Photo Fun Contest - Week 10 – “Framed”

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I can't believe we have been doing this contest for 10 weeks already! Where has the time gone! With another successful contest behind us, I think we are all ready to move onto the next fun challenge.

This week’s theme is called “Framed”

What do I mean by this?
The word “Framed can mean many things:
A picture frame
A frame of a house
Framed for a crime
A face framed by beautiful hair
A face peeking through a frame

This is your contest so you decide how you would like to interpret this word!

Please remember the photo must be your own.

Here is one example of a framed view!


(photo was taken by me)

How to participate:

Multiple entries per person are allowed
The photo must be your own
Use #framedcontest as a tag
Please stick to the subject matter
Attach a copy of the post in the comments of this post
In your post title please mention the theme of the week
Please upvote and resteem this post to share and grow the competition.

The Prizes
There is 5steem in prize money to be won
The overall winner will get 1 Steem
The balance of 4 Steem will be distributed evenly
Prizes will be distributed after the 7 day period.

The Rules of the Contest

And please don’t forget to upvote and resteem (optional) this post.

Read the biographies of all our wonderful photographers on Steemit, and if you would like to see yourself “In the Spotlight” for one week please contact me on @positivexposure.

Please join us in uplifting and supporting the photography community by
Following our curation trail @positivexposure at


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I like this theme ! Here is my entry for the week.

got it thanks its really lovely

This is a lovely view, and I like the natural framing here with the stones! I think this would be a fun challenge! Thanks for sharing it with us in #steemitbloggers 😊

you are very welcome @thekittygirl

Love this theme, very creative! Thanks @claudiaz for coming up with this fun challenge! =) Here's my entry post with some "framed" photos:

Btw, I tried upvoting this post but failed, maybe too late now(showing payout in 6 hours)? So I upvoted your other recent posts @claudiaz. Hope that works too?

nice post sir

Thank You @mirfaner!!!greetings...

nice and original, thank you for the entry

Thank You @claudiaz for the opportunity and for your appreciation! What a funny and nice contest!!! Greetings!!!

I would join
you always make me smile when I see your awesome idea to make a contest

well then, where is your entry?

Entry for #framedcontest

Thanks @claudiaz 😎

This is a window frame we found in an abandoned house and the print is a lovely sunset we took somewhere on the Northern coast (California).


very nice thank you

Another entry for #framedcontest

This framed view is looking through the fence into an abandoned property. You can just barely see the Pacific in the background.

thank you, got it

What a great concept on this one! My entry below, is from a trip to La Jolla Cove in California. This was from inside of a cave, looking out, perfectly "framing" the kayaks as they went by. Such an awesome place! :D

Resteemed and upvoted for support!

thanks for the entry

@claudiaz, You said we could have more entries for the contest. The rule is to put a post every day, or do we have several photos in the same post?
Which day of the week starts the contest and which is the last day we can post? Thank you!!!

you can put all fotos in one post, and the contest runs for 7 days, so right now it would be another 6 days

Thank you! I still have some “ Framed” and I would like to make another post or maybe it’s better to edit the first one!?....

you can enter as many as you like! have fun.

Hi @claudiaz this is my post to follow Photo Gun Contest this week or week 10.

Thank you so much

thanks for the entry

Nice place! Nice shot!

Cool picture, caught my eye. I think I will participate in this contest as well, I already have a pretty good photo pending publication.

looking forward to it

Here is my entry for this weeks photo fun contest😁😊 thanks for the opportunity this is an exciting challenge!

This is my entry for this weeks fun photo contets😊this is an exciting challenge thanks for the opportunity😁😊

thanks for the entry

Here' my entry for this week's photo fun contest😁😊
this is an exciting challenge thanks for the opportunity!

got it thanks

Wow,nice thinking. People need to be creative to participate this contest. its really enjoyable also to find or make frame like this. Now its time to see people's creativity.

thanks, are you participating?

Framed Sunset • Fun Photo Contest

Framed by the drug cartel, I was waiting for the sun to set so my gringo friends could break me out...

I am finally able to join your photo fun contest. Here is my entry, I hope it qualifies.

thanks for the entry

Great idea. Here is my frame in front of me as I sit on the sofa writing this post. 20180212_095942.jpg

thanks for the entry

thanks for the entry

Upvoted and resteemed, and here is my entry! Thank you for hosting this! I have really come to appreciate the photography community on steemit - THIS is the content that transcends language barriers!

very nice thank you for your entry

Here is my entry. Thank you for hosting this contest


thanks for your entry

Hi @claudiaz
Here I send you my first publication to participate in your contest:

Thank you!

got it thank you.

thanks for the entry

Such a beuatiful and peaceful picture😊
Lovely theme, ill be creative and post mine soon:))

Ok so, here is my entry. I have a lot of framed photos in there. Hope you like it.

thank you so much

very nice thank you, its perfect

Here I present my participation in the contest . I hope it covers expectations. regards...

muchas gracias @dianaabreu, un muy lindo foto

Hey @claudiaz 🙂 this my entry
part of my travel blog 😉🙃

oh nice, thank you

I will have to look to see if I have another picture ready for entry, but this is the one I re-edited yesterday and realized it was perfect for this contest...


Thank you for hosting this contest. I really need more exposure to the right people.

I was hoping to add a few entries to this one but time is running out. Here's one anyway:

thanks for the submission

You're welcome. I'm grateful for all the contest you organise. I enjoy taking part! 😊

I am very happy to hear that!

My second and final entry into this week's contest...


Thanks for the fun! I look forward to next week's contest!

Framed Mural • Street Photography
Thank you @claudiaz for creating and hosting the #framedcontest.

thanks for the entry

Ooh! A new contest, at least for me since I've been off-steem for a while. Gotta get an entry in :)

please do looking forward to it.

Hi @claudiaz, it's been a while since I join your contest, finally manage to post 2 photos for this week's theme, I hope you like it!

This is my first time entering @claudiaz Photo Fun Contest, and this is my entry:

Thank you very much!

thanks, got it

Thank you!

thanks for the entry

Here's my entry, her face is framed by her hands and hair, it's pretty good cosplay too (there's a 2nd photo if you want to see more). Her eyes are framed by the red face paint. Many interpretations. Thanks for the contest and I hope you enjoy my photos.

thanks for the entries

thanks for the entry

Hey Claudia, I hope I am not to late for this one yet :-) this was at a wedding of a friend, I found the idea very original. Hope you like it. Enjoy a brand new week! :-)

a little late but included it anyway because I have not finished making the final selection.

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