The Monkeyzuelans, the origin of our username.

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        Welcome to The Monkeys Den! Below we’ll explain the origin of our Steemit Username, are you ready for this?

        We have made this post in Spanish before because @fermionico challenged us, this time no one challenged us (kinda), it was more like a "communal challenge", we're now one ofthe newest members of @thealliance and the day we arrive to #thealliance's main Discord Server (The Castle) it was only a matter of minutes when some of the family members said that they'd like to know what's up with our steemit name.

I love that name. Have you done the steemitultimatenamechallenge?. -@emjoe

Do it. There are a lot of people that would want to read about it. -@derangedvisions

And I too am eagerly awaiting your steemitultimatenamechallenge post! Perhaps I'll finally do one myself. -@crescendoofpeace

So, here we go!

        Behind @themonkeyzuelans there are two people, in fact we are a couple, our real names are Victoria Olivares and William Fuenmayor, but you can find out a little more about us in our introductory post, this post is to tell you why we use this username and of course some anecdotes about it.


        Our Username reflects our adventurous hyperactive essence and consists of an article and the union of two other words.

If we're from Venezuela and we speak Spanish...

Why is it in English?

        First, why not? We decided to use our username in English because the vast majority of the users of the Steemit platform are English speakers or at least understand it, so we wanted to expand our options beforehand because from the beginning we had in mind to share content in English and Spanish/Castellano, even though our English is not 100% perfect we are always practicing and willing to keep improving it, well, it's no big deal, our Spanish is not perfect either.

        We designed the username (yes, those things are also "designed") in such a way that it would not be a problem to pronounce it in both languages, because even if it can also be read in Spanish or if it can be pronounced in English it will always sound relatively the same, that is to say, if we write themonkeyzuelans "in Spanish" according to their phonetics it would be something like "demonkizuelans", quite similar, that guarantees that no matter what language you speak better, or however you pronounce it, it will always be the same. We learned and put this concept into practice when we were shaping our Creative Agency which follows the same principles, Multitaskers

Grammatical Composition

  • THE: The article in English, in Spanish means "el, la, los, las", in our case it would be "los", which is a pluralarticle in Spanish, because as we have already mentioned we are actively two people behind the account.

  • MONKEY: It is "mono" in Spanish, it reflects our restlessness and hyperactivity, the hunger for knowledge and discovery and it reminds us that we are always in constant evolution.

  • ZUELANS: Subjective extracted from Venezuelans, in Spanish it is "Venezolanos" (which is our country's idiosyncrasy). It exposes our nationality and patriotism, independently of the situation that our country is going through, we are totally aware that these beautiful and rich lands have hundreds of millions of things to offer us and the rest of the world population, even if the years pass by and everything changes for better or worse, this will always be the country where we were born, where we grew up, where we formed and where we became who we are today, none of that will ever change, not even when we may be very far away tomorrow.


  • We didn't obey the first, only, and most important rule of Steemit. You know what we're talking about?... DO NOT LOSE THE PASSWORD, We lost it. The first account we opened was @monkeyzuelans and after 5 minutes it was no longer in our hands, it turns out that (like many others), we copied the key to paste it in a "safe place" (lie) but we ended up distracted with a lot of tabs opened, updating the profile picture and the whole thing, then we realized that we had copied other stuffs and that the master key was lost in the clipboard of the computer that we could never recover. From that error, we learned, that means we downloaded a software that keeps the clipboard history of the items you copy to your computer, it will never happen again.

  • We designed our logo ourselves, according to our username was not difficult to know how it would look from the beginning. But just a monkey waving a flag was not "we" enough. The monkey in the logo is making the hang loose signal (shaka sign) with his hand, it is a typical greeting gesture that is usually associated with Hawaii and with the surf culture, it can also be understood as a sign of relaxation reflecting that everything is fine.

  • People love to play with us in Steemit and Discord because we speak in plural 🙄. The reality is that our account is open on several devices (practically all of them), that gives us the opportunity that if there is something to check out if one of us doesn't see it from one devide, the other one could see it from other device, but always before taking action we ask ourselves "did you see such a thing? Do I answer or do you?". However, most of the time we are right next to each other, intervening from the most elaborated post, to the simplest comment, through the selection of photos, editing, content generation, revision of writing errors, or simply exposing ideas and reading posts from here to there throughout the day.

Which one are you, Dude or Dudette?. -@underground

        It's fun thought. People who doesn't know much about that or about us is always struggling about how to talk with "@TheMonkeyzuelans", it's pretty funny when people gets weird talking with us because they don't really know if they'r talking with William or Victoria.

     And you'll never know. Maybe both, or maybe no one, are you sure you're talking with someone? Are you sure you're even awake? 👻😏

Creative process behind this Double Exposition portrait here.


What is the origin of your Steemit username?

        This part is very difficult, deciding who to nominate to tell their own story. There are many users that we can think of right now but many have their own names as users and it is a bit obvious that there is not much more behind it, so we extend this call to you who is reading this to tell your Steemit name origin and mention us to see what hides your @. However, we will nominate:

  • @crescendoofpeace: You could do it if you wanted to but, here you go! It's your time now!

  • @derangedvisions: I know his name is Wes because that's what his profile says, but is it the name of his professional photography business? Is it something he uses only in Steemit or also in "real life"? Why that and why not something completely different like "ButterflyVisions"?. @derangedvisions just became a Steemit Witness who delegated almost all of his Steem Power just to help others, he just kept 7 SP for his account to survive. Doesn't that talk about how hard he wants to help others on the Steem platform?

  • @enginewitty: Is he even real? Mr. Witty? X40L1N? Batman?. @enginewitty is one of the founders of @thealliance, a community that treats you like family with a bunch of talented people and an enormous amount of knowledge and expreciences from where to learn. We felt very welcome from the beginning and now we're in, we want to thank @ameliabartlett for inviting us.

  • @c0ff33a: We love coffee, but we don't know what "c0ff33a" is... This is maybe one of those cases when you don't know what to use as the username and just smash the keybord with all your fingers at the same time thinking that you'll be able to change it later. We need to say, @c0ff33a makes the best comments ever, he's always so interested and detailed, no matter if you just made a photography post with a description or a huge 50-minutes-read post with docens of images.

  • @maverickinvictus: On the place where we come from, a "Maverick" is an old car that is so strong that always gets "invictus" on Transformers battles, i.e. car crashes. Definitely want to know what's the story.

        Some of you probably already did the challenge so, you could update it tagging us in your new post or just comment below with your link.

Here are the rules that are proposed to be followed to make the posts for this challenge:

  1. Tell us in a post how you decided on your Steemit username, the story behind it. No matter how common you think it is, it will be fun to know why you decided on that name.
  2. Tell us your real name!
  3. If you could change your current username, what name would you use and why? If you have a list, mention it!
  4. Use the #mysteemitname tag so other users can read your post! These kind of challenges are to increase the interaction between the community!
  5. Nominate 5 people to participate in this same challenge. Soon the whole community will be participating!

        Everyone says that this challenge was made by @taskmaster4450 but we couldn't find his post, we went all the way down until his very first post and didn't find it so if you have a link let us know we'll update this. After @taskmaster4450 started this challenge, @anomadsoul started it for the Spanish speaking community on this post. Thanks for encouraging us to talk about the origin of our username. Lastly, we consider more important to thank all those who have supported us so far and helped us grow within the platform.

If you made it all the way down here, you're awesome!

Thank you!

Somos miembros de... / We are members of...

@qurator                                    @thealliance

Toda la información, los textos, el relato, las imagenes y fotos, donde no se especifique lo contrario, son de nuestra autoría y propiedad

iPod Touch 5, iPhone 5, BLU R1 HD, Nikon Coolpix P520, GoPro Hero 3+, Sony Alpha300
Diseño de Logo y Firma por @themonkeyzuelans como Multitakers

Banderas/Flags - Icons8

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New to our Steem Community and still learning my way around, stumbled (pretty literally) on to your post here @themonkeyzuelans.

Really enjoyed your creativity (as a dumb engineer, I have precious little of it myself, but do see and admire it in others ...)!

"... and after 5 minutes it was no longer in our hands, it turns out that (like many others), we copied the key to paste it in a "safe place" (lie) but we ended up distracted ..."

And your sense of humor ... 😊 👍

Steemin’ along and on the move ... Posted using Partiko Android


Well you've been around several months more than us, that makes us newbies beside you haha!

Engeneers are not dumb at all, sometimes the creative way is not the most smart, functional o better one hahaha

Thank you! We're glad you enjoyed the story behind our username 😁


"... you've been around several months more than us ..."

Yes, true, but you both were "engaged" from day one, judging from how well you are doing with your reputation score, posting, etc.

I was only an investor originally, as I simply didn't (really still don't ...) have the time for anything else, but elected on May 14th to write my first post, my introductory post, and, well, here I am ...

Keep up the great work @themonkeyzuelans!

Steemin’ along and on the move ... Posted using Partiko Android

HELLO CHICOS, muchos saludos.



Nice name description! I wrote an expansive article about what my stage name, ELAmental means a while back, and the significance behind its design. That sucks you lost the password to your original account, but at least it happened quickly, and not after you already earned a bunch of STEEM you can never recover.


Yes we were happy about that too. Never again haha

I freaking love you, guys!

I enjoy so much the incredibly detailed explanation you tend to give in your posts, always with the designer's perspective, no matter the subject.

Big fan over here, greetings from Caracas, la ciudad de la furia.


A veces no podemos evitar exponer nuestro lado profesional, acá lo hicimos a propósito pero a diario estamos pensando en eso jajaja

Un gran abrazo desde @Maracay 😁

I love that you two are a real team. Definitely something you don't see every day!


We couldn't be more happy about that as well 😊

Nyahahaha.. Now I know why...


Thanks for reading! 😜

Awesome to read this bit of backgroud guys! I love how you are such a great tram and I’m never worried who I’m talkin to - whenever I think of you I think of both of you. Kind of special :D


That's exactly what we want to transmit with our account and look like we're making it! 😊

Such an awesome explanation of your name. I really like the "monkey" portion of it. It reminds me of myself and how I am always restless and constantly doing stuff. If I could be any animal, it would be a monkey because they always look like they are having a lot of fun.

As far as the challenge for me to do the origin of my Steemit name, I have already done it here:


Wow! I knew you was on military forces but I didn't know you actually went to war zones. I'm sure everyone is thankful for your services!

Your post is more like a little biography resume and now @derangedvisions makes a lot of sense.

Thanks for sharing!

PS: Your name is cool! You could do a movie out of it, something like "the wild wes west" 😜

Great history about your username :P. A few days ago a friend of mine told me about you, guys. And I remembered that months ago I've seen something like a Maracay community, do you guys still running that project? I liked its graphic design a lot.

By the way, It was pleasant for me to read this in your post:

...It exposes our nationality and patriotism, independently of the situation that our country is going through, we are totally aware that these beautiful and rich lands have hundreds of millions of things to offer us and the rest of the world population, even if the years pass by and everything changes for better or worse, this will always be the country where we were born, where we grew up, where we formed and where we became who we are today, none of that will ever change, not even when we may be very far away tomorrow.

It's good to know that there are still people with this kind of mindset.

Whatever, I've been nonpresent and with a lack of interaction and engagement here on Steemit, but I'm looking forward to seeing your work.

Take a look at my project @celfmagazine or my blog when you want to, kind regards and much love from Caracas.


Hey what'up paisano!

We are flattered to know that people comment on what we do. That's awesome! Thank you!

We did start @Maracay but it's paused since we wanted to have more SP at least on our personal account to give better rewards to people out there taking part of the project. It's slowly coming back.

We've seen the @celfmagazine around and we even were on the Discord server for a while but sincerely there was never much interactions in between us but it's a cool artsy project for sure 😁

Great to have you in the family!! Just as an FYI - a fellow Venezuelan Alliance member @latino.romano is doing the Spanish version of the freewrite. It would be great if you participate.


Well we're not very good writers, our thing is more graphic but we can give it a try for sure! Thank you!!!


sounds great - and you don't have to be good. that is the beauty of the freewrite. And many have surprised themselves with their results ...

Ohhh what a very interesting way of designing your name and so much thought so that it can be read by both Spanish and English Steemians!!

I really enjoyed your. I did this challenge a few months back and was nominated by Taskmaster and Anomadsoul and countless others before I did it hahaha.

It is great to meet you and hopefully see more of your work.


We came here to stay! So we'll be sharing more and more adventures 😁 thank you!

This is so lovely. Thanks for taking time to make this post to satisfy my curiosity.

You guys rock. I love your markdown and gifs production too.

#thealliance got a rare gem in you.