The ICO of ICO's has ended with a 550 BTC amount achieved with an initial 14 assets backing the future of ICOO

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The ICO of ICO's has ended

Result 550 BTC and a total of 490 000 tokens as marketcap

The remaining 510 000 tokens were burned.

First profit distribution will take place on October 3rd, and we hope to offer a mix of dividend payout to all ICOO holders and a buyback option for anyone interested to sell as well. Initially the idea was to burn any buyback, we will however reconsider up untill first distibution and act on the base of what will be the best of interest to the ICOO holder longterm.

Please check ICOO website in coming weeks for added page with portfolio of holding as well as page with news of projects and ICO's to come, organized on the base of the ICOO Economic Enterprise Engine - Crowdfunding 3.0

Did you know that ICOO consists of three main revenue streams:

1. ICO subscribe - you pay a max of 4% subscription fee to get the chance to trade immediately on OpenLedger any new ICO or ICO prelaunch presneted on CCEDK

2. CCEDK start-up service. ICOO and CCEDK share all revenues from the campaigns and services offered from CCEDK.

3. ICOO is on top of all a portfolio of an ever increasing amount of ICO's represented by their their assets, and any amount staying longterm will offer a part of its future profits(provided there are any ofcourse) as a part of the monthly profit distribution.

The portfolio soon to be listed consist so far of DGD, NXT, HEAT, ARDR, OBITS, BTSR, CADASTRAL, STEEM, NxC, BYC, GAME, DeOS and two coming up we cannot disclose yet, and ofcourse always an amount of BTC and BTS.

You may always join in buying ICOO tokens real time on the markets of OpenLedger. I give you below the market in BTC.

BTC market:

Congrats to all ICOO Holders - We are going to write history with all the ongoing projects and development with ICOO as a center of it all, changing the world and playing an active part in this at the same time.

Please make sure to follow the news and read the future mailouts and subscribe to mailouts if not already.

Yours sincerely,

Ronny Boesing


Crypto Coins Enterprises Denmark

If you like ICOO you might want to take a look at following link:

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For more information and eventually buy:

ICOO Social Networking



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thanks for the info :)

ICO schemes usually end in shit/scam for a reason, nothing tells me this is going to end better.