The Decentralized Conglomerate OpenLedger: Partnership with GameCredits strategic move into gaming industry via their partnership with Fantasy Sports.

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Great time for adding GameCredits to OpenLedger, and this step is only the first of a strategic move into the gaming industry adding new overall value to the decentralized conglomerate of ecoystems, allowing increased awareness of our platform, BitShares as the fuel and ofcourse Gamecredits as well.

Another step towards making OpenLedger a leading factor in the blockchain based industry is the following mentioned recently first time in ihb article:

Important Note

CCEDK ApS has been officially renamed to OpenLedger ApS.

Congrats to all involved for making this possible.

More on this in recent article on Steemit:

GameCredits meets Fantasy Sports Founder Matt Fortnow

Yours Sincerely,

Ronny Boesing


OpenLedger ApS

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