Prose Poem: Time for Peace

in poetry •  3 months ago


The forests glow in a milky sunshine, treetops finely silvered with frost. The faraway mountains float, groundless, on a white, bulky pillow of fog.

Hidden are the unspoken secrets of the soul, hidden in gloomy firs, all that’s forgotten and lost on my forest path.

The frozen world says: now it’s the time for peace. All things should stay still. Let the renewed force grow in the roots of the earth, in the depths of the mountains, under the sparkling ice of the ponds.

It’s a day of magic born from nowhere, a healing power flowing from the ancient wizardry of words, a childhood memory of the mysterious physical presence of a miracle.

Everything done is done, and everything said is said. The only thing left is joy.

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A hunter for treasure has sailed from our shores
on a fanciful frigate of might
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nature 'neath cover of night.
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As you traverse the ocean you'll see our tall palms;
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@treasurehunter” you'll type to inform us you're here
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Then as soon as we can, we will ping you to answer
your questions both mammoth and trite,
and a verification of willingness we will
procure with a flourishing rite
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(Be assured that, as author, you will be retaining
your full and complete copyright.)

Follow this treasure map to sail to the shores of the Isle of Write!


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wow, I can't believe my ears! :)

Amazing how full of light this is, Vit.... Especially considering your use of words like ‘bulky’ and ‘gloomy’. Glad to have stumbled on this today :-)


Thank you, I really appreciate this.

What I've learned is that there should be a bit of darkness in a light text, otherwise its light seems unnatural :)

This is so beautiful and evocative of my memories of the Rockies when I lived there. You captured a moment perfectly on the page. Thank you for putting more beauty into the world!


Thank you Jess. It's always amazing to see how what we experience is both unique and similar to other's experiences.