🍒 Hallosteem Photography Contest Entry: The Catrinas ENG/SPA 🐈

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Hello my beloved Steemians! 😊

Today I share with you a photoshoot I did with my models in the Yañez Cementary located in my hometown of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, initially I had published the pictures in color on Facebook, but I decided to re-edit them to black and white and post them on Steemit, I believe they look better in BW, it's more dramatic.


I did the make up on the face of the girls and Itzel added some color around the eyes, although you cannot see it because the pics are now in BW, the black dresses and almost all the accesories where provided by me.


This photoshoot was inspired by The Catrina she is a popular mexican symbol of death, in her origins she was called the La Calavera Garbancera, José Guadalupe Posada was the creator and the muralist Diego Rivera was the one that gave her the name, I wanted to honor this symbol and also I was fascinated by the idea behind this character.


All the pictures where taken with my beautiful SONY DSLR-A390 camera and I decided to do this photoshoot in a cementary because I thought that it would be the perfect scenario for The Catrina, I did a little research and I found out that a cementary is not commonly used in photography, since I wanted to do somenthing different it was the ideal place for me, besides what better place for Catrina the skeleton than a cementary?.


All of the pictures are my entries for the Hallosteem Photo Contest and if you like them, please vote, share and comment, thank you very much! 😁

¡Hola mis queridos Steemians! :D

Hoy comparto con ustedes un photoshoot que hice con mis modelos en el Panteón Yañez ubicado en mi ciudad Hermosillo, Sonora, México, inicialmente yo había publicado estas fotos a color en Facebook, pero decidí reeditarlas a blanco y negro para publicarlas en Steemit, creo que me gustan más así que a color, les da un toqué más dramático.


Yo hice el maquillaje del rostro de todas las chicas e Itzel agregó color alrededor de los ojos, aunque eso no se aprecia con las fotos a blanco y negro, los vestidos negros y casi todos los accesorios fueron proporcionados por mí.


Este photoshoot está inspirado en La Catrina un símbolo mexicano popular de la muerte, en sus origenes fue llamada La Calavera Garbancera, José Guadalupe Posada es su creador y el muralista Diego Rivera fue quien le dió nombre, yo quería hacerle honor a este símbolo, además me fascinó la idea atras de este personaje.


Tomé las fotos con mi hermosa cámara SONY DSLR-A390 y decidí hacer el photoshoot en un panteón porque pensé que era el escenario perfecto para La Catrina, investigando un poco vi que un cementerio es un lugar poco usado para fotografía y como yo quería hacer algo diferente, era el lugar ideal para mí, además ¿qué mejor lugar para la calavera Catrina qué un cementerio?.


Todas las fotos son mis entradas para el concurso de Hallosteem-Photo y si a ustedes les gustan las fotos, por favor voten, compartan y comenten, ¡muchas gracias! 😁

_DSC0372 Las Catrinas by MariaCherries.jpg
This was the only picture taken at sundown / Está foto fue la única tomada en la puesta del sol

_DSC7776 Las Catrinas by MariaCherries.jpg

_DSC9452 Las Catrinas by MariaCherries.jpg

_DSC7876 Las Catrinas by MariaCherries.jpg

_DSC8140 Las Catrinas by MariaCherries.jpg

_DSC9692  Las Catrinas by MariaCherries.jpg

_DSC7821 Las Catrinas by MariaCherries.jpg

A special thanks to @nicolemoker, @krischy and @aaronli for starting this fabulous Hallosteem Photo Contest 🐈

Un agradecimiento especial para @nicolemoker, @krischy y @aaronli for iniciar este fabuloso Concurso de Fotografía de Hallosteem 🐈


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"Death is equality, because at the end, white, dark, rich or poor, everybody ends up being a skeleton" /
“La muerte es democrática, ya que a fin de cuentas, güera, morena, rica o pobre, toda la gente acaba siendo calavera”
-José Guadalupe Posada

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All pictures taken and edited by @MariaCherries all rights reserved
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Spectacular job on the make-up, really like the first and last shots!

Great post @mariacherries. Absolutely love your shots! Keep up the great work! :) Can't wait for your next post

That's an interesting idea about using the cemetery. What do you do with your photo's? Is there a market for them or are you just making them for fun?

In my mind a photography studio either charges the people who have their pictures taken, or create photographs made to order for catalogs or other advertisers. Are there other ways to earn an income from taking pictures?

Hello happyme 😊, to answer your question there are a lot of ways to make profit from photos, but this photoshoot was about something else, the idea was to make promotional photoshoots to make my girls and my project known, also it was a way to get more girls, I was trying to find talented girls and then make them Idols, similar to japanese idols, we teach them how to model, dance, sing and perform in front of a camera, we would make money once we had a show, but I was not able to make money because of several reasons, one of them was that I'm bad at planning and at selling my project to potential investors, I think Im not a Manager or Entrepeneur, maybe I could learn

Ah, yes, the SELLING part. I understand that part perfectly. I'm like you and am not a salesman. I think I would have a hard time convincing a dying man in a desert that my water would save his life. Yet there are people who could sell sand to those who live with sand all around them. It takes many skills to run a successful business. Best wishes!

Me encanta ese maquillaje, el tema y el ambiente escogido para esa sesión, muy llamativos, acordes y singulares. Yo también soy maquilladora profesional y he realizado muy pocos trabajos en ese estilo; y me parece que tu trabajo está hermoso y genial. Te felicito, muy buen performance... Te invito a pasar por mi perfil, pronto le haré un maquillaje deslumbrante a mi hija para publicarlo. Saludos.

Gracias por tu comentario! :D

Me encantó el Photoshoot

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Ujuuu! Alguien más de Hermosillo! :D acabo de descubrir tu blog gracias a este post n.n veré qué hay de nuevo :) por cierto excelentes fotos y maquillaje n.n

También eres de Hermosillo? Que pequeño es el internet 😆. Conocí a un hombre de Hermosillo hace meses, pero ya le perdí el rastro, como llegaste a Steemit?

Por un julano que lo mencionó en fb en un gpo de bitcoin y así xD y tú?

Yo llegué porque me lo recomendo mi esposo @leninmccarthy 😊

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