smells, but if you’ll be choosing between speed and detail level, choose speed.

Tips and tricks

  • Don’t try to make a practical use of resulting texts right in the beginning of the freewriting practice. At this point the most important skill is to get rid of self censoring.
  • If you can’t find the right word, don’t stop for it — write a word that first comes to mind even if it isn’t exact — you could easily replace it with the correct one later if needed.
  • If you can’t start writing, begin with describing any nearby object, for example your own hands.
  • If you can’t think of anything to keep writing, write about it.
  • If you are getting bored or feeling discomfort, ask yourself, what is the source of it and write about it.
  • If your thoughts are getting wild, it;s a good sign. Don’t stop, just continue writing.
  • When reviewing the resulting text, ask yourself how you could use some ideas from it to solve your current tasks.

Freewriting has been popularized by Peter Elbow through his bestsellers Writing Without Teachers and Writing With Power in 1970s and by Julia Cameron through her inspiring book The Artist's Way in 1990s.

Interested to see how actual (well, slightly edited) freewriting looks? Here’s an example from my blog: Freewriting in a non-native language.


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Those are great tips! Sometimes, its hard to keep writing everyday when there's also "life" gets in the way.


Thank you!

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Great article, great tips, you got me very inspired @vitkolesnik! I think I will try this out tomorrow already, keep up the good work brother :)


Thank you, good luck with freewriting and keep in touch!

your text makes me freewrite, i put my alarm on 3 minutes.
My thoughts when i read a good text like this, i am sorry i can not upvote this, my vote has no worth for how many hours, another 60 i think, but what you write is so true i discovered yesterday by a contest, that what i daily do has got a name, freewriting. But you feel so much better when you do. On the beginning of a day i write what i want to do that day and why and how i do what i want to do. On the end of the day i write what i have done, why i did it and how i done it. Most of the times in the morning my day looks longer than it really is, but this keeps me focus more. Ding...... and there was so much more ... !


Thanks for sharing!

I actually did it! Words just came to my mind and I wrote them.


Glad it works for you!

Great writeup! I am going to share it with our group of freewriters tomorrow. Maybe you like to join us. Here is today's prompt:


Thank you!

Maybe I'll try it one of these days:)


If you're into writing, I think it's a must try.

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I recently found a woman doing a daily free write challenge.
I joined the challenge yesterday for the reasons that you state in your piece. It's been over a decade since I have written and I know how helpful free writing can be.

Check her challenge out @mariannewest #freewritechallenge!


Thanks for the link!




Thank you!! :)


You’re welcome

This is a very valuable resource. Thank you for the great tips.



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Sounds great

I’d love to try this. Is it okay if I’ll tag you if I already made my first free writing blog? ☺️


I used to practice this a lot years ago. I've decided to get back into it again, and am rediscovering how much fun it is!

great points

Love all the points you have shared and clear to digest for the minnow who still new in writing esp in steemit. Thank you! ;)

Hello I was fascinated by the entry but just today I'm starting in steemit, I had previous experience on my personal blog and if it's a job of writing without thinking that others will judge, I do not know much as a headline, but sometimes I'm freer writing than in other opportunities and interesting things come out, thank you very much for this article a greeting !