Huh... I've been upvoting since the beginning... but ok. I haven't the energy to argue.

Ah, seems like only 6 upvotes for that week of tier updates. Please note we count upvotes each MONDAY at 12PM UTC. If you upvote at least 7 posts that have not reached payout yet before the deadline then you should be in a higher tier. =)

I now see that your rules have since changed. Well that explains it. I still don't know how I feel about these automatic messages though. Makes me look like a cheapskate...

Thank you for the reply.

I am normally not active, but I remember your name. You are an active community member and while I only read very little on steemit more recently I followed your blogs in the past. So to explain

The only way to let people know about new rules or changes is via comments as most in steemit have found their niche. As always I personally appreciate that you have been voting for qurator all this time. What can we do to get you more engaged in our community again?

The problem isn't Qurator*. Its me (cheesy but true). I feel that I might be on the mend but I don't know how I'm going to feel tomorrow. :c)

I appreciate your feedback @boontjie.

  • A comment clarifying that a user is a Tier-0 suggests that the person doesn't contribute. I now know its up-vote 7 posts or bust.

Hmmm. I have been talking to the Q people and we might close down the tier to new entrants soon. There is a lot of backlash, and it is normally from the QT0 community. Some feel they been put there unjustly and I mostly agree, but the whole thing is automated tier counts. It is just too much admin to do on a case by case basis. I will talk to the mods though about your tier. I am sure we can at least bump you up to T1. One vote isnt the end of the world


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