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Sorry Maria, I have not been looking at my feed for a while and missed a lot lately. Have a 100% up-vote to make up for lost opportunities. One of these days I will need to look into that autovoter. Hopefully I get my health issue sorted out soon and can get back to spending more time on Steemit.

Belated Happy Valentines Day!!!


It's ok don't worry about it, you are really not obligated to vote for me every time I post, when I vote for you is because I like you, I believe you are a good person and you don't do shit post :).
Also, you are sick? what happened? I hope you are ok and happy Valentines Day to you too :)

You are now on my auto-voter. I like you too because you seem to be a decent person who would rather work hard to get ahead than to try to cheat anyone. I trust that you would never make a shit-post either.

I feel fine, but it seems I have cancer. I'm trying to shrink the tumor in order to avoid having it surgically cut out. The surgeon gave me 4 months to try to cure it on my own. If I fail then it will be chopped off. I really don't like the idea of losing bits of my body, so a cure is the ultimate goal.

Thanks for the Valentine wishes.

Oh dear I didn't know it was that serious 😱, but I know you will beat this, I know you are a fighter, the only good thing is that at least if the worst thing happens it can be removed, hopefully it won't come to that...
You definitely have my support, I'm sending you hugs and good vibes and I hope you have family and friends to support you as well.
You are gonna make it 🙏❤

Thank-you so much.
I do have people around me that have offered all kinds of support. I feel very blessed and honoured that so many have stepped forward and offered to drive me to from hospital, help find me recipes, send links to information, etc. It really warms my heart to know I have so many people around me who really do care.

I HAVE to make it because I have so much I still want to do in my life. My bucket list is still a mile long!

I'm glad 😊❤ and I just know you're gonna make it 😘

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