The pre-ICO of BlockPay ends with 1095 BTC in 13 days - The Party continues on OpenLedger with Trading on 7 markets

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The pre-ICO of BlockPay has ended and an impressive amount of 1095 BTC equivalent have been collected in only 13 days. The BlockPay decided to finish sooner than initially expected for them to get right at it with their ongoing development.

Distrubution will take place September 5th 2016 throughout the day, and the total amount of minimum 750 holders will all be able to trade these tokens immediately on OpenLedger, and it is expected other markets will be added in near future, as well.

It should be possible to follow the general interest in BlockPay on the various official charts as well in coming days like on, CryptoCompate, Congeckco, and of course the native explorer of OpenLedger and BitShares called

Were you late or do you simply wish to buy more BlockPay tokens?

It is posible to do both selling and buying directly from markets this same date September 5th on following markets for sure, and you might want to simply place buy orders as a great amount of BlockPay tokens will be released today September 5th 2016:





Steem Dollars SBD:



You may also use the alternative website in Far east:

Just substitute above with

For more information about BlockPay and Echo, see We think this pre-ICO was a great opportunity to help bring this pioneering blockchain technology to market, and we are happy to say the party continues on OpenLedger with its many options of trading this token untill the big ICO in the end of 2017.

It has been confirmed that the future price of level 4 is not set at any fixed rate, however limited to the minimum of 0,00050 BTC per BlockPay, allowing the market to have an influence on any final price agreed at the time of announcement for the ICO itself.

“Updates for the ICO in 2017
We will announce the detailed timeline, prices and ICO terms for the possible 2nd ICO when we need further expansion capital. ICO prices can be adjusted to meet future market conditions and to guarantee a successful crowdfunding.”

You might want to have a look at the announcements made by BlockPay in various forums, and we invite you to know more about this by using any of the following links:,23022.0.html

Kind regards,

Ronny and the CCEDK team

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thanks for the info !

Exciting times :)

Love Peace & Freedom

Im glad to my participation im portuguese translation from this great project!

Nice work guys, keep doing well like this!

Great news, I like to use OpenLedger to trade, so I'm happy to find there BlockPay tokens.