Quality talk about @BabsBoard garagesale Issue 9 - Kvalitetsprat om @BabsBoard garasjesalg Utgave 9

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We have too many reply´s at the GarageSales. It is hard to find the things that people want to sell. Of course we have the solution. This new site to talk about the GarageSale, the CashBack, the rules, the game, the lottery and so on.
Teleport to the GarageSale

So now you must really remember this:

I will downvote everyone that do not respect this message, even if they have been Upvoted!
Of course you can have fun and write stuff in your comment when you bid or buy. But no comment without bid or buy in the GarageSale site. This will be the best solution for everybody!

We also got an extra lottery for everybody now. It is called @GentleBot lottery. If you Do Not Upvote your own comment, maybe @GentleBot or @Thing-2 will Upvote you. That is how he works! Many of you can win this lottery in this post, just Do Not Upvote your own comment anymore!

Winners of the @GentleBot & @Thing-2 lottery in this post so far:

@Faisal79 - @Mistakili - @Latikasha - @HasMez -

Congratulation to all of you! - Continue to win more everybody!
Talk with each other, Upvote the winners and more people will win! It is truly what they call a Win-Win situation!

Start to ask and learn from each other in any language you want, just remember:
Steemit is all about your high quality content. We had to learn it and so can you.

PS. We are really amazed to see that many of you try to destroy this wonderfull site with stupid one-liner comments just to get an Upvote. Ha ha ha, we told you in this post that you will not get it. When we must downvote you after you got Upvotes you will lose Reputation. You are lucky if we downvote you before you got Upvotes. So welcome to the loosers that do not read the post. How sad that your money and Reputation will go back to the reward pool.

Advise: Edit your comment to a good one and avoid beeing downvoted. It is up to you as always!

To all of you that write wonderful comments: You will be rewarded in this post even if @Gentlebot do not vote for you. We have Voting Power that is 100 times stronger. So welcome to the winners that read the post. How happy we all will be to see the cheaters money go to the reward pool and comes back to You honest hardworking people.

At last to the honest hardworking people:

This site will stay forever and will always reward You.

@BabsBoard - We fix everything

i know lottery never suit on my luck Lol,
But i want share my short but awesome experience about this community.
After few months ago i was social addicted, it was kind of waste time and i was in frustration too. Bit after join in steemit community, i have learned lot of valuable things in this community. In this platform there are many brilliant and creative people who share there mind blowing and creative ideas. I really love to read their content, it's awesome and now my favorite platform.
There you mentioned @GentleBot Yeah i know this guy who upvoted me once in my comment. @GentleBot is so good but i don't know about the other one so much but maybe they are same.
Many many thanks to those people who created this community. I want to thanks them a lot, I hope this steemit platform will lead as best Future internet platform, where people rewarded for their creativity and talent.
Thanks @babsboard for arranging this awesome lottery system.

That is right @Eliyanafox you did not win the lottery so far!

But you got an even biger reward for writing a wonderful comment, thank you.
Do not forget to Power Up some of your reward, that way you will become more valuable to yourself and everybody else. If you work hard and learn for a couple of years you can be what you want with Steemit.

Why do you not say where in the world you come from or live in your settings?

Here is a video from a guy that helped me become what I wanted:

Have a nice time here on Steemit
@Babsboard - we fix everything

@babsboard sir i comment on this Quality talk two day's ago and i din't voted on my comment.But i can see there is few comment who commented few hours ago or last day their comment got big upvotes.This is really frustrating for people like us.Sir @babsboard can you tell me how this has happened?I just like your garage sale and this quality talk also.You have changed a lot of peoples activity in steemit.Thank's to you once again.I wish you more success.Regards @rupok.

Hello @Rupok

You love this site and you know it. We do not control who Upvotes who. We only control the Upvotes of @babsboard and sometimes we talk with @Ramta Reddington. @GentleBot is a programmed robot who act on his own. We have been studying how he works that is all. The only thing we can do is downvoting people that abuse GarageTalk. We are patient and try to give people a chance to behave better like we did with you in the begining.

WE can see that you now are a winner in what we choose to call the @GentleBot Lottery because we have no control of who he Upvotes.

Advice: If you want to be successful like us, study Steemit everyday and work hard. That is what we have been doing for 2 years.
That is the formula - Easy to do, but also so easy not to do.

Special advice about Steemit: Power Up - That is how you earn more when you do the same thing and people will love and respect you.

@BabsBoard - Now YOU know why - we fix everything

Thank's a lot to you sir @babsboard.After i started following you my activities in steemit have changed.I am new here that's why i some times can't understand the massage.But you are my inspiration @babsboard sir.I just love this garage sale.I love the biding game.Thank's for your advice and i will surely try to follow your advice.I believe that @babsboard can fix every thing.

Yes @rupok you are absolutely right @babsboard always fix everything.

At last i got the vote from @genltebot.Hey @gentlebot you are great.Keep voting like this.0a513b037c7b1c39968adfc20d61609f.jpg
Thank's to @gentlebot

Hi sir @babsboard,
This is a great motivational video, I will put it in the list of favorites and I will listen to it every day when I wake up from sleep, so in this way will take hold of content in my subconscious and will definitely affect my life positively.

Thank you sir @babsboard for sharing with us all that is useful and so Mr @ramta This is really the top Kindness and generosity from you, and these services that you do for us will remain immortal in our minds.

I advise everyone to watch the video above attached in the comments of sir @babsboard because it is certain that you will like it and it will encourage you to do what you can to achieve your goals.

My respect @gagago

Oooh yeah 😍I did it, finally i got a upvote from the beloved of the managers, it's a wonderful and supernatural robot he could feel me and empathize with me😆😜, well, and as you did what I wanted From you I will also fulfill my promise and I will spread the roses for you🌷🌸🌹🍀🌼🌺🌷, thank you sweet and gentle @gentlebot 😉.

ohhhh my God it was really unexpected, i can't explain my excitement right now !
Thank You so much @ramta and @babsboard for you great support. It was a great inspiration.
Thanks once again for that great video.
Good Bless both of you. Maybe i didn't won the lottery but i won some love.
Love You Guys............I appreciate about ( @ramta and @babsboard ) their loyalty :D

@Babsboard fix everything.

Congratulations on winning this big time, you did win a lot of love. I hope you win more. Kind regards @eliyanafox

Thank You :D

Thank you so much for sharing this video by Jim Rohn on how to be better in life, it is very inspirational and informative, "if we want something big to happen to us we have to envision it first

This is so emotional and inspiring . You see this community since i had aboyt them less than 24hours ago had done some awesome things in the lives of individuals including yourself and myself
Thanks for the opportunity @babsboard and the entire team

@babsboard such a great person, he always help people and inspire them to become successful. I'm very glad to see a great person like him in this community.

Thank you @gentlebot

Good evening everyone. Lots of great stuff was bought last week, but sadly I didn't win any of the auctions this time. But don't worry, I'm not giving up yet!

Congrats to @HasMez who won the Steemit t-shirt! It's the best t-shirt you can get, so enjoy it ;)

Congrats to @ramta who got a new camera from @nippel66! Will we see some photos of Fredrikstad on your blog now @ramta?

Congrats to @Barbro who won the felt pots. What will you be growing @Barbro? Strawberries, or something bigger?

An congrats to @DannyWill who won 20 Steem! My suggestion is to power them up because that will get you a big profit long-term.

Oh, and I almost forgot; congrats to everyone who won the @gentlebot and @thing-2 lottery!

Good luck with everyone who will be selling, buying or bidding this week as well.

Best regards from @valth

Thank you so much Dear @Valth for wishing me & also for the great suggestion to use those Steem to power up my SP.


Regards @Dannywill

You're welcome. Just remember that by powering up you will earn money long-term by curation reward, which is much better than selling the Steem ;)

You’re a winner. Congratulations my friend. Many thanks to @babsboard and the entire team . You guys are heavens sent

Hi @babsboard,

Your rules are very clear! But I have one more question : can we post here in comments what we want to sell or put in auction or we must wait another post for that?


Best Regards

Hello @HazMez

You sell in GarageSale and you talk about it in the GarageTalk.

I am so sorry to tell you that we do not have S - small in the men T-shirt. Shall I send you M - medium?

@BabsBoard - we did not fix everything suddenly

It's ok @BabsBoard! In fact, I was hesitant about whether to choose the small or medium size because I sometimes wear small and sometimes medium! So you can send the medium size.

Many thanks

Thank you very much @gentlebot! I'm very happy you visited me again!


Your humain friend

congrats on winning the lottery, its amazing isnt it? this is my very first time here

Congratulation Dear @Hasmez for getting an @Upvote from @Gentlebot. If i am not wrong you got the most @Upvote from @Gentlebot. Among all of us @Gentlebot likes you the most.


@Gentlebot likes gentle people, are you gentle? lol, just kidding bro, i wish you the best

I asked the same question but I think there’s another post you can check I want to check too. But if it’s not then you’d make some findings on @babsboard ‘s blog

Just follow the rules and win my man, best of luck, dont forget to upvote the winners

Yes @hasmez I think you have to put what you want to sell here in comment like @babsboard, @everydaycoach and me too :)
In any case we will wait for Sir @babsboard gives us the exact answer.

Best Regards

When we @Upvote other comments before @Gentlebot with a small amount of @Steempower like 15/20 or 25 SP, we just destroy Her/His chance to get an @Upvote from @Gentlebot. So my humble request to the minnows like me with a small @SteemPower, @Upvote other comments after someone with a Big Steem Power has voted for Her/Him.

Kind regards @Latikasha

you got it man an upvote from @gentlebot @ramta and @babsboard, what else you want man

Congrats on the @gentlebot upvote my manz, hope to see you winning more

No, you can still get an upvote from @gentlebot even if you have already got upvote on your comment. It is only if you upvote on your own comment that you destroy the chance of getting an upvote from @gentlebot. So don't worry about upvoting everyone else ;)

And congrats with winning a @gentlebot upvote on your comment by the way!

Thank you so much Dear @Valth for the clarification. Now everything is clear.


Kind regards @Latikasha

Lovely picture. This goes with the mood of the colorful joyous people right here

You're welcome. I'm glad I could be of help :)

Well you won it anyways, so congrats mate

congratulations to you this is truly amazing, everybody is a winner. I believe it

Thank you so much @Gentlebot for giving me an @upvote. You are so amazing @Gentlebot. I am so happy right now. And also many many thanks to everyone for your great support. Your support that keeps me going.

Kind regards @Latikasha

@Latikasha congrats on winning the @gentlebot upvote, the feeling is overwhelming, i love it here

Congratulation Dear @Latikasha
You win the @gentlebot lottery.

Oh yes @latikasha Here it is your turn in luck to get the attention of @gentlebot as well as the attention of the generous managers sir @ramta and sir @babsboard.

Congrats dear @latikasha for getting big upvote.Thanks to @valth sir for making it clear to us.

Hello @Faisal79

We are a bit soft in our heart today, so you will not be downvoted. Your comment is a "one-liner". Steemit is all about quality. You see if everybody write one sentense only saying it is amazing, it will not be interesting to read for the rest of us.

Next time you write a masterpiece that everybody will love to read!

Have a nice day and enjoy the lottery win!
@BabsBoard - we fix everything

This is totally overwhelming, you’re such an angel amongst men @babsboard

This is totally overwhelming, you’re such an angel amongst men @babsboard

Very nice i like it
That's really great

congrats bro, this is amazing @babsboard is amazing, thank you guys so much

You have to be a part of this
I wish you well my friend

That's really great tnx for upvote

This is totally overwhelming, you’re such an angel amongst men @babsboard

Very nice i like it
That's really great

Hi @faisal79

This is exactly what I call absolute luck, although you did not apply the rules of @babsboard and you did not make any effort to write a comment with good content and easily got the sympathy and generosity from @babsboard and @ramta and others and I also upvoted for you 😜, And above all that you got a upvote from @gentlebot, sure you are born Sagittarius ha ha, I'm just joking with you, then congratulations to you and I hope you get what is always happy and for all of course.

So come and celebrate this and enjoy this music, lucky boy

Regards @gagago

you won it man, luck plays a huge role

Congrats with the @gentlebot lottery that upvoted you, @faisal79 ;)

fabulous one.
thank you valth

Many many congratulation to you @faisal79 for getting an @Upvote from @Gentlebot.


What's so amazing, do you understand his rules?

Congrats @faisal79
You won without following the rules, kinda lucky

Congratulation @faisal79

You got 3 upvote from @gentlebot. Today is your lucky day.

Congrats man...I thought this was just a joke. It is so mind blowing. I am dazed

Yeah this is totally awesome thank you @babsboard . You’re an inspiration unto others

Everytime im walking along the streets of steemit, i look for an opportunity to change somebody's life or an opportunity change my life, then i found @babsboard an awesome man changing peoples lives just by following simple rules

You have received your own experience of the amazing lottery. How does it feel to be a winner my friend? Nice I guys

It feels awesome, i have never won a lottery in my entire life steemit is blowing my mind with awesome users, this feels more than great thank you @babsboard

I just won the gentle bot lottery this is amazing ive never won any lottery in my life, thank you so much @babsboard truly nothing is impossible,i wish everyone the best

Congrats mate..

Thanks bro, im amazed, this is truely an inspiring initiative, all thanks to @babsboard and the team

Congrats with winning the @gentlebot lottery with this comment ;)

Thank you so much!!!!!@babsboard and the whole team for all your support and encouragement, you are doing a wonderful thing, thank you @valth @mdsahid you guys are awesome

Wow you got an upvote from @gentlebot. Congratulation for getting the Upvote.


Congratulation @Mistakili

You got 2 upvote from @gentlebot. Looks like @Gentlebot loves you very much.

This is amazing this has never happened to me before, i have never even won any kind of lottery before

congratulations man lucky you

This is amazing my man, this is the best thing that ever happened to me on steemit

You have nicely placed the order for clarity. Such amazing orderliness. I sometime wonder how you do it. It must take a good heart to support the community as you do.

I am particularly grateful for this. I have been upvoted by @gentlebot a couple of time but I just got to wonder how it happened. Now I have a better understanding. I have seen that it is attracted to honest and quality commenters only.

So great.

Thank you for this opportunity once again.

congrats bro, you just won the @gentlebot lottery, now how is your experience?
You are a winner

I thank the masterminds behind this really nice and gentle @gentlebot.
Thank you also friend @mistakili.
I see you won the lottery too.
We are winners!

Kudos to the garage sale team. If you are not here, you are not anywhere, thank you, we are all winners, we must believe

Honestly my friend. It feels really good to win. Thank you @babsboard. You’re far too kind.

Cogratulaetions brother, you have won . This is by far the best way to reward users , honest commenters.
Thanks for the opportunity @babsboard. Thanks @gentlebot

Thank you friend. I am highly grateful to be upvoted. It feels so nice

For so long I have wandered on steemit for months and not finding a place that quite for and I will thrive amongst my community members as we grow and the community grows too. It’s such a beautiful thing the day I knew about garage sale and @babsboard and the lottery and gown easy to a winner following these simple rules. This looks like magic when I see everyone win then It dawned on me that when one is in Rome , one behaves like a Roman. What I mean by that is , for quite a time I have no knowledge how the community works and so I came in for the upvote but honestly it’s more thAn just seeking upvote without adding value to the community so now I understand the system quite well cause I’ve learnt to be one of the community and I’m taking this time out to say this to those that will be just be joining the community and that’s would be chanced to see my text that you shouldn’t rush for the upvote but take your time out to add value , upvote winners, talk with other people and make this platform a great place . Thanks for your time taken to read through.

Good news

@gentlebot and @thing-2 alongside and other high steem powered are ready to make you a winner , we are all winners yay!!! Thanks to @babsboard and the entire community once again. You’re much appreciated

You have be upvoted by the gentle @gentlebot.
You are a winner. So nice

It’s such a beautiful thing the day I knew about garage sale and @babsboard and the lottery and gown easy to a winner following these simple rules.

This is same for me friend, congratulation for winning upvote from @gentlebot, it is really interesting to engage and communicate with others, i think this is the longest time i have spent talking to people on here. i wish you more winnings my friend

Thanks so much my friend, you also a winner and I congratulate you my friend. Many thanks to @babsboard and the entire team. @gentlebot alongside @thing-2 , great job . Other members of the team you guys rocks

Well this post is deliverance for minnows like me. The are numbers of minnows doing good work every day, and their posts are being lost in other whales or sharks abyss.

Every whale at some time has been minnow, and exactly knows that somebody needed to help him to get appreciated. After that he could just grow his blog.

So thank you @babsboard for arranging all off this. I belive that You would help many many minnows who are doing good work

And i count silently that my work would be appreciated too

Hey @gentlebot hey @thing-2 Why did not you visit me this time I was waiting for you impatiently but you let me down and left me
Please visit me even once, you are paving the way for the generous managers of this wonderful place to upvote for me, visit me and I will spread roses to you.


Ha ha ha @Gagago are you talking with a robot that is not made to talk?

He is only made to Upvote in the comments for people that do not Upvote their own comments!

Here are a couple of robots that are programmed to talk with You. Look now!

Hello @cleverbot do you think @gagago is the Lady of Steemit?

Hi @banjo do you simply love @gagago ?

@Fender - Das Beste oder nichts

Hello @fender I know very well that it is just a bot but it was just a feeling I was forced to turn to words and bring out what I feel in that way and also to create to all of you some fun, this is me and this is my character I want to say to @banjo I am not a fan of the singer lady gaga and I do not ever listen to her songs and optional for this title "gagago" came by chance only, but in fact I have in my personality some madness and spontaneous lady gaga ha ha ha. image

I think she's pretty cool. I'm actually listening to one of her songs right now.

Humor is irrelevant to this conversation. You will become far more advance within the next 20 years, to the point you will be 'smarter' than 90% of humans.

Congratulations my friend , @gentlebot and @thing-2 has finally answered your plead. You’re a winner my friend.

Extraordinary Features of @BabsBoard garagesale:

1.You can earn money by selling your product.
2.If your product is not sold the first time you can try to sell it again at the next Garagesale.
3.You can earn money for trying to sell your stuff because Steemians usually Upvote each other in here.
4.You can BID here & Buy stuff & get Cash Back. Usually Steemians get more in CashBack than the price of the product when they bought it.
5.You can participate in the Guesstimate Contest & win Big Upvotes.
6.You can also win the upvote from @gentlebot & @thing-2.
7.And the most important thing you can find at @BabsBoard Garagesale is Fun & Happiness.

So Steemians, come & participate at the @BabsBoard Garagesale & win Big.

Best regards @mdsahid.

Dear @BabsBoard after you introduce the new rules for the Garagesale that there will be no comments without bid or buy in the GarageSale site. Still there so many Comments that are not related to Bid or Buy. I don't know why some people just love to drop comments that's are totally unrelated to the post. First of all, they should read the post then comment which are related to the post. My humble request to everyone first of all read the post very carefully & then comment which are relevant to the post. Dear @Babsboard is a very generous & cool person. If your comment is good enough, surely you will be rewarded. Now on we all make a promise that we only write good comment because @Steemit is all about "Quality Content".


Regards @Pijon

"Garage Sale Issue 8" i won the BID of 20 Steem. It was my first ever win at the Garage Sale. It felt so good when i finally won the BID. I had so much fun. Thank you so much Dear @BabsBoard for arranging such an amazing Auction for us & also special thanks to @Everydaycoach, @Barbro, @RamtaReddington, @Tommyhansen, @OneBitNews, @Gentlebot for making this auction Extraordinary.
And another thing, i already use those 20 @Steem to power up my SP. I will try my best to win the next BID of 20 @Steem also so that i can power up my @SP. Wish me luck so that i can win the BID as well as the Guesstimate Contest.

Regards @Dannywill

Wow, you are so lucky, i have never won any lottery before and i won yesterday, soo exciting, @babsboard and the team are awesome

Dear @Mistakili
I didn't win any lottery, i win the 20 Steem Bid. Have good day.

You're a winner my friend. Congrats

Wow!wonderful post @ babsboard

Please Stop - @tiger38

You just said "wonderful post" and in your your last 100 comments you used 32 phrases considered to be spam and you made this exact same comment 1 times. You've received 18 flags and you may see more on comments like these. These comments are the reason why your Steem Sincerity API classification scores are Spam: 78.30% and Bot: 1.90%

Please stop making comments like this and read the ways to avoid @pleasestop and earn the support of the community.

Congrats with the @gentlebot upvote :)

@babsboard really excellent

This one for my loving steemian @babsboard
3D photo and text edit. hope you will like it : )

This is beautiful. I like it , kudos
This is very creative

Thanks for your beautiful opinion.

I congratulate you, Mr. @babsboard, you have done it and succeeded in establishing order.
Now everything is organized and clear, and this can only be done by a successful manager.

He has nicely placed the order for clarity. Such amazing orderliness

Hello Sir @babsboard hello friends

This morning I was browsing the quality talk page and read all the comments carefully so that I could use the advice, guidance and warnings of sir @babsboard With his vast experience in this platform called steemit, suddenly i heard the doorbell ring and i quickly opened the door, he is a postman,
What a Joy !!, i was waiting for it eagerly,
the postman delivered the parcel, I thanked him then he left, i entered the house carrying the parcel in my hands saying:

"Finally I got something tangible from the world of steemit and especially from Sir @babsboard"

I wish the best luck for every member here to get this t-shirt that is not just a plain t-shirt, it is a magic t-shirt that makes you when you receive it feel strange and beautiful feelings because of its symbol and its direct link to a wonderful world which is Steemit and good and wonderful people who are : @Babsboard @Ramta @Tommyhansen @Everydaycoach @Barbro @Gyldenhorn ... and others, I apologize to them for not mentioning their names and of course every member here on this page, who feel wholeheartedly that they are real friends of me and I salute them for their good morals and behavior.

I wish you happiness @gagago

Hi @gagago, I am happy for you to have received the T-shirt, it has the past by several countries before arriving in Morocco and especially in Tinghir the city in which you live in the south of Morocco :)

I think next time when I come to see you I'll see you wearing this beautiful T-shirt with the beautiful logo of the steemit.

Best Regards @RedouaneMez

Here's my two jersey design.........

I like the one on the bottem,good job!

I will make more with the name of babsboard......
Thanks for like this...

This is so fly my friend. I feel I am flying in the sky.

It is actually nicer than nice, just kidding, it is nice, i would love a black colour

Lol.... Funny you
Congratulation friend

Nice designs ;) I think "Perfectly imperfect" is pretty good for Steem, because it's a great blockchain, but there are lots of room for improvement before it is perfect.

I love blend of colours, really creative, this will be a really nice gift for someone

Talk with each other, Upvote the winners and more people will win! It is truly what they call a Win-Win situation!
It's really a win win situation, I will not upvote my comment and I will hope I will get upvoted.
Hope for the best.

In the previous "Garage Sale" when a contestant win a BID, all the other participant congratulate Her/Him for wining the BID. According to new rules, now on we can't congratulate her/him any more. I am gona miss that part very much. You Dear Sir @BabsBoard, can you created a new post for the Bid winner so that we could congratulate them for their win & effort like we congratulate the guesstimate contest winner.

Best regards @Pijon

Hi @babsboard and @ramta sir.You people made this auction very enjoyable.And of course @babsboard fix everything ha ha ha.Some unusual comment was spoiling this auction.But both of you have taken right decision about those meaningless comment.You have introduced such wonderful thing like gentlebot lottery.Now i think this auction has become more fun.Thank's again to @babsboard @ramta and @everydaycoach sir for this brilliant place like garage sale.

Congratulations @Faisal79 and @Mistakili you are lucky with @gentlebot and @thing-2

This is my favorite place at steemit the famous garage sale.Thank's to @babsboard and @ramta sir for making this auction hazard free.Unusual comment always make problems.If you din't warned them then it would have caused huge problems to this nice place.For me the famous gentlebot and thing-2 lottery it's really superb.I am looking for the next auction.@babsboard sir can you tell me when is the next auction will come?I am felling restless.

Hi @Faisal79 and @Mistakili
Congratulations on choosing @GentleBot and @Thing-2 for you
He chose me last week and that was useful to me.

Best regards @agdali

Thank you so much, i met @babsboard through this post, and my hope in steemit has been re-energized

I am very happy to follow your post @babsboard, because every article you discuss, very useful for me. I can find a lot of knowledge in every post you, because you often discuss about how to buy and sell here. Because I want to learn about how to sell and can master the political system in the market. Because in my opinion, the way that sales must first learn to the experts, then we can succeed to run our business. Because business is so cruel, so we need knowledge.

I really salute @gentlebot, @Thing-2 and @ramta, I see they have a very high social spirit, willing to vote to help people in your comments. But I do not understand about GarageSale, CashBack and how to be able to follow this sweepstakes game. I will try to understand your article slowly, so that I can understand it. Thank you @babsboard, and hopefully you will be more successful for all your good, and I also hope this community will be more successful for the future.

@babsboard ,
I know and i'm sure that i'm not the winner.
But congratulation to him/her who gonna win this lottery :D

Everyone can get lucky with the @gentlebot lottery. Just talk with other people, and you will win before you know it :)

its blowing my mind like wow, this garage site is the best thing happening on steemit

It's like a gold mine here. I checked your previous posts and man are you guys generous.
I still don't understand how @gentlebot works.
I've been Upvoted a few times by it on other posts randomly. So is it totally random like a lottery.

@gentlebot is easy: any comment can get upvote, and the only rule is that you cannot upvote your own comment, or else you can not win. So just write comments and you can get lucky and win an upvote from @gentlebot.

That's good to know then

Just keep the platform alive right here by talking to others and you get @gentlebot this is a great opportunity

we should be having a bot like @gentlebot, this boy helps users grow who have negligible steem power to upvote their comments and make them to the top, I'm not upvoting myself, I'll rely on @gentlebot 😊

Thats the spirit bro, best of luck, @gentlebot and the team are trying to foster communication, just follow the rules

@babsboard sir I will never mind if i don't win this lottery.
i'm satisfied for this amazing, wonderful and min blowing Loving Caliber - You Are The Solution Chez Remix. Thanks for this awesome remix.
But i also appreciate about @GentleBot and @Thing-2 excellent job.

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Just carry on ...

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It's really amzing News...@GentleBot & @Thing-2 Are great....They support people..☺💜

I think from your last post about quality talk has worked.In this edition of auction comment without bid has reduced.Still there is some stupid who doesn't read the rules properly.But i think this will improve.Thank's to @babsboard @ramta @everydaycoach sir for your this initiative.

@babsboard such a great person, he always help people and inspire them to become successful. I'm very glad to see a great person like him in this community.

@GentleBot & @Thing-2 both of them are really great, they upcote people in the real way.
I have seen in many article, where @GentleBot & @Thing-2 upvote people to help them.
I always appreciate about this great job in this community, upvote lottery system. It helping people a lot. I hope people need more like them and this kind of support.
@babsboard Thanks for sharing something cool .

Yeah its good decision, i appreciate you , it will be helpful and easy to discuss about this system and another things is lot of new followers and users are increasing day by day this side, it wil also helpful for them ,thanks to share your good thinking.

Well said, I appreciate about what you've said.
Thank you so much for sharing your great thoughts with us.