The Bowling Talk [1]: Dudeists Abide the Strikes and Gutters

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Scientists Prove Conspiracy Theorists Right

Electromagnetic imaging of pyramid.

Scientists have confirmed that the chambers inside the Great Pyramid actually collect electromagnetic energies when bombarded by electromagnetic frequencies. Conspiracy theorists, who've long postulated that the pyramids are giant resonance chambers, are now vindicated by science.

Well, sort of.

The electromagnetic behavior of the pyramid has been tested and proven. The theory regarding ancient aliens using the pyramids as a communication device remains unproven. Though, much more plausible now.

Oingo Boingo's Weird Science

Tides oscillate. Abide the flow.

The truth of all experience: oscillation. If you can't wrap your mind around the ups and downs, then you'll never abide the flow. All the inputs we receive come to us in waves, dig it?

Three Days Grace's The Mountain

Move a Mountain

An object stays in motion unless acted on by an external force.
Mountains move mere millimeters a year.
Slow and steady wins the race.
Aesop's Fable about the Tortoise and the Hare is a self-help physics story for people who are constantly harried by braggarts. In the end, the harried are crushed by the sheer force of a mountain in motion.
Do your own thing and don't worry about trash-talking rabbits on mountains, your avalanche will bring them down.

Compilation of Tortoise & Hare stories, includes other unequal racing tales

Photo 1
Video 1
Video 2

"Strikes and gutters. Ups and downs."

"Yeah, well, the Dude abides." — the Dude

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Now all we need to do is comandeer a pyramid.

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