This Virtual Instrument Sounds Like A Real Instrument

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Benbrick plays "The Only Shortcut" on Keyscape

Yesterday I bought and downloaded Keyscape containing 80 GB's of keyboard samples. I wanted to make a video demonstrating just how expressive these virtual instruments are becoming. You may not realise (or have given much thought to it) but these days it is possible to create music without any instruments.

Spectrasonics have been one of my favourite creators of sound libraries for a long time. I use their instrument Omnisphere 2 on almost every piece of music I create. Last month they released Keyscape which has been in development for over 10 years.

Each individual note is multi sampled. The idea behind multi-sampling is to record each particular note on the piano (or indeed any instrument) at individual velocities. This means when you trigger a particular note using your MIDI keyboard the sample that plays back will be dependent on how hard you press the key.

Watch the video above to see me playing The Only Shortcut which I also talked about in an earlier post.

You can buy my music with SBD

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Benbrick - And So She Runs
Benbrick - The Only Shortcut
Benbrick - Perfect Ending
Benbrick - La Perfezione Brevemente
Benbrick - Heaven is Empty
Benbrick - Forever Holding On

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I am still waiting for the new song to buy :)


I think it will be Friday!

Following you now. Just watched "and so she runs."

Great beat and loved your voice.


Wow ! This is awesome .

analogue purist triggered
Lol but i agree, many softsynths are getting so good these days! Well i consider samples to be part of the softsynth category.. do you usually work in the box first?


Almost always!

I like to re-record real Cellos and Violins (although companies like Spitfire are really pushing the boundaries in that world too). Pianos are almost always samples and they almost always make it into the final mix.

It's also possible to get some incredible unique sounds too (not just perfectly recorded pristine samples). Spitfire Felt Pianos is one example (for £2!). And SoundDust Ships Piano is another cool & wonky piano.

Pretty incredible and would love to hear this live i order to make my mind in relation to this. It sounds amazing, thank you for sharing and namaste :)

Nice man! I'm a music producer as well... What are some of your favorite DAW's? Favorite VST plugins? Would love to know man! Thanks:)

I looked up those Spitfire packs for string instruments and they sound great. They're charging a pretty penny but I'm sure its worth it! I'm not materialistic but being a multi-instrumentalist and home studio owner the list of things that I'm thinking about getting is endless haha. Great post brother, I will be dropping my own music as well by end of this week, cheers!


Check out the Spitfire Labs range for some much cheaper (but still really great) alternatives!


Thanks for taking time to make the recommendation @thisisbenbrick I will definitely do that! I am actually having trouble meeting up with a cello player to record my last song and might just have to do spitfire haha, cheers! Ps check out my introduce myself post I released today if you have a moment. I would be grateful :)

sounds amazing, thanks for the post!

Thanks for the information!

Your playing and melody is very impressive!
But the sound is very flat I think. Have you tried doing a mix with live instruments?


Are you listening in 720p?


Yes, in 720p.
Maybe my monitors sound. I have KRK V8 and I don't often work with VST, no much experience in this. My work with live drums and guitars.

This is very good, but I'm playing with A tuned to 432hz, so my question is: would be possible to change fine tuning of this virtual instrument?

BTW great piano piece, hats up!

Your new fan @andrew0


Hey @andrew0 yes you can change the master tuning!


Have you ever considered using this tuning for your music?
Check this steemit post about that (not mine) to learn more, it's by a classical musician!


I also use 432Hz and different temperaments. The track sounds wonderful though. I'm a fan of pianoTeq but I do miss some of the 'real' sampled instruments, Spectrasonics are wonderful people after seeing an interview they had me sold.

Absolutely stunning , gained more knowledge on keyscape

How about this one

And if Steemit becoming the new way to promote artists!

This one is still my favorite, Paul. It's how I found you! :)