The World's next GeoGame called DinoMess is Supported by OpenLedger and a Future Part of its many Cross Promotional Ecosystems

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The end of summer is always ¨the time when lots of new interesting projects launch. Today we wish to introduce you to an exciting game project which is supported by the Danish enterprise OpenLedger(previously CCEDK) ApS, also known as the decentralized conglomerate OpenLedger.

DinoMess GeoGame is an augmented reality project primarily aimed at all of us who dreamed Jurassic World would finally come true one day, at those who loves to find secrets whereever they go, or to the ones simply just out there looking for ways to have fun.

So what is DinoMess?

It’s an endless adventure inside a half-real and half-fantastic world!

What to do?

Trek your neighborhood looking for new unique creatures, hunting dinos and exploring the real and augmented world. The places you remember will look completely new and strange. Invite your friends to join this fantastic journey. Invite your friends to join you on this fantastic journey. Find dinos, train and do challenges solo or with friends, compete and win!

The idea with augmented reality and geogame is very popular everywhere, it is, however, not all.

Our developers work on an ingame economy system as well and have promised to make some interesting announcement later on this fall.

Besides the working on internal economy features, our developers team further says that they are planning to go even farther and intend to include in the future edutainment features connected with natural science studies so that the game can be not all fun and game to the schools and their students, but also an educational tool for further growth in learning.

Developers are always open to reviews and comments from everyone with the interest in making this an awesome game, and they are ready to reward all who try DinoMess during pre-launch period: all who install the App will get 50 DINO markers!

On top of all everyone is invited to take part in a contest held on the DinoMess Facebook page with a chance to recieve an "after launch" cool and unique dinosaur! Don't miss your chance to take part, go there now to join! Welcome.

Have a nice week end!

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