Synereo and OpenLedger: Welcome Synergy and Collective Growth

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Have a beautiful start to your week! Many exciting things have been happening on our end!

We wanted to send you this newsletter in order to let you know about our synergy with Synereo - a Tel-Aviv based company which develops a decentralized tech stack, allowing web applications to exist without centralized servers. Most importantly, Synereo is currently building a reputation-based social network.

What does that mean for OpenLedger though?

Many crypto-currency enthusiasts are constantly looking for the most up-to-date information about new ICOs or what is happening in digital currency, and Synereo can be that hub.

Synereo is building the first fully decentralized social network. The social network is part of the overall larger project which is a decentralized web. The team is been building RChain and the tech stack that is the first scalable blockchain platform to meet the demands of the current internet. It is run on AMP has inherent value in both the social layer, and running the blockchain protocol.

Sources of AMP Value

Demand for AMPs originates from 3 main sources:

  • AMPs will be the fuel for Synereo’s Virtual Machine, and as such are provided as a fee every time someone accesses your node to perform a computational operation, store information, or retrieve that information.

  • AMPs will be the staking currency of Synereo’s Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol, fronted by validators participating in the Blockchain assembly process.

  • AMPs lay at the foundation of Synereo’s Attention Economy and can be used to Amplify promoted content — to compensate other users for their attention.

Recently Synereo burned 50% of its total supply prior to its second round of crowdfunding to begin September 19th at 8:00PM PST (September 20th 03:00 GMT. There is a bonus opportunity for the first 24 hours.

Discover Synereo Video

Synereo - Plug into the Emerging, Decentralized Economy

Find out more about Synereo:

Synereo raises $1.2 Million to Fix the Internet

The (re-)Birth of the World Computer

As OpenLedger grows and scales up with new fintech startups, Synereo could potentially be the social network that becomes the new backbone of crypto-knowledge. Hence, starting today (19th of September) we’ll be uniting our powers towards an overarching goal of two integrated organisations and an abundance of cross promotion activities.

As part of our collaboration with the Synereo team, we have listed AMP on OpenLedger, and it is now possible to both deposit and withdraw automatically without delays. This means that you can trade AMP on the DEX listed as OPEN.AMP. To top it all off, we have listed all other OMNI related assets and are now made available for trading (eg. MaidSafe, Agoras Tokens, Tether USDT, EURT and OMNI itself).

BTS market:

BTC market:

OBITS market:

Available NOW

Happy trading!

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