@crystalhuman's Feral Raffle!

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Hey Monster Fans! Are you ready for another awesome raffle!?

It's time for this Gold Feral Spirit to find a new loving home!

Here's what you have to do to get it!


1. Send 0.050 STEEM to @crystalhuman with FERAL RAFFLE in the memo.

(For 5 tickets send 0.250 STEEM - For 25 tickets send 1.250 STEEM, etc.) Each 0.050 STEEM sent will add your name to the wheel (x1)

If there are less than 75 entries, this raffle will be cancelled and all entries will be refunded!!

Anyone who purchases 8 or more entries will get a free Rare Steem Monster!


Contestants will have their names entered into a random name picker

Winner will be chosen live on DLive, Tuesday at noon EST (8/21/2018)

2. Upvote and resteem this post for a chance to win a free raffle entry!!
Make sure to comment below and let me know if you upvoted and resteemed so I can be sure to add your name to the Bonus Entry Raffle Drawing that I will do just before the Feral Raffle.


That's it. Easy right?

If you enjoy @steemmonsters, you can show your support by voting @yabapmatt and @aggroed for witness!
I always appreciate your upvotes, no matter how big or small.


Discord Id. @crystalhuman#9543
Join my CHILL Discord Server
Join the Steem Monsters Discord
Leave a link in the comments to your most recent Steem Monsters related post for a chance to win an extra raffle entry!



Entries 51

@gunsmithing 2 entries
@iabuse 10 entries
@davemccoy 1 entry
@niko3d 2 entries
@seyiodus 10 entries
@shoganaii 25 entries
@cryptocopy 1 entry

Upvote this comment for a chance to win a free Epic Steem Monster!
Winner will be randomly selected during the raffle.


Bonus entry time...:)

Upvoted ad restemmed.

Thanks @seyiodus!


Here's your Rare Monster!

@iabuse Thanks!

Here's your new Medusa! :)

Upvoted and resteemed; thanks for the initiative! And since I just posted about steemmonsters, here is the link, as fresh as it gets!


this is a good idea... giving away a free card if x amount of entries! I'm only doing one, because I have no luck ever with these things... But well constructed for sure! :)

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This is great. I like what you're doing. Havent been able to do giveaways lately, much less participate in them. Been busy, but I resteemed!

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I haven’t had the pleasure of playing Steem Mosters .... yet!

upvoted from the whaleshares show!

Noted :D Thanks and good luck!

upvoted and resteemed.

Thanks @shoganaii!


Here's a new Orc for ya! :D Enjoy

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Just trying my luck with the raffle. 😊

I totally missed the big letters at top and bottom that say CANCELLED AND sent off a payment for a raffle ticket, then upvoted and resteemed it. Why did you cancel it?

Not enough entries and the deadline had been met, refunded. :)

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