OpenLedger News Digest November 25th 2016

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Everything a Startup Could Need to Run a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

OpenLedger and its Economic Enterprise Engine - Crowdfunding 3.0 fueled by the equity based digital token ICOO (Initial Coin Offering OpenLedger) achieves crowdfunding success by giving startups everything they need.

OpenLedger tailors it's support package to each business to optimize it's likelihood of success. The following is a list of services OpenLedger supplies, grouped according to category.

Marketing: Branding, Product Validation, Marketing & Business Strategy, Website Design & Creation, Investor Relations, Content Creation, Blog Promotion, Advertising, Whitepaper Creation, Translations, Video Production, Newsletter Coverage

Public Relations: Press Release Services, Media Coverage, Interview Arrangements

Legal: Legal Analysis, Regulatory Analysis, Token Structure Advising

Crowdfunding Technology: Asset Issuing, Asset Distribution, Crowdfunding Module, Multisig Escrow Service, Pre-Token Trading, Token Exit Options, and Token Crowdsale Page Creation

The above services are everything a startup could need to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.
Startups, investors and backers feel free to connect with CEO Ronny Boesing, OpenLedger ApS for more information on e-mail [email protected]

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Here is great news from our partner project - DinoMess GeoGame

«Terrific T-Rex were seen on the White Beach of Boracay!»

«Frightened people are deserting the streets of Manila»

«A Triceratops herd was seen downtown the Tuna capital of GenSan»

Fortunately you won’t see these headlines in tomorrow’s newspapers or online mass media, but… the truth is that dinosaurs are alive and well in the Philippines. The new GeoGame Project DinoMess offers a magical experience and an opportunity to discover the most frightening and breathtaking creatures, and all this can be seen around the streets of the Philippines' cities and countryside!

Don’t be afraid to meet them.

Be brave and try to catch them.

Experience these creatures up close and extremely personal.

If Jurassic Park is on your favorite's list, you just hit the jackpot. Go out and find them all, experience their sheer size and immensity and live your own Jurassic Park.

A fantastic journey awaits you. Dinosaurs are on the loose in the Philippines.

Download DinoMess App

for iOs or for Android.

Latest news from Beyond The Void

More than 30.000.000 Nexium sold, that means Beyond the Void's ICO just changed tiers, so the Nexium price increased.

Use the following LINK, follow instructions and you will be rewarded an added 5% of NxC on top of the tokens you have paid for.

Hurry up! Crowdfunding campaign will end in less than a week!!!

This friday, 8PM GMT team of Beyond the Void will do an airdrop for all bitcrystal owners. They will receive a ProtoNexium amount proportional to their Bitcrystal stack.

Don't miss the Coin Interview live with developers of Beyond the Void at the same time next Friday!

Also Beyond the Void's team will be at the next blockchain meetup in Paris

Yours sincerely,
Ronny Boesing and the OpenLedger team

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Open Ledger sounds really interesting, I enjoyed your speech about it at the SteemFest too.

I'm going to study all this.
Good job!