A Shadow That Looms and Deepens

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There used to be a time when I thought that if I were posed a problem and were given some writing materials, it would take me less than an hour to at least gain ground in positing a solution.

In spite of everything an ever-dwindling part of me still feels this way.

I used to believe that every problem was just waiting for an answer.

Perhaps I still do.

And yet here I am wallowing and ever-dying.

Perhaps I should start to regard myself as a problem that needs solving?

Might this bring me a step closer to getting back on track?

It might - but this time is different.

I have been through periods of deep dissatisfaction with both myself and this World I endure.

What is different is that before I took steps through that hopelessness to get to a less hopeless place.

This time for at least three months I have made no headway. All I see is a barren landscape of more hopelessness.

I have fallen to video-game addiction.

Sadly, I seek to justify my very existence through a modicum of success within something that I know to be objectively intangible. To be good and respected within a fake environment. And yet neither of those are true. Any moment I feel that I might be making a breakthrough - I get knocked right down into the 'scrub-zone' - and wail, mostly internally but not always so. I guess there is only so much anguish that a person can hold within before some seeps out. Or maybe its entitlement. I don't know...

Yes I'm "fine". Its just another day in my miserable life. Its like drowning in a blend of 1 part honey, 3 parts cheap chilli powder and 6 parts plaster of Paris - or something like that...

And the video game addiction was the symptom - not the cause. It certainly marked a tipping point - but I was simply functional before - also starved for a modicum of approval.


Others have success.

Others have happiness.

The opposite has been not only true of me - but seems to be seared into my very DNA.

And, worse, I feel entitlement creeping in - the bitterness of a life squandered creeping into my personality. I have been tempted to lash out and that disturbs me. Entitlement can be such a toxic and ugly thing.

Writing this feels like an oozing wound. It feels ugly - a representation of what I've become - and in a sense there is nothing but shadows. Shadows all around - and mounting anger, primarily but not exclusively at myself.


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Hang in there bro.
I can not imagin how you must be feeling but as you say, it is a dark and shadowy place.

If your videogame addiction is back for a while, maybe also accept it for a bit. There is not much wrong with that right? My mind is with you (although I know that doesnt help you shit I sill want you to know that)

I used to use videogames a lot as a teenager - and I've played online games in the past decade. It just wasn't like this - I never considered such an addiction.

I can only surmise that a part of me is broken now that wasn't then.

Thank you for the reply and for your thoughts. Don't dwell on it too much though. :c)

I can relate to this, but I did what you kinda hinted at at the start - make your problem the game, turn the addiction towards solving your own personal puzzle. Took me about two years, but learnt a lot in the process.

Yes I need to sort out some kind of a solution.

Some way.

Maybe the puzzle will be easier to resolve tomorrow.

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Thank you for the reply.

I am normally not active, but I remember your name. You are an active community member and while I only read very little on steemit more recently I followed your blogs in the past. So to explain

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The problem isn't Qurator*. Its me (cheesy but true). I feel that I might be on the mend but I don't know how I'm going to feel tomorrow. :c)

I appreciate your feedback @boontjie.

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Bro you need to get out more, join a group, donate your time to a charity, get some human interaction and you'll be fine.

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