Friday Poets's Exchange, Week 4, Contest and Community Building

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Friday Poets' Poetry Exchange

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Welcome to the fourth week of Friday Poet's and the start of another poetry weekend on steemit. Let's grow our community. Re-esteem and upvote this post and visit the other poems and upvote the comments here, so I can pick a winner. I don't pick winners; I would just pick you all.

Tomorrow is Haiku Saturday and come Sunday, we'll have the Dead Poem's Society rewind. Keep you eyes peeled and enter:)

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The rules of participation

  • Up vote this post and re-esteem it. I will be checking. By reesteeming we grow the audience and support each other. You know make Friday Poets a thing. To be eligible for price payout, this has to happen.
  • Visit at least three other Friday poets and comment and up vote their COMMENT here. You can also upvote their post if you got the upvote power but it is not necessary.
  • Drop your link below to a poem you wrote today … that’s Friday wherever you are. I know some of you are taking part in the 100 days of poetry with @d-pend and the steemitschool. These poems are more than welcome, as are any other poem challenge/contest entry. The only stipulation is that you wrote it today … FRIDAY. So go ahead and double up.
    Make one of your tags #fridaypoets and place @prydefoltz in the title
  • I will upvote and comment, to the best of my ability, on everyone who takes part having followed the rules and reesteem the one’s that tickle my fancy. I should be able to get to everyone within the week. So that will be two upvotes one for your comment and one for your post. I will do my best to make sure the upvote is over the burn-off level.
    (A comment/blog that is upvoted but the total value of upvotes is less than 3 cents, receives no payout. The amount is burned off.)
  • The liquid payout from this post (SBD) will go to the winners(those who receive the most upvotes in the comment section) and/or depending on payout received to those that participated the most.
  • I will take part in the contest by writing a poem but I will NOT share in the SBD payout.
  • Have fun and maybe crack a smile.

Upvote and Re-esteem, tell your friends. The more people that get involved, the more I can reward the participants and the winners. I really want to see the poetry community, enmasse, enriched on steemit, but we really do need to support each other.

Last week's Payouts

The post receive a 0.505 SBD payout. There were four participants and I split the reward in four. The following accounts each received 0.125 SBD



Hello everyone. Here I bring you my poem from today: "Veils of the iris", I hope you like it. A hug!

thank you for this great poetry dear. I appreciate that you took the efforts to rewrite it in English and made it come out so beautiful too

awesome stuff
"But, we are transforming ourselves into naked roses
of dreams, because we break our thorns
evading wounds."
other strange deeper connections, my last name is De La Rosa
and a line I love to use is dreams paint me with reality, I paint reality with my dreams
so a lot of this poem resonates with me =D

Thanks for the reading and the nice comment, @satorid. It's a pleasure to meet you on this path of poetry.

yes indeed nice to meet you as well

The branches become wings to look for the flight,
but as with fears,
we snuggle and petrify on the ground

Some great work with metaphor, Zeleira:)

voted, resteemed and included the tags.
My entry
The mood ♥ Day 87 of the SSPC by Daniel and @prydefoltz Friday Poets's Exchange
I will visit and upvote once the other entries are posted, for sure

Nice am glad Am not the only one, In The Mood ;D

Wonderful work, Sayee:) I really enjoyed it:)

"Mood" is a charming poem that reveals, among other things, a great truth: without women, human life would not be life. Mood changes define our human and feminine essence, we never show the same, we are emotional. The voice defines itself as strong character, changing mood and decision to face life. Good work, poet!

Always great and interesting,

"the muses refused the sculptor's call
moulding hands lost the touch
now they can only maim and destroy"

I was writing a email a few days ago
to a dear friend, and was telling her
how I was in a mood,
and was talking about creative hangover,
or waiting around for the muse to return,
which feels much like

"give over to unseen forces
wait for them to deliver"

Thank you, Daniel:)

powerful poetry. I am learning what real poetry is all about by reading yours each day

Poetry is many things; I am honoured by your words, Sayee:)

welcome dear

"Galatea is not reformed" is an interesting allegorical poem that uses as a reference the story that Ovid tells in the definitive book of his Metamorphoses, according to which Galatea was a statue created by Pygmalion who, from admiring his work, fell in love with she . In the poem, this is not addressed directly, however I feel an allusion as to the non-transformation of Galatea to benefit the artist. The poem also speaks of the loss of a compass, of an erratic journey through cosmic worlds and of growth in another order. The whole poem constitutes a journey with suggestive and powerful images. Excellent work, Pryde!

Thank you, zeleira:)

Excellent, @prydefoltz ♥ Another great idea. Here's my poem:

"Golden Trumpets"

All the best for you all ☻

Thanks for joining in on the Friday fun with this great write:)

Beautiful poem that combines the majesty and wisdom of nature. The voice describes perfection made flower, with this "golden trumpet", speaks of its qualities and symbology. But, it also establishes a cross between night and day, hearing and sight, life and death, death and resurrection. Excellent work, friend @marlyncabrera.

Here is my contribution to #fridaypoets.

"Because there are moments in history,
When things become fluid,
When patterns change,
And in these moments,
The actions of even a single person,
can make a huge difference."

Death of The Narrative.png

Wow ... The rhythm of your poem leaves me breathless. The voice has a crushing tone with crude truths that, normally, humanity evades. I love this type of poetry of strong character, it fulfills its objective: to shake us. Great job, @satorid.

We Have Weaponize Fiction,
But How Do We Monetize Truth?

Fantastic. That is the thing truth cannot be bought; it just is:) Loved this philosophical write:)

Truth is always simple and too obvious that most don't believe it ;D

Beautiful Christian poetry. The voice speaks of the deviation of humanity, leaving the path of the Lord. I like that repetition in three:

How depraved, how depraved,
how depraved

We laughed and laughed and laughed.

I assume it reveals the three blows, the mockery of the evil one, the three Divine Persons, perhaps.
Good work, poet!

Thank you so much @zeleiracordero. I love to use repetitions as an intensifier. 😊

A wonderful faith-based write, Nairda:) You can really feel your passion:0

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