Needlework Monday - Another Sweet Baby Gift From A Fellow Needleworker!

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I am so excited to share some more beautiful handmade creations made for my baby. This special gift was sent to me all the way from Panama from @apanamamama! She and I instantly connected when meeting here on Steemit almost a year ago and have supported each other’s work every since.

I was so excited when she told me she was planning to make my daughter a pair of Quilted Baby Cowgirl Boots! When I first saw the pair she made 9 months ago I was in love with them! She asked me what color I wanted to go with the jean material and I picked my favorite color pink. I had fun taking pictures of these...



Do you see the cute frog material inside?




Of course the baby had to model them!

These boots are so adorable and I love them on her!



There was more in my package! She also made this adorable custom made birth cloth. She embroidered her name with a heart around it. I couldn’t show that part because we don’t share our children’s names on social media.


I absolutely love this beautiful trimming around it!

It’s so pretty that I don’t want to use it lol! I at least wanted to wait to post about it first. We’re going to get some good use out of it, it’s so thick and sturdy!



Guess what? She even sent a gift for me!! 😃 I absolutely LOVE this necklace! It symbolizes my purpose here as a Christian. The lightbulb symbolizes being a light in this dark world and letting it shine so all can see. The glass of salt symbolizes that we are the salt of this earth. It comes from the scriptures in Matthew...

Matthew 5:13-16 -

[13] Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.
[14] Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.
[15] Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.
[16] Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Thank you so much @apanamamama for these lovely keepsake gifts!! I truly adore them!


Since I am sharing about her lovely work she will receive half of this posts payout!

All photos were taken with our Cannon EOS Rebel T6.

Thanks for Visiting!










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What lovely gifts! @apanamamama you did a wonderful job!


They truly are!! She did such a wonderful job! Thank you @violetmed!

Yea! Thanks for sharing my gifts! I'm so glad you like them and happy to see the boots on those baby feet!!! :) I love how girlie they look. Thanks so much for posting a pic of her in them! They'd look cute hanging from your rear view mirror some day. ;) Ha. That was so common to see in Mexico - baby booties hanging from the mirror. I think it was for good luck or something... Anyway, enjoy that sweet baby today!!


Absolutely!! I HAD to share this special gift with everyone!! I couldn’t let them miss out on seeing them! 😄

I knew you would like to see them on her! They fit her really well.

Good idea because I don’t want to pass these on to anyone! We’ll be having baby booties hanging from our mirror too! 😃

Thanks again for our special made with love gifts~ 💗😘

I thought the blue denim and red calico ones I saw originally were as cute as they come. But these may have edged them out by a nose. They are just perfect for a little girl.


Haaa I thought the same thing! I’m like wow now I’m even more in love with these boots! 😄 They are absolutely adorable!! ❤️

Thanks so much for viewing and commenting!! 😘

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Thank you!!

WOW! These are fabulous gifts!! ♥♥♥


I agree!! 😍

The cowgirl boots become even cuter when they were placed on little feet!


Thank you @sumatranate! I agree! 😃

So adorable.... Booties and booties on baby!!
And yes Mama needs some love too. I really like that necklace...and the story that goes with it 😊


Yes mamas need love too! It was such a sweet gesture~ 😊

What beauty, that work I loved, I'll try to do


I love her work too! That would be neat if you made some!

Beautiful stuff.. and creative .. lovely what can I say? thanks for showing us


My pleasure! Thanks for stopping by! 😊


you are welcome

It's so cute & adorable... Now, I really wished I had a baby girl to dress her up .. ha ha


Haaa! I admit it’s a lot of fun dressing her up! She’s my little doll. ☺️

These shoes are so cute and a beautiful gift. There are so many wonderful details, the cute lining, and the zig-zag at the top and the sewn curves on the boot: amazing. Also, the necklace - wow @apanamamama. It is so personal and special.


I love all of the details as well. She really put her special touch on these items! 😊

it's very nice of her !!!! Gorgeous things !!!! it's good that you wrote about the frogs: I did not notice them at first.


Yes it really was nice of her! Oh great I’m glad I could make you aware of them. I thought the lining was so cute that I wanted to highlight it.

Wow it's soo pretty, so personal and very well customised. Baby modelled the boots really well the birth cloth is so beautiful and I love your necklace @crosheille and what it stands for. Thanks @apanamamama for your thoughtful gift.


Thanks for viewing @wondermaey! I love my well customized and personal gift. I’m so blessed to be surrounded by thoughtful and caring people ~ 😊

What an adorable present! And those little cowgirl boots put a smile on my face :D
Everything is so well made and thoughtful, lovely :)


They put a smile on my face too! 😃 She made me feel so special |

The cowboy boots are the cutest. What lovely gifts @panamamama made for you. Love the symbolizism of the necklace. 😊 💕


Thanks for dropping in! I really love my necklace!! It speaks for itself. 😊

Those are adorable ❤️❤️❤️

They look great on your lil Mamá 🎈🎊


Thank you Metz!! Yes I love them on her! 😃😍

Awwwww!! How adorable - @apanamamama is so thoughtful! And I love the necklace as well! 😊


Yes she really is! I can’t wait to wear my necklace out! 😀

The gifts are so so cuteee, the boots, the birth cloth and the necklace. @apanamamama made such sweet and thoughtful gifts for you @crosheille 😍😍😍.


Aren’t they? She really made me smile and feel special! ☺️

Those bootees are gorgeous! And I love that Steemit is helping to build friendships like this.


I’d have to agree!! Yes it’s so amazing that real friendships are being made on this plattform. 😊

Thanks for viewing and commenting!

It's a lovely and practical present @crosheille !
Well done @apanamamama :D


Thanks! My Sister-in-law gave me the pattern a few years ago for the boots and I just recently got it out and started using it. I love how they turn out. :)


They are super cute 👢


Yes it is!! 😊

I followed you. @akipponn taught me.


Thank you so much for the follow! @akipponn is so supportive! I appreciate her telling you about me~ 😊


Very much so!

Wow that’s amazing! You have an awesome kindred spirit steemit friend!! I love how thoughtful and well made all her gifts are! Xx

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Yes she is so thoughtful and sweet! Thanks for viewing ~

Im jealous!!!! I wish I had a girl!! hahahaha I love it.. they are soooooo pretty!

Oh my! You are talented! I dont have that skills hehe... just throw me in a computer i'll be sure excel in it more hahaha..

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Haaaa!! I’m so glad to have a second girl. My daughter really wanted a sister because she has three brothers lol!

My sweet friend @apanamamama made these items for me. I can only crochet because I have yet to master sewing ;)

Thanks for stopping by and supporting ~


im jealous!!! hahahaha i dont know if I could have a girl.. im more scared of the pain hahaha, it seems that the level of pain each birth is increasing.. i dont think i can take that again..


I understand. Giving birth definitely requires a mental strength that some women don’t think they have. You can do it!! Our bodies were made for it!! 😉


Oh yes! Our life depends on it too.. its a 50-50 kind of ordeal..

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what sweet gifts they are alll so beautiful


Thank you for checking them out! I’m honored to have received them :)

I am your post upvote@reasteemed done


Thank you!

Loving this @crosheille - and sooo slow but I just understood your name reference to crochet!! Oh my goodness!


Hey @steemymama! Thanks so much for the visit! I’m glad you enjoyed seeing the goodies I got! 😁

Yes my nickname is Sheille and I love crochet...thus crosheille!! 😄 My brother actually came up with it and it stuck ever since! 😊