Come and See, Testify His Love

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She said, "No one, Lord." And Jesus said, "Neither do I condemn you; go, and from now on sin no more."
John 8:11 ESV

Oh brethren can't you see
Can't you see in the light
Which God himself has laid
So we'll stand on His sight

We march on and on
Race of sophistication we ran
But we never turn our heads
To where it all began

In the brink of our despair
When someone bleeds and dies
We turn the blame game on
And the Lord we despise

Some have claimed their truth
Which marvels at their own framework
When stabbed with the question of essential worth
Their theories die and rot

God has given His Son Christ Jesus
With His life took the sins of the world
His resurrection is the only hope
That all of us could ever hold

But oh we are slipping away
Away from the way which God has laid
And lived the desires of our wicked heart
Settling in the comforts of our grave

How depraved, how depraved
how depraved we really are
We have claimed to be wise
Yet like fools, we proclaim our lies

We laugh and laugh and laugh
And never weep at what we've done
We itch our ears on sound doctrine
Yet listen to the crooked one

We forget that God is holy
And darkness can't overcome His sight
We cover our ears on His conviction
And don't seek His word's might

Seek the Lord through His word
Pray that He'll bless you with understanding
Take hold of all His promises
For He remains faithful and forgiving

Oh beloved! Come and see
And testify how loving God is
Leave that grievous sin of yours
And believe in Christ as he is

@originalworks by realnairda. Please do join the #fridaypoets challenge of @prydefoltz- a weekly poetry exchange. Have fun poets!

Read Scriptures
Soli Deo Gloria


Beautiful poem. Keep the good work up. I enjoyed reading the poem.

Thank you so much for dropping by @paramimd. God bless😊

A moving and inspirational write. Beautifully penned.

Thanks for the appreciation @momzillanc. Love lots and God bless! 😊

Beautiful Christian poetry. The voice speaks of the deviation of humanity, leaving the path of the Lord. I like that repetition in three:

How depraved, how depraved,
how depraved

We laughed and laughed and laughed.

I assume it reveals the three blows, the mockery of the evil one, the three Divine Persons, perhaps.
Good work, poet!

Thank you so much @zeleiracordero. I love to use repetitions as an intensifier. Thanks for dropping by and God bless you. 😊

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