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Thanks : )
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This post received a $0.121 (100%) upvote from @upvotewhale thanks to @gasaeightyfive! For more information, check out my profile!


Hi @upvotewhale, it worked well thanks. You may want to change the description in your profile: 100% upvote reward: $0.15. It's actually 0.17 -> https://steemworld.org/@upvotewhale


Hi gasaeightyfive,
As I'm still using a manually updated value (soon to be changed), that value there shows exactly what value the bot thinks its 100% upvote reward is.
I'd prefer this value to be lower than the actual amount than higher. It means there's a chance you might get a bigger reward than expected, as opposed to a chance that you might get less than you expected.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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