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Lollipop Heart Cover MariaCherries Steemit2.jpg

Since Valentines Day is coming up soon I decided it would be appropriate to post a photoshoot featuring heart-shaped lollipop's 💗.

This photoshoot was completely improvised, it's just something we did for fun, I actually did it on the same day I did the Striped Sunset Photoshoot, you will notice the same 4 girls on that photoshoot, except for one that was added later to the Lollipop Heart photoshoot.

Also in case you don't know, I have only worked with non-professional models and I choose only the ones that have something that inspires me.

Originally I planned to do the photoshoot in colors, but one of my girls had the idea to do it all in BW and leave one element in color, I never did that technique before, so I learned how to do it in Photoshop and I liked the end result, I hope you like it too 😊.

The pictures where taken with a SONY camera DSLR-A390, in my studio in Sonora, Mexico.

Como ya viene el Día de San Valentín decidí que sería apropiado postear un photoshoot donde hay paletas de corazón 💗.

Está sesión fotográfica es completamente improvisada, es algo que hicimos por diversión, de hecho hice esta sesión el mismo día que hice la de Striped Sunset Photoshoot, notarás que están las mismas 4 chicas, excepto por una que fue agregada luego al tema de Lollipop Heart.

Además, en caso que no lo sepas, solo he trabajado con modelos no profesionales y sólo elijo a aquellas que tienen algo que me inspira.

Originalmente planee hacer esta sesión a color, pero una de las chicas tuvo la idea de hacerla en blanco y negro y dejar un elemento a color, yo nunca había usado esa técnica antes, así que aprendí a hacerla en Photoshop y me gustó el resultado final, espero que a ti también te guste 😊.

Las fotos fueron tomadas con una cámara SONY DSLR-A390, en mi estudio en Sonora, Mexico.

Lollipop Heart13 MariaCherries.jpg

Lollipop Heart18 MariaCherries.jpg

Lollipop Heart15 MariaCherries.jpg

Lollipop Heart12 MariaCherries.jpg

Lollipop Heart11 MariaCherries.jpg

Lollipop Heart14 MariaCherries.jpg

Lollipop Heart16 MariaCherries.jpg

Lollipop Heart17 MariaCherries.jpg

Lollipop Heart20 MariaCherries.jpg

Lollipop Heart21 MariaCherries.jpg

Lollipop Heart19 MariaCherries.jpg

Other Phothoshoots with my girls: / Otras sesiones con mis chicas:

Cover MariaCherries BlueWall.jpg
The Bluewall Part I

MariaCherries LasCatrinas Cover3.jpg
The Catrinas

cover MariCherries Skyblue Girl.jpg
Lost in the Sky Blue

_DSC5980 MariCherries PortraitPhoto.jpg
Portraits Part I

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

DSCF0745 MariaCherries selfportrait Steemit.jpg
This is me back in 2014 with my Fujifilm Finepix S4800
/ Esa soy yo en el 2014 con mi cámara Fujifilm Finepix S4800

If you want to know more about me please read my short INTRO POST

All photos taken and edited by Maria E. Rodríguez M., if you would like to use the pics for something let me know.


Sorry Maria, I have not been looking at my feed for a while and missed a lot lately. Have a 100% up-vote to make up for lost opportunities. One of these days I will need to look into that autovoter. Hopefully I get my health issue sorted out soon and can get back to spending more time on Steemit.

Belated Happy Valentines Day!!!

It's ok don't worry about it, you are really not obligated to vote for me every time I post, when I vote for you is because I like you, I believe you are a good person and you don't do shit post :).
Also, you are sick? what happened? I hope you are ok and happy Valentines Day to you too :)

You are now on my auto-voter. I like you too because you seem to be a decent person who would rather work hard to get ahead than to try to cheat anyone. I trust that you would never make a shit-post either.

I feel fine, but it seems I have cancer. I'm trying to shrink the tumor in order to avoid having it surgically cut out. The surgeon gave me 4 months to try to cure it on my own. If I fail then it will be chopped off. I really don't like the idea of losing bits of my body, so a cure is the ultimate goal.

Thanks for the Valentine wishes.

Oh dear I didn't know it was that serious 😱, but I know you will beat this, I know you are a fighter, the only good thing is that at least if the worst thing happens it can be removed, hopefully it won't come to that...
You definitely have my support, I'm sending you hugs and good vibes and I hope you have family and friends to support you as well.
You are gonna make it 🙏❤

Thank-you so much.
I do have people around me that have offered all kinds of support. I feel very blessed and honoured that so many have stepped forward and offered to drive me to from hospital, help find me recipes, send links to information, etc. It really warms my heart to know I have so many people around me who really do care.

I HAVE to make it because I have so much I still want to do in my life. My bucket list is still a mile long!

I'm glad 😊❤ and I just know you're gonna make it 😘

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You seem like a professional = ) The photos are amazing and I think the girls were satisfied with your work as well.. Am I right or not ? How much time did it take you for each photo if I may know ?

Thank you for contributing to the Steemit Community.Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to your next posts.

Thank you, it was a very fun photoshoot, I think it took less than 2 hours for the whole thing

Upvote ^_^

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