What would you do with 1 million dollars cash? 5 Answers for 5 STEEM - Winner Edition!

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Congrats to the lucky winners who each received 1 STEEM for answering one simple question. "What would you do with 1 million in cash?"


I would pay off my house and buy a Bitcoin. Sure, I'd buy some STEEM. Why not? :) Then I'd buy some air time on the major news networks to share real stories of what is happening in the world to counter the stories that we receive from the networks. Anything left over, I'd donate to my friends in Syria to help them rebuild their homes. And I would pay for some of them to go on vacation somewhere nice.


The first few things i think id do with my Million dollors are:

  • First thing, i will not allow myself to get tempted and use them all. The most initial thing id do is to do something which can turn my Million into Millions. And doing that isn’t tough. Earning the first million is the most difficult, after that everything comes into place if things are chosen wisely. So, id put my money into some real estates, may be buy out small company which can generate me residual income and i dont have to worry about working anymore for money. I’d spent 600,000–700,000$ into the same thing let’s take 700K. And would ask my brother to take care of it. Coz i believe my brother is a better business man than i am. :P. So that leaves me off with 300,000$.
  • I'll invest 200,000 into steem. That leaves me with 100,000
  • I’d buy a small travel home caravan which would cost me approx 20,000–30,000$ and just take it round the world with close to 20,000$ as my travel expenses and just take off without letting anyone know about it.
  • With the rest of the 50K i am left with i would open an non profitable NGO serving animals. This has been a dream to me since the moment i started. Not because i love animals its mainly coz of a friend who has been in the thought of opening it since a very long time but due to financial issues and a proper support she is not able to. So this one is dedicated to her. And 10% of whatever profit my investment brings in from point number 1 will contribute to this NGO. And once we get all the confirmations, i would gift it to my friend and now its upto her to take care of it. There will always be support from my end not just financially but emotionally too but she’s gotta live her dream too


I would probably faint first! Hahahaha

With that amount of money, its really a lot. But given the chance to become a millionaire that would be great. I would share 30% to an organization or charity who cater for sick people especially the children. Then 30% will proceed to my parents, they deserve the happiness at this age. The other 30% will be shared to extended families, i have big big family. And the 10% I will invest here on steemit and give back to those who needs a little boost.

Well that is just me, wishing to money rain.. hahahahaha 😂😂


Hello friends, I have been reading how you would spend your million dollars. The gastaria buying pumps to launch them to Nicolas Maduro and all his group of followers (kidding).

I am Venezuelan and for nobody is a secret the situation that crosses my country, undoubtedly having a million dollars in cash is something glorious, because here our currency is the Bolivar and it is impossible to count on cash ... if it is, almost impossible to believe, but Venezuela is a country that you should go to a bank and not find cash, go to a bakery and ask if there is bread. Well returning to my answer I would spend half a million doing beneficial works in children's hospitals, supporting the treatment against cancer, I would support my family to solve problems. Invetiria 20% in cryptocurrencies can be steem, bitcoin, among others. I would buy a car and keep a part for my daughter's university studies.


I would use that money to buy an apartment in Barcelona, the city where I live. Rent there is incredibly expensive, so even having a full-time job I can't afford living on my own.
I believe now it is a good investment and a place to live comfortably, renting looks like throwing your money away.
This means I would spend about 450.000$ in the apartment. At least I would save half of the rest. Other would be use for doing things I like, as traveling, maybe invest some in crypto.

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Hope it helps! :)

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Yeyyyy!! Thank you for the sweet treat!!

I wouldn't mind answering more questions hahahaha

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