Quilted Baby Boy Boots - Needlework Monday

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My sister-in-law is due with her first son (after three girls) in November. Even though I will not be in Texas to meet him, I am sending him a small welcoming gift from our family. I was able to sit down the other day and make him a pair of quilted cowboy boots and I just love how they turned out!


This is my first set of square toed boots that I have made. This pair came together rather quickly and I was able to finish them in a little less than two hours. I was kind of dreading making them, but with this being my fourth pair to make, they weren't so bad! I made the top out of brown corduroy and the bottom out of denim.


These are perfect for a little guy! He will be born in the Houston area, so what better thing to have than his first pair of cowboy boots?? I just can't wait to see them on him!


I have posted about the pattern for these boots on a previous post. It is a simple download that you can start making this afternoon! It is pretty easy to follow and doesn't take much fabric at all. It takes some getting used to as I've found that the more boots I make, the better they look and the easier it is! Or is that just sewing in general?


You can also check out this post where @crosheille talks about the baby shoes I made her sweet new baby! I recently updated my "quilting" album on Facebook with a picture of her baby boots and had a bunch of friends think this was me giving a hint that we were pregnant with baby #6. Ha! Nope...just baby shoes I made for a friend!

Thanks to @crosheille for creating:

1panama ben fb.jpg

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This are adorable, especially for a new Texan baby!


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Oh my goodness. Just thinking about pudgy little baby feet!!!! His very own cowboy boots! hahahahahaa These are absolutely precious and I can imagine that he will cherish them (and so will momma!!!!) for years to come! hehehehe

Looking back at how you took the time to create something especially for him will be a sweet memory!

Very adorable @apanamamama!!!

I thought I just saw a post of yours that had something in your banner at the bottom talking about relocating to Panama. I thought it was something you put on every post... so I scrolled down to see it - and it's not here! hahahaha

Is that a special post that you did? or is it normally a banner? Would you send me the link for that info? Just out of curiosity!

Ah these are absolutely gorgeous, lucky little cowboy :)

Oh my goodness! These are absolutely stunning! :D

Awwwww I love these cowboy boots!! They are just right for a baby boy!!! I think your SIL will love them!

Haaa!! That’s funny they thought you were hinting about baby #6!!! These really are the cutest!!!

Yes it seems in general the more we make things the easier it gets!!! Practice makes better!! 😄

I have never seen boots like these they are so so cute tip!

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I always find it amazing when people make their own clothing. It's a fantastic skill to have! Bless the Most High!

The boots are so so cute and stylish @apanamamama!

Oh my goodness, these are ADORABLE!!! ♥
Good job!

These shoes are über-cute, the mixture of them being so tiny and your great colour scheme and neat execution: soooo sweet. I think I already wrote this to @crosheille :-) You made a beautiful gift!!!!!

Baby cowboy boots! Those are adorable. What a unique idea. And such beautiful work @apanamamama

FOR TSE: These are adorable for a little guy. Too bad he won't appreciate them -- at least for a few years. I remember the first pair of real cowboy boots I got when I was about 6. My Lord, I was proud of them. I was kind of nuts for all things Western back then.

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omgeeee these are the cutesttttt! lovem!! youre so talented!!