Write Better: Join the Impact Feedback Group! Updated Rules

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You're invited to join the Impact Feedback writing group helping Steemians become better writers.

Writing is central to a content platform like Steemit. Most value here is produced with text content. The more users who join the platform, the higher the stakes in creating quality content worth the reward.

Impact feedback is a special kind of feedback showing the author how the text was perceived and experienced by readers. It's given in a criticism-free, advice-free manner. Unlike ‘classical’ feedback offering evaluation or opinions on what to improve, impact feedback just shows the "movies" happening inside the reader's mind and lets the receiver decide what to do.

The goal of the Impact Feedback teacherless writing group is to help its members produce better text and to better evaluate their own work. The members share their perceptions of a text, i.e., the feelings and thoughts they experience when reading the text, helping the author know how the work is coming across.

This work is done by members for members. The group’s facilitator also provides feedback on the quality of members feedback.

Group Rules

  • Be polite and treat group members with full attention, respect, and empathy.
  • Share with the group one text per week (any genre, 200 to 2000 words long).
  • Give feedback on texts of other group members.
  • English language posts only.
  • New members are to be approved by the group facilitator.

How It Works

  1. Apply for membership on the Isle of Write’s Impact Feedback Channel.
  2. You will receive access to the group’s closed website where you will share your work and get feedback from the rest of the group.
  3. Have fun!

The participation is free of charge.

Currently a new group is being recruited. You can apply or ask questions on the Isle of Write’s Impact Feedback Channel; or, if you’re shy or aren’t acquainted with how Discord works, apply directly on the Impact Feedback website. A group can include 7 members only, so don’t miss the opportunity!


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The Isle is incredibly lucky to have your participation, Vit! Thank you for the time you take on this and also to help us so often!


Thank you for this wonderful project in the first place! :)

This is such an important project you are undertaking. The way people give and receive feedback on writing can be all the difference between a writer becoming discouraged and a writer becoming encouraged to improve.

Thank you for dedicating your time to this worthy cause!

Resteeming from my own blog and @isleofwrite!

It sounds good. I am joining to group now :)


Join The Isle of Write on Discord and come to chat a bit ;) Tag me if I am not there.